UU1099 – “How Much Longer?” by Mnt Goat

UU1099 – “How Much Longer?” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Fasching is now over. Do you know what Fasching celebration is in Germany? Some call it the Mardi Gras (Karneval). Our town has its small fun version of this Mardi Gras too and we have had a nice time this past couple days.

Our Mardi Gras is really a lingering of an older pagan tradition from the middle ages but when the Christian church combined with the Roman pagan religion, and became the faith of Rome, (thus the Roman Catholic church), many of these pagan ceremonies were watered down and allowed to continue and to this day. Our past is always present if we just take the time to learn and pay attention.

So Fasching is really fun before the sacrifice. One last period before we start on our journey to remember our Christian roots and sacrifices of those who came before us to show us the way to better lives.
With the end of Fasching, Germany’s silly season, comes Lent, a Catholic tradition observed by many throughout Germany. Traditionally, Catholics throughout the country eat Herring on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Many faithful Catholics still adhere to certain restrictions during the 40 days of Lent between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday while others refrain from sweets, alcohol, meat, eggs or milk. Fish is one meal always permitted as Lenten fare. If not done for health reasons, the fasting time is usually based on religious ideas.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is today and yes I too have the herring for our diner tonight…lol.. It is not the favorite meal for my two girls but they are getting to like it as the years pass. Lent lasts 40 days until the Saturday before Easter. We try to eat lightly at each dinner, light candles and pray so that we can be shown how to help others too during this entire season.

This season is always most important to my family too as it is the first sign of the long awaited spring time coming upon us. As lent progresses my girls make note of the passing days and how the weather slowly changes and the cold days of winter finally fade into green pastures and warmer days. My favorite is the opening of the hiking trails once again as my mountain has been calling me for months. I am anxious and I wait patiently.

As my girls get older now they too have learned the ways of the Alpine mountains and they have become part of them. Sometime it is hard to explain the connection but it is a sacred connection for all those that truly seek it.

So now that we have socialized a bit, let us review what has happened this last past period and on this ongoing saga of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Please read the past news letter dated 2/16 (LINK) to better understand this news today.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday the 18th and still no RV. We waited for the announcement of the ratified 2015 budget being placed in the gazette (law library of Iraq). As I mentioned in a prior news letter this would mean the budget law is fully implemented and must be funded within 24-48 hours, as the cash flow to the provinces would have to begin for the projects.

Well on yesterday, Tuesday Feb 17 it was finally announced by the Iraqi government that the ratified budget was placed in the gazette after being delayed by two days. Yes- this is now an “official” announcement not some secret news from a backdoor meeting with an intel “guru”…….lol……

But here we now sit 48 hours past the gazette publication requirement. It is done. So why are they not funding these projects now?

The parliamentary Finance Committee, confirmed Wednesday today, it has opened an investigation into the reasons which led to the delay of the publication of the draft law on the federal budget for the current year in the Official Gazette.

We know they hurried to get this budget done and it was surely fast-tracked this year. It is the first budget ever for Iraq in this nature. We know they have major plans for Iraq. So after considering all these past events with this budget we know for sure their intent is to more forward and progress this country into the international arena. So to us it seems to have stalled but in actuality it still is not long since the gazette publication and much lays ahead.

Where do we go from here?

Well be know that Prime Minister Barzani, has paid a visit to Baghdad last Sunday, to activate the oil agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil from late last year. We know that Abadi negotiated a temporary deal for a partial payment to Kurdistan and could not fully implement the oil deal since it was claimed there was lack of liquidity in the banks to back up the 119 trillion budget bill. We believe this lack of liquidity in part is due to the failure to as of yet increase the value of the Iraq dinar.

Some intel “guru” are saying that the amount of dinar currency at hand does not matter since the payments for the budget to the provinces will be in electronic form anyhow. Does this make sense to you? Think about what they are telling you. Just another blunder to confuse everyone even more. Let me explain this to you better now to eliminate your confusion.

This future payment process to the provinces may be accurately stated as it will most likely be electronic form and mnt goat never said it would not. So comments made to bash me are not accurate. But there is much more to the story to tell and this is where many of these so called intel “gurus” fall short. This causes yet more confusion because they do not tell the entire story but only what is convincing enough at the time to bash someone. Maybe they too have to slowly read my news letters instead of just looking for ways to bash.

So since when can Iraq just electronically increase their bank balances without backing it up with hard currency? Computer systems only record and document cash amounts. They are only electronic ledger systems. You can not create money simply by entering numbers into a computerized ledger system! Also since when can Iraq now just print money to meet their obligations to back up a ledger entry? Are they now following the policy of the USA Federal Reserve?

Do these intel gurus even know that currency is a paper guarantee, a note stating the face value is an assurance of the value of the assets that back it? So this is the issue since the paper dinars (the 3 zero notes using in Iraq) have been 90% collected already and there is literally just USD remaining for the day to day transactions of the citizens. These old notes collected are now electronic numbers in the CBI reserves as the old 3 zero notes are incinerated as the banks collected them and turned them back into the CBI. So even by this process they must have backed these electronic entries with the dinars. Why is this so difficult to understand? If you did not have enough dinars to begin with then your electronic numbers will now be low to meet the $119 dinar budget. Get it?

There is no way they can back $119 trillion dinar budget since there was never even $119 trillion dinars in circulation to ever collect to the CBI. Or was there ever even printed $119 trillion dinars altogether at the low 1166 rate. Do you understand now?

So what they did collect from the citizens is now sitting only in electronic form at the CBI. Why does the CBI not use this money then to pay at least part of the budget debt owed to the provinces?

The CBI has decided to use some of these reserves as a partial payment to Kurdistan as we read articles on this on Sunday that a negotiation was completed. . However this was at the old 1166 rate. But they simply can not continue going down this road on payments to all provinces until there is a major change to the dinar value, in fear of quickly depleting of the CBI reserves.

So when these so called intel “gurus” tell you the story I wish they would tell you the complete story and not just what they want to tell you. It is obvious of their intent was to bash others first rather than trying to fill in the gaps and attempt to truly informed on what is really happening. Why is this element consistently trying to confuse you? Are they being pumped with scripts given to them by their so called “three letter agencies”?

Then we read about the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) buying more gold with USD from the CBI reserves. Does this also seem strange to you at this time? Why would they be doing this now? Some say it was to shore up the liquidity of the reserves in preparation for a major change in economic polity for Iraq. To me anyhow this makes total sense since they are now converting these electronic entries (from collecting all these 3 zero notes I just talked about) into hard backed wealth, that of precious metal (gold). Gold prices are now low.

If you are a Central Reserve bank you do not want just store electronic entries on your balance sheets but rather have hard backed currencies or metals as value. Gold is more stable and is used as a guarantee of wealth. This transfer from electronic entries to gold has been on going since we have been reading about this buying frenzy of the CBI for gold now for many months now. This gold must back these new lower denominations about to be introduced into circulation. Can you see the process? You can’t just give the banks paper currency unless it is strongly backed by value. Can you see how they are setting up for the next step?

Crude now finally spikes to $60+ a barrel from the 30’s. Was someone waiting for crude oil prices to increase prior to implementing the budget? We know the Iraq budget is based on $60 a barrel. Do they not now have an asset backed currency?
So could they be waiting for the prices of oil to increase since we now know the purpose of artificially bringing down the price in the first place has now been accomplished its goal. If you have been reading my news letters you know why the oil war had to occur and its purpose. Please refer to my news letters from early December I will not repeat the information today.
The is all interconnected. How much longer will they wait?

Maliki Situation
The Iraq government has strong evidence that the bullet that shot Sheik Qasim also shot at the heart of national reconciliation was perpetrated by the Sheite Maliki and his goons for this purpose. In my last news letter I stated they will now move much more aggressively on the prosecution of this man and his goons to bring him to justice. It is coming shortly and the process is being sped up. So as predicted, on Tuesday out pops an article as stated below:

******“Baghdad «quds al-arabi»: Iraqi judge gave Rahim Ugaili former chairman of the commission on public integrity, a legal complaint against the former prime minister Nuri Al-Maliki, a student of his trial on charges of treason against the iraqi people. The lawsuit that accused (nuri kamal al-maliki) took over as prime minister and commander of the armed forces in iraq from 2006 to 2014 were committed during his rule a number of serious violations and crimes, so the judge asked ugaili take legal action and moving the criminal cases against the accused.

And offered to suit the crimes committed by al-maliki, which was considered part of «treason» amounting to 39 crime, including the cause as the general commander of the armed forces in the fall of one-third of iraq, however, a terrorist organization (daash), and is caused by the arming of these criminal organization mechanisms and sophisticated weapons the iraqi army, valued at more than $ 15 billion”. ******

So why did Maliki orchestrate this last killing spree last week?
What you may not know is Maliki requested to leave the country of Iraq. You may know he has visa restrictions on him and all his goons. Early last week he requested to leave Iraq for Germany for medical treatment for his diabetes. At least this was his explanation on his visa request. The visa was denied as he was told to use medical services in Iraq for treatment. I guess his attempt to escape failed? So do you see why the killings last Friday? This was actually more of a message sent from him telling the government he is still in control. A reprisal for his denied visa.

So you see Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision had already been made weeks ago and was postponed due to recent events in Iraq. We are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly ratified and the deadline for it to be posted in the gazette is now overdue. We finally heard news of this next event we looked for (gazette posting). Then Iraq must fully fund the budget within 24-48 hours (partly by a revaluation). Can Iraq be fully positioned with all these events in time to open and begin spending this 2015 budget? Already we see an investigation as to what is holding up this process. Can the USA be holding up the RV once again? Can Iraq be requesting this revaluation and the request is being denied again?

Be careful who you listen to for the answers to these questions. Instead look at the facts for yourself. Articles DO TELL US MUCH and are an EXCELLENT source of information. There are those that would discourage you from this reading practice as then they would not be able to pump you with their scripted information and allow you think for yourselves. Now since the Maliki propaganda machine is all but shut down we have noticed the accuracy of the news is much better coming from Iraq.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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