UU3066 – “ Quick Update 3/10 ” by Mnt Goat

UU3066 – “ Quick Update 3/10 ” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone, Let us review what has happened this last past period since my last post on 3/4.

Today’s News

Today is already Wednesday March 11th and yes another week has pasted and still no RV. Why?

What we do know is we are now witnessing extreme pressure from many parliamentary members to straighten out the falling dinar rate against the USD. Currently the dinar is pegged to the USD.

This will all change once the reinstatement takes place since the plan is to use a basket of currencies to peg the Iraq dinar and no longer just based on the USD.
This past week we have read many articles from the CBI and the parliamentary finance committee on the currency reform. This is now a major item on their plate and is a primary item. All the news this past week points to this fact.

In the news was a statement by the finance committee telling the CBI they are ready to begin the “project to delete the zeros”, they called it the go ahead and gave the “green light”. I totally believe they have begun this process already even much more deeper than the collection of over 90% of the in-country 3 zero notes held by the citizens. Will you give up your notes you own without some change in value?

Our turn for them to collect our notes is coming shortly.

We read articles telling us about past attempts to UNSUCCESSFULLY rollout the coins and to me some in the government seem to be now fighting this part of the plan. They can express their negative opinion in news briefs and articles but it will not effect the plan. But it is very significant since they would not be complaining about it if they did not know the rollout of the coins is just around the corner.

So you see this is actually very good news for us. It was a WOW moment for me. How about you?

We saw how they are taking the $50 dinar note out of circulation and gave the citizens a couple months to turn them in to the CBI (only) for bank credit. We should all know by now that this is not really a concern of ours since the majority of you don’t even own these notes anyhow.

I believe they allowed the $50 dinar notes over these past years to catch the counterfeiters and so they are cleaning this up now once and for all.

Also they want to eventually align the new lower demons, about to be distributed out to the public in Iraq, to coincide with the other neighboring countries currency denominations such as Kuwait, Turkey and Jordan. So why am I mentioning this to you now?

I am mentioning this collection of the $50 dinar notes because I want also to tell you of a couple not so obvious reasons to some of us:

1) It is very, very significant because it is a line item on the plan of the currency reform.

Folks – this is telling us another sign that they are going ahead now with the reform process of the currency and not just giving it lip service, as they have done in the past.

2) this is yet even a larger part of the overall plan to bring the Arabic countries online with a common dinar currency in the middle east. They are conforming in part of what is to come next. Do not get worried we will be out of the picture and to the bank before this happens.

You see this too is very significant and good news for us! It was also WOW moment for me. How about you?

There are still many in the GOI and in the financial sectors that want to move very slowly and cautiously. They need to do this transition right since there is no turning back once the announcement is made.

If anything, I am hearing this is not a holdup but is slowing progress (if you want to call it that) – that of being overly cautious!

Of course many of you readers only have a perception that there is a holdup but I have to tell you there is ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDUP and they are moving now on this currency reform. Soon there will be nothing else to do but to pop it out to the downstream exchanges and open the new currency up to the rest of the world.

Why do we have this perception?

You may feel there is a holdup only because you have heard over and over and over again by these “intel gurus” that it is going to RV every night at any second. This past weekend was yet another case of this craziness. Some said there was a 3-4 day delay and the RV should have happened last Friday but was delayed for 3-4 days longer.

Really? I did not hear of any explanation from anyone I know it was delayed or even should have RV’d last Friday.

So why the delay now. First it was fighting ISIS and they needed about an extra week. Now yet another delay. Oh – let me guess now that the 3-4 day delay is over they are about to tell us there is yet another delay. So on and on this roller coaster ride continues…..

Well …..here we sit day four on the delay time frame and still no RV. Will we get the RV this week? Must we go through yet another weekend of the same anticipation or will we relax and just read the darn articles for ourselves and make up our own minds as to what is really happening.

Could it happen this week?

Sure but let’s just relax and find out for ourselves.

I listen to many of these various dinar info calls too and they are interesting and this is what they seem to truly believe. Do they really? But I take the info and give it a grain of salt, then bounce it against what I am reading from the country of Iraq and other sources. I know we are close but I cannot predict a date since this is soooo dynamic right now.

But one thing I do know they are completing the currency reforms as I write this newsletter. I havn’t heard of any delays. They have recently demonstrated to us over and over again through the hard fact filled articles they are working diligently on it.

My intent is not to be mean or to bash anyone but I only want to say some need to be more responsible in passing on what they are telling you and how they are telling you. Perhaps they need to get their noses more into the articles.

But when you read the articles you have to have half a brain too and look at what they are telling us in the BIG PICTURE. Maybe this ability to clearly think is part it part of the problem too?

I know we all want the info in black and white and in the simplest of terms. I guess maybe it’s my background in the Army Intelligence Corps where I take this ability for granted. But it does not work that way for many.

Of course you should read not just the articles but use and evaluation ALL THE INFORMATION being published and being passed out to us from the various sources.
So what is this new currency?

For you newbies – it’s taking the currency of Iraq out of the “program” rate downgraded for the war (the large 3 zero notes introduced in 2003) and introducing the newer lower denominations (notes and coins) to the citizens (post war). This is the long awaited permanent currency.

In the process they must also announce a new rate since the pegging of the dinar will change and all Basil III banking and IMF reforms will be in effect (asset backed currency).

We have seen once again this week the buying of yet more gold by the CBI. I have told you in a previous newsletter why they are doing this.

This is how they are going to get the rate to come out so high (around $3.90+ USD to the IQD in exchange).

When I say high many of you are shrugging your shoulders and saying this is not high since the pre-war rate was around $3.22 and they are allowed some rate equity for the last 11 years.

But what I am referring to is the revaluation that comes later.

You will be very surprised to see the rate climb to quickly. Remember I talked about this many, many months ago.

First the reinstatement followed by a major revaluation just days or a week afterwards. I still believe this is the plan.

Since they have other sources of revenue too besides oil but most of these sources are not yet fully functional or readily online to generate the needed backing for such a higher rate, thus the strategy of so much gold.

The war is over and it is time to bring this country back on-line globally ! I cannot say it any differently or clearer. This reinstatement and later a major revaluation are about to happen.

So this past week I also read in article that Kurdistan has been paid in full for all debt owed by the GOI. This is another tidbit of news for us. It confirms once again HCL is done and implemented.

Other provinces too want their share of the funding as required by the 2015 budget (now posted in the gazette and finalized).

But as we all know from experience, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So the prime minister along with the finance committee has decided they would take care of Kurdistan now and a couple other smaller contractors (who have contractual obligations with Iraq).

After all oil right now is Iraqi’s primary source of revenues and they do not want any more conflicts stirring up in this area of concern (a squeaky wheel). These are all mostly dealing with oil extraction or piping contracts.

So let us not also forget about other countess items too such as the recent victories over ISIS (more stability), tariffs and other programs we know have been implemented with the new rate pending in the systems but cannot yet be realized fully until the announcement. It is a very slow rollout happening right in front of our eyes.

The clock is ticking. Be patient and relax!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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