UU3267 – “Security, Security, Security” by Mnt Goat

UU3267 – “Security, Security, Security” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

So what is in the making for this week. Can we expect the RV this week?

You might want to read my news letter from 3/21 (LINK) if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today.

Today’s News

Today is Tuesday March 24rd and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV but there is some really good, long awaited news. Let me explain.

First I need to make a statement and in doing so I am not bashing anyone. We all play our part in trying to unravel this intel. I have to simply make a statement about the reality of the situation. Once again we heard the RV was going to take place over the weekend and once again we are disappointed. At least maybe you were disappointed, I was not because I know better than to listen to this nonsense about every weekend.
I have been telling you all along we need the National Guard and the Amnesty laws. Implementation of these laws are crucial in part of the process of creating assurances that solid security measures can be met. Security is top in the agenda prior to an RV. I can assure you of this fact. But these alone will not get us the RV either, as I will explain to you.

Some intel providers are insistent that these laws do not matter. They tell you to wait and see that they are telling you the truth. This is itself is ridiculous, an oxymoron to say the least because if you wait long enough the laws will be implemented and the RV will eventually occur (not to mean we only need these laws) it is inevitable…..daaahh! . Then they will stand upon their almighty throwns and once again declare that they have been right all along. How ridiculous ! This is the illogical reasoning that really bothers me. Get real!

So yesterday these same intel guru’s tell us that this RV has moved to a new height. It is immanent in the coming days, maybe today or days away but close. Really? What facts to do you have to back it up?

Funny how their “immanent scenario” just happens to follow the announcement of the parliamentary session to take on the final vote of the National Guard law. It is expected to pass. Is this a coincidence? Oh but they have been saying now for over 3 weeks these laws do not matter. Well if you keep saying it long enough they will happen as the laws get scheduled for a vote and implemented and you will always be right. Do you get my point of their illogical none sense? So out pops this article over this weekend.
Legal representative: the National Guard will pass the Act political agreement
Saturday, March 21, 2015 | 10: 16 am
Baghdad/.. The parliamentary legal Committee, confirmed Saturday that the National Guard will pass bill to a political agreement among the blocs participating in the political process, adding that the most important items on the paper agreement that led to formation of the current Government.

Committee member Elvira l “into Iraq News”, that “a number of important laws before the parliamentary legal Committee to study and make the appropriate changes and then submitted to Parliament for a meeting.”
“The legal Committee has now clearly outline a number of laws in the Parliament session scheduled, next Tuesday.”
Baker said that “the adoption of the law on the National Guard in the House needs to be an agreement between all the blocks involved in the political process,” he said, adding that “the most important items on the paper agreement that led to formation of the current Government.” Ended 2

No – not a coincidence but rather a reluctance to listen to reason. Instead I tell you someone is pumping them with information and they are just not smart enough to see through it and to logically disregard what does not make sense. So truly we will all see who is correct. I am only trying to help them too. Enough of this already…..lol….lets go on to some more real intel.

So we still wait to hear the fate of today’s session in parliament on the National Guard law. Also do not forget we also need Amnesty law to coincide. It should come very shortly on the heals of the passing of the National Guard law. I can assure you this WILL HAPPEN !

Why have I been telling you so forcefully that we need these two laws and need then now?

First I know for a fact that the National Guard idea is part of the “Power Sharing” agreement going way back to 2009-2010. Call it whatever you want for now such as the new Unification Agreement or whatever. It all now came out of the 2014 election process but not reinvented. This will be done prior to full acceptance to any finalization in the economic reforms (currency reform we await) or moving out to the “private sector” the final part of stage 4 I mentioned in my last news letter.

Why the National Guard Law?
Decentralizing the military is a way to keep peace and to control the terrorists militias by each of the provinces. It is a way to safeguard against a centralized government taking complete power by force (Nori Al- Maliki almost did it too) in the future. This is why Maliki did not support it and did not implement it. This is why the USA, GB and the UN mandate this prior to any RV. Iraq can say they are ready and try to push out the RV (as they have tried many times) but time and time again the USA stops it since they are in fact not ready.

Remember too when they do implement the National Guard they will have to fund it and this is a huge part of the 2014 budget. This is why they have waited so long to pass the law since they had other priorities for the funding and did not want to pay out the entire 2014 budget amounts all at once for all these programs. So just as I have been telling you all along they can not spend the money unless they have the law implemented to support it. Some say they need the RV to fund it too. This might be true so lets look at the timing and see for ourselves.

National Security is now the top priority. Abadi himself has said it in many recent speeches. So why would anyone think this law is not important prior to an RV? I do not get it . To think otherwise is simply not using the brain that God gave you. After all – did the IMF not downgrade (or more like shutoff) the IQD so Saddam and terrorist could not use it to purchase weapons to fight against the coalition in Desert Storm?

So why in hell would they now reinstitute the currency (the revaluation) unless they have assurances that these same entities now have little or no influence? If you do not agree with me than prove me wrong for I have shown you over the last many news letters why this is fact.

Moving on to the Amnesty law.
I do not want to bore you with every detail of why this law is sooooo important. It is obvious many innocent people are imprisoned. Torture and inhumane treatment is a common practice. It should be obvious to you, that if you listened to any of the Iraqi news over the last 10 years, you know how Maliki tricked the coalition forces in 2003-2004 into locking up many of the Ba’ath party members as terrorists. He was slick! He told them they were loyal Ba’ath party members to Saddam and would cause trouble. Trouble for whom? This is the key question.

Trouble for the upcoming 2006 elections? Elections in which Maliki would surely be elected as prime minister with no opponents. Many of these men locked up were his competition/opposition and he knew it. He had everyone fooled. I tell you the USA really screwed up big time on this one.

Remember the Ba’ath party infiltrated Iraq from Syria and were very loyal to Saddam. So go figure why this was easy for the USA led coalition to lock them all up. Kind of like rounding up the Nazis during the aftermath of WWII in Germany. Remember that mentality of the USA was still prevalent. This goes right back to the USA not fully understanding the geopolitics of the middle eastern region. It was one of the major blunders of the war. This is stuff taught in “reoccupation” classes at command and general staff school.

Amnesty still plaques Iraq today but is all about to be concluded. Part of the Unification Agreement of 2014 is to let anyone out of prison who has not spilled Iraqi blood (or proven to be a terrorists). This is the key – since the Iraqi judicial system too must first be reformed in order to give many of these Ba’ath party members justice with Due Process of the law. This is why they have waiting so darn long to pass this law and implement it.

So in reality what Maliki did was this – 1) he fixed the upcoming 2006 Iraqi election it so that any potential, viable opponents would be eliminated and 2) any disloyal individuals could not upset his upcoming administration for his future plans to seize power of full dictatorship in Iraq.

But he did not lock up one very important individual. Dr Lyad Allawi. You do not hear much about this individual and he tends to stay behind the scenes. He has worked tirelessly to set up the Federation Council. He is a Ba’ath party member, only because he was forced to join under Saddam just like many former Nazis were forced to join Hitler or else. There is no man more patriotic and loyal to his country than Allawi. He also resigned from the Ba’ath party in 1975. Desert Storm took place in 2003. Go figure!

He was out of Iraq at the time of the Maliki organized round up of Ba’ath party members. This is how he survived not going to prison. In fact Maliki sent his goons to London to attempt to eliminate Allawi and his family but Allawi narrowly escaped with his life (but not without taking a beating). Later he returned to Iraq to run against Maliki (for his second term) in the 2010 elections. Oh darn! We all should know the results of that election. Dr Allawi won the popular vote but it was agreed that Maliki would take the prime minister due to anti Ba’ath party language in the Iraqi constitution. Again Maliki had his way and won.

Did you also know that many of the military leaders had to swear an oath to Saddam under the Ba’ath party? So this too is reason for the lack of discipline, structure and leadership in the ranks of today’s Iraq Army. Simply put –NO LEADERSHIP. They are all locked up in the prisons. This is how Maliki was able to manipulate the Army. There was no true leadership but by himself giving the orders to would-be patsy generals.

If you know anything about the military you know there has to be generals and a proper chain of command. Any organized army simply will not work without it. Maliki has no military experience and did not know the essentials of a military organization. He was more worried about getting and maintaining self interests, control and power than he was of having a trained and disciplined army to fight terrorists.

So you see now many things – 1) why the Iraq Army so easily fled under ISIS in Bosul 2) why they now need to let these locked up military leaders out to run the Iraq Army and the National Guard units.

How else are they going to properly staff these new National Guard units? They can’t even staff their own national Army with properly trained, experienced leaders. The operative word is “experienced”.
Why am I telling you all this?
I know it has been a long read and I hope you are still awake.
I am trying to help you understand the past politics so you can truly understand what is now happening in Iraq and how it relates to the past. I want you to think for yourselves instead of listening to some intel gurus pumping you up every weekend for an RV.

Now maybe you can see the necessary importance of getting these former Ba’ath party members out of the prisons, why this is desperately necessary and thus the means to do this is implementing the Amnesty law. We must also understand how passing it at this critical junction is very important to Iraq in getting the level of needed security in Iraq prior to any RV of the currency.

Do you now see how it is all interconnected? Oops I said that word again….”interconnected”……lol…. NOTHING HAPPENS BY COINCIDENCE !

So what about these possible dates for an RV we keep hearing about?
Once again I am telling you the Iraq has these high level meetings every weekend. They come up with possible scenarios and dates for full implementation of economic reforms. These are windows of opportunities and just that possible window and nothing else.

They are in the last and final part of stage 4 of these reforms is rolling out to the private sector (code phrase for going international). They are very close and they know it. However to conclude this they need a high level of security ( I did not say complete peace and security) and their plan includes the full and complete elimination of ISIS and DAASH from Mosul, Turick and other small key towns of the northern provinces.

Fighting ISIS / DAASH
In summary once again we hear that a major battle is about to be raged to retake Mosul. I assure you it will be held this time once retaken. The coalition forces seem to be using an old Russian tactic played out upon the Nazi armies in WWII. It’s called “encirclement and choke”. First they maneuver forces surrounding ISIS. They cut off all possibility of reinforcements and re-supplies. Then they begin to tighten the circle little by little until they choke off ISIS. This is harder to do in a city than in open country and it literally takes a small army in force to do it, but it is working and will continue. It is a matter of time before we hear the news. Pray that this is successful for I feel this is the key.

The RV is fully in the hands of Iraq
Really? On the surface if you read this statement you could think they have total power and could just RV anytime they want, or anytime they feel they are ready, right? No – this is not entirely true. This is just not the case. Yes it is now in the hands of Iraq but just what does this mean?

It means they must still comply to certain demands by the USA, GB and the IMF. It is in their hands to comply and get it done and then also they also must decide for themselves what level of security above and beyond these demands they then feel comfortable with prior to any RV. The demands still exists and they are not going to go away.

So don’t be fooled on what they tell you and be aware of the context it is told!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

2 thoughts on “UU3267 – “Security, Security, Security” by Mnt Goat”

  1. Who cares about what other gurus says, focus on your own information! So far you have not been right either! You definitely lost my respect! Don’t like the bad talking over and over again! I do not see the other gurus mentioning you at all! Is this a cry for attention!!!!!!!

  2. My dearest Mnt Goat, I have followed you for years, but lately it appears as if you have changed, and not for the better.

    I’m disappointed in you!

    You beat your chest like your male ego is threatened. You toot your mother horn like you have something to prove.

    The fact that you declared people in Iraq were exchanging at $3.91 and declared it AS FACT is quite telling. How is it telling, you ask? Well, if we are months away from exchanging due to security, yet there is a rate of $3.91 in which some are exchanging, then you don’t have any REAL intel and are no different than those you are constantly bashing.

    If security were an issue, then no one would have exchanged yet! No one.

    If you really had a inside contact at the CBI, you would be relaying what your hearing from inside the CBI on a weekly basis. The fact that you don’t mention your most important source of information, suggests you really DON’T have a contact inside the CBI.

    The FACT that you don’t talk about the bigger picture involving the BIS relationship with the CBI, or the new multi-lateral international monetary system, or the new SDR international currency that has already been announced by the IMF tells me your a fraud.

    No wonder you need to bash everyone who isn’t the great Mnt. Goat. It’s almost as if your only source of intel is what you read in the various Iraq newspapers. We don’t need another Millionday!

    I agree with the previous reply who asked, Is this a cry for attention!

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