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Hi Everyone,

I know that my last couple news letters have not sounded very optimistic, but I always concluded them with the fact that there was still hope on the horizon. Today I want to come and give you just a very short update on what I am now hearing. It is all very good and hopeful.

First let me say that the USA has very big plans for this region of the world since, as I have said before, if you control these vast reserves of rich, high quality crude oil you control great wealth. Great wealth and riches always means power. Thus you can control (to some extent) the economies of those countries needing and relying on these resources. We still live in an oil-based energy society.
They also need a stable Iraq as a spring board to move on to handle the Assad situaton in Syria. They are now setting up four large army training camps (like boot camps) inside Iraq. Many of the Iraqi soldiers will end up in Syria once ISIS is cleared first from Iraq. These are deals made between USA and Iraq. This will limit the amount of ground forces necesary from the USA. Iraq has already joined the coalition to fight ISIS and they will contribute. I have to say either your president Obama is a genius or someone very smart is coaching him.

I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/20 (LINK) since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.

Today’s News

Today is Sunday Jan 25th already and still no RV!

As many have openly criticized me on my “less than optimistic” news on the last couple weeks, all I have to say is this to them – Where is the RV then if you are so smart? You then tell me !

So last week we heard that a final vote was to be taken on the 2015 budget on Saturday 1/24. Did it happen?

Why did I tell you not to expect any RV last weekend? BECAUSE I KNOW INFORMATION THAT YOU DON’T KNOW !

Okay I may sound a bit over the cuff today but it is because of the numerous emails I have recently received criticizing my last couple news letters. They are the same folks that only talk about others intel but can’t walk their own talk…lol…They never do any research or pound the sand.

Some are now saying the RV is imminent. Is this not what I have been saying now for over a month? I still believe it is imminent and we can expect it very soon. Imminent does not mean immediate. Two totally different words in the English language.

IMMENENT– ready to take place, hanging over ones head, likely to happen very soon
IMMEDIATE – no space intervening, happening or done without delay, something that is occurring right now

But when I hear news contrary to any RV happening and it is less than immediate I want to pass it on to you. I do this to eliminate all the hype and stress from some of these forums. Remember no one will really know the immediate time or date. But with the information we receive we can take a really good stab at the immenency of the event.

So today I am bringing you very good news and very optimistic news because this is what I am now hearing from all channels of my sources from the CBI, IMF and from my contacts in the USA.

They tell me now the RV is strictly in the hands of the Iraq government and the CBI is simply waiting for the final go –ahead from them. All agreements have been signed and Iraq has stated that they want to RV to happen on their time schedule and not be forced into a date. The agreement contains a window from yesterday to Jan 31st. There is also a debate about the rate but I am hearing they have settled this now too.

Iraq announced on Saturday they would have the final budget, with any corrections, to the council of representatives (parliament) by Tuesday 1/27 and that parliament is expected to hold the final vote on Wednesday 1/28. At least this is where it now stands. Can it change? Has it changed? What is the probability that it will? Let me explain to you why I think this may be the final postponement.

I have always said to “follow the bouncing ball” . . . . lol . . . .meaning to follow the 2015 budget final voting session. From this you will know how close we are to the RV. Does Iraq technically need the RV to open their budget and spend it? As I stated many times – NO! However they would like to align the budget with many of their new laws that mandate and legalize the spending of the budget money.

They want to start the new year off right and begin fresh. Thus a new government, a new budget and a new set of ethics and non-sectarianism.

This is why I am now hearing too that there is a very high probability that Feb 1st will not come and go without an RV.

Did you happen to read the speech Al-Abadi made at the summit last week? If you did you can understand that Iraq now fully intends to complete the economic reforms in the coming days. These are part of the reforms his party promised the Iraq people (mostly the Sunnis) to take the responsibility of forming the new government.

The citizens are now getting agitated once again. There are rumors around Baghdad that nothing has changed in this new government and its Maliki all over again. This is of course totally ridiculous since we can all see the progress he has made in the last 4 months. He has accomplished more in 4 months than Maliki could do in 8 years. So I believe this nonsense is nothing more than the Maliki goons spreading discontent once again and attempting to get a coalition together to oust Al- Abadi. This too is ridiculous and will never happen. The reforms will annouced along with the RV before this ever happens.

But the important part is that the people are getting agitated once again and are asking the government to make good on their promises. It is all very good for us. It is pressure. It is all a matter of trust and finding the breaking point where they finally say enough is enough and we need change. You and I know that a change back to the Maliki days will never happen. Instead Al-Abadi will complete the changes he promised and do it very soon.

So there is enormous pressure from all sides now to complete the reforms.
Why do I now say that Iraq or the USA have reached the end of their ability to be indecisive with the RV?

#1 The USA now wants the RV and is at last saying “Do it now”.

#2 The citizens of Iraq are asking where are the reforms promised?

#3 Previous timelines were established as part of the compromises and negotiations made when Abadi too office and the Sunnis decided to cooperate. The longest timeline for any of these reforms was 120 days or 4 months. We have nowreached this deadline.

#4 The rest of the global financial community is asking – When will Iraq come and join them for international trade? This last summit held just last week is a case in point.

#5 Parliament is asking the council of ministers – Where is all the tariff revenues you promised in January 2015 and why have the tariff laws not yet been fully implemented?

#6 International Corporations and Businesses are asking – When can they come into Iraq to do business?

#7 The deficits in the Iraqi 2015 budget can in fact all be met with an increase in the value of their currency. They know that too and the real holdup has been told to make cuts in the budget but the real reason is to delay and stall until the other laws as needed to spend the budget catch up and are in sync with the timing of the final vote. Also they needed the joint approval of the USA and the IMF.

#8- #1000 can you think of any others? It overwhelms me when I think about it.

So you see Al-Abadi has to make a decision soon on when to RV his currency. I believe this decision has already been made and we are now in the final countdown window.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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