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Hi Everyone,

Today’s newsletter is good. Sorry but there is so much confusion now and people are anxious and wondering where is the RV. So I have to take some time now to explain to you again what I have said in my last newsletter.

I hope everyone also read my last news letter dated 02/02 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga and this newsletter will then make more sense to you. LINK

I do not mean any disrespect to anyone but it seems many of you readers still want to read only what you want to read and do not pay attention to and absorb the rest of the info in my newsletters. You cut and paste sentences taking them to other sites and thus out of context not giving others the ability to have the whole story.
This is not fair to others and causes much confusion and misinterpretation of my message. As I said before my news letters are long because they are chock-full of information to give the whole story. I rarely do a quick update and normally truly want to bring you the important news as it pertains to our investment.

What I do recommend is that all of you readers who bashed me on my last newsletter take another poke at reading my last news letter dated Feb 2st. Do this if you really want to know what was truly said in the last newsletter or maybe it just makes you feel good to bash me? Anyway I get my strength from building people up and helping them out not tearing them down.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday Feb 4th and still no RV.

On Monday I shared a very interesting article with everyone since it told us when they intended to begin spending SOME of the budget allocations. Most of you did not realize the extent of this information.

I mentioned a March date and most of you flew off the handle. From this I got literally hundreds of emails stating that Mnt Goat is crazy and there is no way this RV can wait until March. Really? In December many said we would never reach January 1st without an RV and they too were called crazy.

I did not just make up the statement about a month of March date. It was from an announcement by the parliamentary Finance Committee member Ola Nashi. She also was talking only about a few of the ministries (including justice, agriculture, trade, and for Intelligence and National Security ) and not really the ones we are so much concerned about.

We are watching more the ministries such as the ministry of the Interior (where all the huge sums of money for reconstruction projects is found) also the ministry of energy (where all the HCL and oil money is found) and the Ministry of Trade (where we find implementation of the tariff act).

I had talked about these ministries in my past news letters and why these items are important to watch. Do you remember there are 30+ ministries?

So what did this March date really tell us anyhow in this news article from Ola Nashi?

It was very significant because it gives a farthest out window date where they are telling us they need the funding no later than.

So even if these other 30+ ministries need to start spending their allocations earlier than March then we more probably will see the RV before March. What she did tell us is at least know by March we should see an RV. I am sorry but this is not hype or rumor just sound information you should know. It all makes perfect sense.

Do I think the RV will wait until March?

Unequivocally and Absolutely – a big fat NO !

Did you hear me- I said NO WAY ? But it will be close.

Why do I feel this way?

FACT- Once voted on and passed by parliament and sent to the president Iraq then has 15 days to ratify the law and get the law into the gazette unless the president vetoes the law and decides not to ratify it. It was voted on 1/29, and we know the president received the law on 2/2 so Iraq then has until the 2/17 to get it in the gazette.


Of course I do not believe Masoum will veto the bill since we know by many articles that Masoum, Jabouri and Abadi are all working together to coordinate this plan to complete this process of the economic reforms.

But remember these three presidents are not working in a vacuum. They musts get support by all the members of parliament on what they are trying to do. Remember this is supposed to be a democracy. This cause delays and holdups.

Yes-there is a plan and it is being carried out. What can’t be predicted are the interactions between the Kurds, Sunnis and Sheites during this process.

Remember too there are still Maliki goons in the process who intentionally try to stall this process from taking direction from Maliki. This has caused many delays already.

Maliki would luv to see Abadi fail. Maliki’s days are numbered anyhow. His days of stalling are over.

FACT – Reading the Iraq constitution Article 61, section 1 says that within 24 hours after a law hits the gazette is must be funded, This funding is what we are looking for.

This is what is going to get the international rate. Ira is legally obligated to fund this budge once it is implemented. This is then what is going to get the completion of the economic reforms thus the re-pricing of the dinar.

We then go to the bank and exchange our 3 zero notes for our countries currency. For me its Euro and for most of you reading this it will be US dollars.

So I am telling you that Iraq almost has to wait until 2/17 since there are still a few laws to be enacted to support the budget. This is the re-positioning I am referring to.

Would they have pressured getting the budget passed on 1/29 if they thought they could not get all these needed laws completed by this upcoming timeframe?

To answer this last question I have to say a big fat No ! – They simply would have delayed passing the budget from last Thursday yet once again but they didn’t – did they?

So we know they are in fact moving forward. This is exactly what we want to see. The glass is half full (Iraq is moving forward) rather than the glass is half empty (no RV today). It is not going to be another year or even another month.

But I would not expect any revaluation to at least on or around mid February.

How many of these new reform laws have you read that have had multiple readings already but still no final vote? What do you think they are going to do in the next session on 2/10?

I believe this is the session when they will finally vote on this “package” of laws we have been hearing about so long. Dr. Allawi has said to us many years ago when this finally concludes it will be in a package of laws all at once. Its coming ….be patient a few more days.

My last news letter dated 2/2 was to inform you of the fact that Iraq is going to take these remaining 15 days, since the budget was voted on, to re-position themselves for this final conclusion and to complete these last few laws that are needed.

I don’t have a checklist of these laws. Do you? But we can obviously see they need the judicial reforms, national guard law, hydro carbon law, a few needed banking laws, amnesty, etc.. These we can track.

By the way just yesterday the national guard law formation was passed in the council of ministers and is about to be forwarded to parliament. It is happening. This is not rumor we are witnessing the final days of this plan being carried out.

Incidentally I intentionally used the term “re-positioning” in my last newsletter because this was the exact language used by my CBI contact in my last conversation with him. This was his term not mine. Just as I described in my 2/2 news letter is what I truly believe is now happening.

FACT – Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Parliamentary Economic Committee will hold the First International Investment Conference in Baghdad on next Wednesday 2/11.


I do not think Iraq needs an international currency to have an International Investment Conference. So calm down this is not some drop dead date again. But it does tell us they are setting things up to RV. That is the important part.

It tells us these days CBI has put out so much information already on currency reform. It is all good. Please stop looking for a date and a rate in every article.

FACT – Baghdad /Euphrates News/ Cabinet agreed to approve the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the inclusion of goods and materials imported all Product those of the Iraqi public companies and mixed for all customs tariff number {22} for the year 2010. The law as approved Overture Embassy of Japan in Iraq to finance Drainage of the province of Erbil project.
Complete the project at a total cost of $ 34 billion note that the project allocations above and repay the loan deducted from the rate of 17% of the budget allocations for the benefit of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the project will be financed According to the mechanism.

So just yesterday we see yet another international obligation for the spending of the allocations in the budget bill for Kurdistan.

So you see Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision has already been made weeks ago and we are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly done.

Can Iraq be fully positioned with an increased value in time to open and begin spending this 2015 budget?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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