UU1122 – “Another Postponement” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I know I must sound like a broken record at times but this is the news until the USA decides to complete the rollout process for Iraq and let their currency become part of the global financial arena once again – meaning to let it finally go international.

Do not get discouraged when you read this news letter today. It is not really all as bad as it sounds and there is still hope that this RV decision can be resolved by the end of January (of this year….lol…..).

The USA has very big plans for this region of the world but has to learn to stop medaling so much in the affairs of Iraq as they must let de Kinder eventually learn to stand on its own two feet.

Sure de Kinder may fall and may need assistance at times (Maliki administration) but this is the process of learning. But these are the infancy years. We all remember de Kinder and their very first walk. This was an amazing time to see de Kinder now and remember only a few years ago when he/she was wrapped in a blanket held in our arms for survival, but now he/she is standing on their own for the very first time.
Sometimes you just have to trust and let go of de Kinder and watch what happens. Sure it would be nice to keep de Kinder small and cuddly their whole life long but that is not what mothers and dads are for. They are supposed to nurture and allow de Kinder to grow to their full potential, as least while they are under their supervision. There is time for cuddling and time for letting go. Then one day they meet their own loved one and have de Kinder of their own. The process starts all over again.

You see the rest of the Middle East will never fully see or understand the democracy of Iraq to bloom to its full potential thus be that example of shining democracy in their culture. How can they wish to make a new democracy in Syria if they can’t even finish what they started in Iraq. How can these new “babies” of democracy then be born in other countries of the Middle East.

Do you understand what I am saying?

One has to ask – Is the USA afraid of losing control of Iraq? Are they now seeing that in letting go of this final “carrot” dangling over Iraq will in fact move this country ahead quickly and ignore any further influence from the USA the control they don’t want to give up.

I have to tell you that you may be right since if you treated Iraq more justly and with dignity they might have more respect for the USA and its policies. What we are witnessing now is destructive and non-conductive to future ties with Iraq in any sense of the word “ partnership”. I will explain all this in my news letter today as it is very relevant to the RV process.

I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/16 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.

Today’s News

Today is Tuesday Jan 20th and we heard over the weekend that the session to finalize the 2015 budget by taking the “final vote” was postponed till Weds Jan 20th. That is today. We had hoped to hear some good news by now.

Then just yesterday we hear that it was postponed once again till next week sometime and no session date was given. So what is happening here? Even the Iraqi news is very vague as to why it was postponed. You have to read between the lines of the articles a bit but it becomes obvious when you have read literally thousands of Iraqi news articles over the past years, as I have.

These two recent postponements have solidified conclusively in my mind that Iraq is stalling in completing their budget for a reason. Any reason they give the public is no longer a legitimate reason. You see it is just a game. It is contrived and used to tell the citizens of Iraq something other than that the USA is medaling in their affairs by holding back the RV.

Could it be Iraq can’t RV without the USA’s permission?

What is this reason then for the USA to keep stalling it ?

I tried to explain to everyone in the past the Iraqi’s budget has been completed and ratified already by their president nearly a month ago now. This is fact not rumor. They even had a news cast on it back them and it was quickly hushed up and the article deleted from the news rooms. This is because the USA told them they could RV and then they pulled the plug on it again.

Remember there are always two sides to every story. Let’s explore each side.
One story is from Iraq – From their viewpoint the budget has to be stalled from implementation because they say they have to work on resolving their deficits in the budget due to a sudden reduction in future oil revenues.

In actuality they want to coincide this event with the revaluation event. This is why they are holding up the final phase of announcing the budget as completed. This last round of postponements on the final vote convinces me of this even more. Many times already they have been told the USA supported the revaluation and then the USA backs down again on its support.

What do they then keep telling their people? It is getting ridiculous. When a delegation recently visited the USA on this topic Iraq was told then to stop telling their citizens anything. The USA recommendation was just to be quiet on the topic of economic reforms. Iraq of course did not agree with this tactic and could not do this since promises have been made and it is already in the minds of the citizens that reform completion is just around the corner. Basically it is too late.

Then there is the USA’s story – In prior conversations with my contacts in the USA they had told me (they were told to tell me this by their managers and did not entirely believe it) that the holdup on the part of the USA was due to Iraq not completing requirements as agreed to as scheduled. This seemed very plausible and so I passed this news on to you. Security was a major concern both in the physical on the ground sense and the political sense. I was told it only seemed like the USA was holding up the RV but in fact it was still Iraq by the very nature of where the country stood in both of these areas of concern.

Do I still believe this now? Absolutely NOT ! Why!

My contacts were telling me the same reasons over and over again for over a month and a half that it was Iraq who was holding up their own RV. Then all of a sudden last week they reversed and said Iraq completed all of their requirements and they are now ready for the RV.

But still we don’t see the RV. I know for a fact they planned to push it out late last week. Once again the USA stopped it.

Now what is the holdup?

In light of these past facts a reasonable person has to conclude that it is the USA holding up the revaluation process since they themselves have stated just last week that all Iraq requirements are now met. I believe this to be true.

My take on all this-

This game has shifted to pure medaling on the part of the USA in Iraq’s internal affairs at this point they keep stalling this RV any longer. Couple this with what recently happened with the Swiss franc over the weekend and it is now pure and unequivocally evident that the USA is using the Iraq currency revaluation process for political clout with the rest of the global community to strong arm their opponents to back down on the IMF financial reforms.

Remember just last week a statement came out again from the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde ( I paraphrase) stating that the USA has not yet adopted the needed reforms from their legislative body (meaning approval by a vote in Congress). She also stated that the USA should get with the program or step aside. It is time to take action. I believe this was a warning of things to come…example of what happened in Switzerland? What can we expect next? Is the IMF showing it clout now? Will they find a way to work around the USA?
As always I keep digging and asking questions like WHY? Why the resistance on the part of the USA to allow Iraq not to have their currency back?

Somehow I have learned over these last 10 years of following this process, (especially in these last 4 years), that nothing is as it appears. I have tried to explain to you about the economic wars now raging on and how Russia must be once again put in its place with Putin either eventually caving in and pulling out of Ukraine and getting back into the mood of cooperating with the USA once again. This is all good but why hold up the Iraq dinar as a consequence?

You see after the fall of the iron current (communism) and the breakup of the Soviet Union, the relations between the two countries were better than even since prior to WWII when Russia was allied with the USA and Great Britain to fight the Nazis.

At this time the USA even supplied much of the capital for Russia to get standing back on its feet once again as long as it shared the same democratic capitalism ideals with the USA. The IMF supported them too and under the recommendations of the USA, the new Russia soon became a member of the WTO.

Why did the USA work so much in bringing Russia out of isolation? What were these new ideals? They were supporting the USA in its future endeavors to bring the rest of the world around to capitalistic free markets dominated by the yankee dollar (or referred to as the petro-dollar). As long as Russia played along they would be in good standing with the USA and could gain a great deal of the wealth.

Well….Russia got greedy and wanted more than the USA offered. Putin realized just the extent of the wealth that could be derived from the vast future capitalistic markets yet to be exploited in the former Soviet Block countries. Only Putin does not know how to exploit and in reality needs the helping hand of the USA.

But Putin is a former KGB leader not a capitalist by heart and knows very little about running an economy, trade or anything else in the global financial world. Instead he knows brut power to get what he wants. Remember communism depressed much of any growth in these countries so many were still backwards. Those at the very top exploited the system and used their power to gain great personal wealth at the expense of society. Brut force was used to control the system. This is how Putin operates. But this is a new age for Russia.

So now these former Soviet block countries are ripe fruit for the taking. So Russia and the USA were supposed to work together in a joint effort to harvest this fruitful bounty of vast wealth. All it would take is cooperation.

There is also the question of dealing with Syria. Yet another dictator that is the way of capitalistic progress. Did I mention the pipeline ? Did it ever occur to you that if Russia joined a coalition to fight terrorism this war on terrorism could literally be over in years if not even months. Simply put Putin will not cooperate and so maybe the Russian people too have picked the wrong leader to lead them through this process.

Am I rambling? I think all that I am telling you is very relevant to the ongoing saga as we see it all being played out in front of us. Remember the majority of average citizens have no clue what is going on here. They are not invested in the currency of Iraq they have no motivation to be concerned. They do not read the articles from Iraq, read Mnt Goat news letters or any listen to any of the many other sources of information coming from the Middle East and Iraq.

You see there is no real target date for the USA for the RV only political agendas. The longer this RV is delayed another crisis is bound to pop up and cause the RV to be yet the tool again for political means. Will it ever end? Someone needs to step in and finalize this process. The IMF is attempting to do just that but it is not easy. Eventually either the USA is going to cooperate or the IMF is going to go around them.

Well this is what I do know for a fact. The Republican party would luv to legitimize the postponement of the Iraqi revaluation until after the 2016 election process. They just might do it too. This is pure sour politics and DEADLY WRONG.

This GW Bush followers want to pick up the pieces, continue the process they started in 2003 and take credit for it all and not allow all the glory to go to the current Democratic administration. Keep this in your back pocket at you see what is now going on next. You will see these statements are not really too far fetched.

It makes absolutely little sense for the sake of Iraq and for any political success of the Obama administration to allow the stalling of the progress of Iraq any longer. Any real progress made so far has been made in spite of the USA efforts. Stalling the RV is stalling further progress. The USA is now an obstacle not a facilitator.

Iraq is as ready as a ripe piece of fruit is ready to be picked from the tree. Sometimes opportunity only knocks once and so they must be careful not to spoil the fruit. All the low hanging fruits have already rotted and are gone (missed opportunities). If this is allowed to continue much longer much of the other fruits of this tree of opportunity too will be wasted. We can already see it happening.

Many will not agree with some of these statements I have made in this news article. They will only regurgitate to me what they have been told over and over again that of “Iraq being the wealthiest country in the Middle East if not the world”. I am beginning to see that this plan may not have as much merit as many believe if this stalling of their revaluation does not get underway and allow further progress very soon.
A good case in point is the decrease in the oil prices. Given time another crisis is always just around the corner. Could Iraq deal more effectively with the deficit in their budget with a flock of foreign investment money rolling in by being international? Absolutely – YES ! You see it is not the deficit that is the crisis. IT IS THE LACK OF NOT HAVING AN INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY THAT IS THE REAL CRISIS.

So if you and I know this, then so should the powers behind this plan to revitalize the middle east also know this? I would not be so sure about that since this foreign policy in the middle east is one huge blunder after another.

Remember not all members of the council of representative are privy to the USA’s stalling tactics. There is only a few from the inner circle ring of politicians in Iraq of who truly know the full sage of what is going on here. They do not tell the other 300+ members of parliament. So many just go along with the deception not knowing any better.

You see those really in charge of authorizing the final rollout of the new rates are not under the direct control of president Obama as many think. As in any administration there is power sharing since the USA is a democracy. We are witnessing this first hand as not even the president has full control of the destiny of the Iraqi revaluation process as many think. At this time of even greater hype over terrorist threats (now in France too) we see that all anyone really has to do is scream that there is a national security issue and the RV is help up once again. It is that easy. So who really has an indirect control then….maybe the CIA?

So when can we expect the RV?
Everything I present to you today is interconnected and meaningful in getting the revaluation of the Iraq dinar but most importantly there is a greater need than ever for Iraq to return to an international currency. I am hearing that if the economic wars persist and worsen, it could mean trouble and lead to yet just another USA excuse as to why Iraq can not yet go international. Any further delay will also harm the Iraqi economy in a huge way.

There are huge plans for Iraq reconstruction in 2015 and they can’t blame the delays any longer on the Maliki government. A new government is in place and it is working hard to see that Iraq stays on track. However it will need for the USA to let of the reigns and allow them to be the democracy and make the necessary economic and political decisions in the future for themselves. It is time!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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