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Weeks ago Meine Kinder completed their Shulle. Now they are home and we have more valuable time together. They are now asking me what trips we can take this sommer. I promised them a fine trip to Italy soon but first we will need to stop at the bank and exchange our dinar.

I think we may be making that trip.mnt_goat_insert_image1

I come to you today to give you an updates on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

Today’s News

There is just so much news coming out of Iraq I don’t know where to start.

What can we expect this week from the Election Process?
Let me say that the first session of parliament scheduled for yesterday 6/24 was postponed for three days. That brings us to a Friday 6/27 session.

Why was it postponed?

It was postponed due to the fact that they needed to relocate parliament to Erbel in Kurdistan where it is safer. WE all know about the militants heading for Baghdad. It is my understanding that they already had a meeting in Erbel to swear in the new parliament members.

So this is now done.

They are ready for the first session. Technically they could have held the session had it not been for some factors. This does not mean (and I repeat does not mean) that the government is formed.

Another reason for the holdup is they are asking the State Law coalition to send another nominee for prime minister other than their current candidate which is Nori Al-Maliki. They have given them 3 days to do so. Once again the State Law has caused delays in the process. Once again they have to rearrange schedules to overcome this delay.

As we know the National Alliance is the majority party and thus has the job of forming the new government (not Maliki as he thinks). They submit the candidates for prime minister to parliament through the new president.

Now that we know the new date for the first session what will be going on in this first session? It is now my understanding they intend to vote on all the three presidents in one package and get it done. Why? Let’s use some common sense in answering this question. Think, think, think!

They are constantly trying to play catch up. Since the 6/24 date has not working out now they are back in crunch time. Does 6/27 leave them enough time to do all they need to do prior to 7/1 when they need a currency to go international to support the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) international rollout?

How can they trade internationally without an international currency?

So they are packaging all three votes in one voting session. The three presidencies include the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, new President and the new Prime Minister.

Exactly what does to vote in one “package” mean?

What this means is they will line up the candidates for these three positions and vote on them very quickly. In one foul swoop….lol…. They do not expect to have any lengthy debates, all background checks are already done, all negotiating is already done and this should go very smoothly. Remember the National Alliance has over 170+ seats out of the 357 seats that’s 40% of the seats. Well over the needed applied constitutional majority ratio for any one bloc, alliance or coalition.

We may very well get out of Friday’s session with all these positions seated thus a new Prime Minister seated. Thus almost a fully functional government.

Remember they will also have to ratify and thus seat also all the 30+ ministers since the USA government is not about to let happen what happened in 2010 when Maliki promised to seat the ministers in 30 days and shafted everyone.

We all know why he did this. So he could manipulate the duties of these offices to meet his corrupt political objectives and his own personal financial gain. To this day he still has not properly seated the Defense, Security and Interior ministers as ratified (approved) by parliament and properly seated. They are still “proxy” ministers in these roles.

I do not know exactly how they now intent to quickly seat these ministers but I can only imagine they may also attempt to ratify all 30+ of them also in Friday’s session. Yes – they are in a hurry to seat this new government.

They need to seat this new government for many reasons. One of which we can all understand and is near and dear to our hearts.


I want to add one final note to this election saga. Maliki did recently make an announcement – he prohibited parliament from having their first session for reasons of terrorist activities in the area of parliament. Go figure. Good try Maliki ! Just what is his real intent?

Could this also be why the National Alliance relocated parliament to a safer location in Kurdistan? To get away from the threat of a Maliki reprisal. Almost unbelievable isn’t it? Will this guy pay the price one day for treason for what he is doing to his own country?

Rumor or Fact – Maliki Resigns?

This is factual and not a rumor. However he is going nowhere in a hurry until the new government is fully seated and functional. He also has a habit of lying so who really know if he will keep any promises.

The actual seating of the new prime minister will make the legal grounds for his final departure. We all know when this government is finally completed he is done. So until then he is still very dangerous and may still try his shenanigans to stop the government from being seated. He gave his pledge to transition, provide assistance and support the building of the new government.

It was very clearly spelled out to him by John Kerry that he was not the overall winner of the elections and to stop pretending that his party was now responsible for setting up the new government. It is the National Alliance’s job not the State of Law Coalition’s job. Let them do their job.

Completing the International Rollout

Let me cover now some details on this topic today since this too is near and dear to our hearts. Also there is still a need to complete the Reinstatement of the currency (rolling it out to full international status by July 1st.) Remember this process was started way back on April 26th. As it been that long already?

Yes – the USA would not let the currency complete its rollout no matter what cunning moves the Maliki government tried. They control the process not the CBI as I have stated many, many times. The USA will not complete the rollout until they are ready.

They need to see progress in moving towards a democracy and not a dictatorship. Iraq needs to use the democratic process to form a government that is relatively stable and fully functional. If they show they can do this then the USA will “push the button” on the final rollout.

If you go way back many years and re-read some of my earlier news letters you will re-learn the final stages to this rollout process of the IQD currency revaluation.

Do you remember what this process was?

I use the term revaluation loosely and to signify the overall effort. If you can’t find my earlier news letters in your mail archives then go back and listen to the very early Wang Dang conference calls since he also spells out the process very well back then.

I believe this process is still in effect and they will follow it.

We may have deviated from the methods but the over plan of the process is still in force.

This is the same process told to me by my IMF contacts and they have reiterated it time and time again to me.

They still intend now to follow it.

Let me now tell you what they intend to do in the next couple weeks.

There is one exception. Since the time delay the rates have progressed and I believe the in-country RV has already taken place and has paid out these guaranteed rates already to the citizens (.90 – $1.17) for the specified programs (pensions, retirement, food program, etc.).

These rates we would have been looking for (had they RV’d 4 years ago no longer hold true on the reinstatement. We are not concerned about are the international market rate and “special” contract rates. Since the overall rate in Iraq for this in-country RV was approx $3.71 this would be the starting point for the reinstatement rate.

The Final Steps to the Rollout Process

This is how I see the next couple weeks playing out according to what I know about the rollout process.

Their intentions are to get this new government fully seated and functional by this weekend 6/28-6/29 if not by the end of Friday’s session 6/27.

They then intend to rollout the Reinstated value international this weekend and have it trading by July 1st. We may never see this reinstated rate since it will solely be used as:

1) in the background for some trading to kick start the currency. They need to drive the rate up to a value equal to or greater than what they intend for a full revaluation value rollout.

2) To pay out some groups and private individual holders of dinar (very large holders $billions$)

They will let this run and take its course for 4-5 days, shorter timeframe if the value rises more quickly. But I hearing they will want to see it can hold a high value for a period of 4-5 days or longer. So do not expect to see any revaluation until this stage is completed. No one knows the exact date or rate but we can certainly try to predict ….can’t we? ….lol…..

How high will the rate rise?

The CBI has said (and I do not quote) already many times in the last couple weeks that they were not concerned about the recent political developments hindering the process of completing the final stages of the currency reform project (unless it hinders the completion of the new government).

Turki also said that the currency could hold a very strong value due to the current assets in the CBI reserves and with no ceiling.

What does this “no ceiling” part mean?

It means is will probably not be on a controlled float (with a maximum ceiling value) and will be allowed to float and support any value the market brings. No ceiling means no predetermined ceiling limit. This does not mean if it gets out of control they can not still shut it down.

ISIS Combatant Issues Update

The saga continues with the ISIS militant’s attack on the country of Iraq. If you don’t already now how this all started and why it was orchestrated I recommend you go back and re-read the last couple mnt goat news letters from 6/17, 6/20, and 6/23.

In short I will say that this was all a plot by Maliki to get the old parliament to declare a “national emergency” thus to give him unprecedented powers over the entire country of Iraq thus the final legal dictatorship he long desired. The plan backfired on him when parliament refused to even hold a session to discuss granting him his national emergency.

Also the militants have now gotten out of hand and can no longer be easily controlled by Maliki’s army since his army now refuses to fire upon their own citizens. Remember I said there was a base group of ISIS trained militants that come across the border from Syria and collected Iraqi citizen recruits from many of the already angry and disgruntled provinces.

They joined up with the ISIS forces with hope to overtake the Maliki government since the elections seemed to be stalled (delay in announcing the official ratified results) and thought once again Maliki might get a 3rd term as prime minister.

Afterall this all they kept reading and hearing in the news. (who owns the majority of news media in Iraq?)

Can these Militants be stopped?

Of course but the Iraq army has proven they can no longer be responsible for doing the job under Maliki. The soldiers have nothing of any value to fight for and so morale is very low and they will not fight. They too have seen how Maliki is destroying their country and their new democracy. They are not dumb. They are just regular citizens too with families and homes. They joined the army in patriotism their newly formed freedoms.

So who will eventually clean up this mess?

This answer is found in the results of the recent meeting between John Kerry (USA Sec of State) and the provisional government of the outgoing prime minister Nori Al- Maliki. Basically Maliki was told that USA support would be beefed up only on the condition that he would transition to the newly elected government and support a quick and speedy seating of the new government and do it by 7/1. Then the USA would beef up support to deal with the terrorists.

Once the government is fully seated I believe we will quickly see a crack down and it will be swift.

My guess is eventually the plan is to have these USA advisors work with the existing Iraqi army to restructure the attitudes of the fighting forces. This makes sense to me since once the new government is seated and functional the soldiers will then realize Maliki is out. Also they will see the revalued currency. They will work with the USA advisors. Morale will be high. There will be a reason for fighting once again.

There is also rumor this entire militant takeover was a setup by the USA since there are records that the leaders of this terrorist ISIS group were trained in the school of terrorists of the Americas (a terrorist training school in the USA). This school used to be located in southern Vermont USA and is now relocated to an undisclosed location. This is factual.

Either way – personally I do not care since if it was a plot by the USA I cheer them on for backstabbing of Maliki since we all know how many times he has lied to and manipulated the USA. Tough to get a taste of your own medicine!


So today we stand on a new timeline once again. This could be all over within the next week. I will not give out a date but I believe we are very close looking at all the current news.

I am saying once again this should be a pivotal week. I have said this before but we are in this critical stage and all time is critical now.

I still whole heartedly expect Maliki to attempt to find a way to sabotage the process. Until it is over its not over.

Will they still hold the session or will Maliki find a way to sidetrack it again? Something to be watchful for. He already go them to postpone the 6/24 session to 6/27.

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in.

This is the definition of “stable” and “functional” that we are looking for.

This will bring us the final completion of the project to restructure the currency. This is what the CBI also wants and this is what will get us to the banks to exchange our dinar.

This is why I now follow this political election process now so closely and ignore all this other nonsense and junk intel being distributed these days. I recommend you all do the same to stay sane as we near the finish line.

As we all know I do not do conference calls and rely solely on my news letters to bring you the revaluation news. If you want to listen to an excellent conference call I would recommend the Tuesday and Thursday calls with W6, Vic and Joey 1-760-569-7600 (playback 7699) pin 378652.

They read a ton of articles and give an excellent update on the status of the Iraq democracy. All are very intelligent individuals and I would luv to have anyone of them on my team.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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