UU3275 – “Time To Get Real” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Once again we experienced a warm spring-like week in Bavaria. The winds of March have really come on strong but the long awaited April showers and then May flowers are almost upon us. I learn to stay patient since I know most good things come in time.

There is a breath of concern that I simply must express once again to my fine dinarian holder family. I do not like bringing this news but I feel compelled to telling the truth. I could come to you today and write that is it going to RV this weekend or tomorrow. But would this honestly be the truth? Would you like it better if I pumped you up with lies? In the near future you would only know the truth anyhow since it would not in fact RV.

I certainly do not want to downplay the importance of the timing for a revaluation of the currency for the country of Iraq and impacts on its economy. Financially and politically they have certainly been ready for this event for many months now. They literally could have RV’d any time “IF” these were their only concerns.

We have seen the new government formed and Abadi take center stage in cleaning up the corruption and reorganizing of the government, and political stability is definitely here.
We have seen the institution of all the new banking laws and the resturcturing of the banking practices.

We have seen all the mechanisms put in place so that Iraq can do business with the international banking systems.

We have seen the new tarrif laws and taxation laws and the struggle to implement without an international rate.

We have seen all sanctions lifted and finally Iraq progresses out of UN Chapter VII.

We have seen the World Trade Organization (WTO) come right out and telling us what is left for Iraq for full membership, that of needing a tradable, internationally recognized currency.

We have read article after article and listened to the news media on these events leading up this important rollout, etc..etc..yet no final international rollout happens. Why?

There is literally nothing more for them to do in the financial or political sectors that could hold up a revaluation process as far as I can see. They will always be refining banking laws and instituting better procedures on how to manage and better their growing economy, but these are not going to hold up a full international declaration of their currency at this point. So what is holding back this announcement?

How many times must I tell you? It’s all now about SECURITY, SECURITY and SECURITY !

Did I say it was about SECURITY! Are you listening?

I will say it again in other terms – The financial or political sectors are not now the major concern of the CBI and Iraqi government in delaying the international rollout of their currency. It is now the security and the stabilization of the country that is the under laying factor. With all the internal fighting going on, we often sit and watch and wonder – When will it all end?

So when will it all end? The government of Iraq itself has stated (I do not quote): that it could be as late as early summer before Iraq gets rid of ISIS and DAASH. Early summer is sometime in mid June…..right?

But does ISIS and DAASH have to be totally gone or just under manageable control?

We all certainly hope it is just bringing the terrorist Islamic State under control but I am hearing this is not now the case. But we down play this decision by the Iraqi government and CBI and keep telling ourselves this is not the case but in fact it is. So we make up stories or exaggerate the articles and events in our favor of trying to prove an earlier date. But the fact of the matter is we may just have to prolong our wait till this time June frame. I am not trying to weave a yarn but maybe I should since many in the investments so desperately need this RV so they make up stories. You can tell all the stories you want and fight with me on this issue of timing but the proof is in the pudding…..still not RV ! Why – could if be SECURITY?

Yes – we can get on these conference calls and listen to the nonsense that the RV is going to happen any day / everyday / every weekend. But as the weeks and months roll on and nothing ever happens. So I warn you once again to be realistic, relax. Put your dinar and other currencies in a shoebox somewhere safe, then get on with your lives and enjoy the season of spring. Settle back since there is a strong possibility it could take many more months.

In all good conscious I also have to say the situation in Iraq is very dynamic and could in fact turn around on a dime. ISIS could decide they have had enough and simply want a truce and begin pulling out back to Syria and leave Iraq. I doubt it. Iran too could decide this is simply not the time to pursue more avenues with Iraq and also pull out their forces. But I doubt it.

We must try to understand the mentality of a middle eastern person is much, much different than us. They are very religious people. The live in a desert. They are reliant on the rest of the world for most of their goods and services. Iraq is fortunate it has a very good agricultural base and can produce enormous amounts of food. With all the recent past wars families are desperate. Their economy and structure has been torn apart. They have been lied to by everyone. Who can they trust?

I am convinced that if these terrorists militias and organizations would just leave them alone they could sort it all out and with a little help and inspiration from an honest government they could share the oil wealth and they could prosper beyond our imagination. I always tend to look at what could be possible and I know there is always HOPE.

The good news is June is not really that far off but it could be 2-3 months before we see any chance of any real substantial movement at all in the value of the IQD currency.

This is not just my opinion but now seems to be the direction Iraq is now taking. I am hearing sentiments of ridding Iraq now entirely of ISIS and DAASH forces. This could take many more months. This is not rumor or conjecture any longer but fact and communicated to me from the government.

I could write my news letters and flat our lie to you and keep you on edge with each letter. But I am a realist and I would not want to put any of you fine dinarians through this constant weekly drama. I simply respect you too much to put you through this stress and anxiety. So I hope you will all understand?

But what about cleaning out these Iranian militias? Will they be the next hurdle once ISIS is gone? Could this cause yet a further delay beyond June? We will have to wait and watch what happens.

Will the USA ever get fully engaged with ground troops in the middle east again. We know as long as Assad is still in charge of Syria it will continue to be breading grounds for terrorists and they will never have peace. Iran too is not much different and it will also have to be neutralized. These are all task at hand and the USA can no longer look the other way. Diplomacy does not seem to work and these countries have been given ample time to tote the line of peace but refuse to give up any power, at any cost.

You might want to read my news letter from 3/24 (LINK) if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today.

Today’s News

Today is Monday March 30th and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV. Are you surprised?

However last week was a fantastic week for information and Iraq is moving forward in great strides.

Pending Needed Legislation

National Guard Law- As we all know parliament completed the first reading of the draft law of the National Guard last week and we looked forward to a second reading as soon as possible. We were told it might happen in yesterdays parliamentary session on Saturday. I was told it did not happen and the needed revisions were not yet ready for a second reading. So it was postponed. I anticipate maybe next week?

Accountability & Justice -On Saturday parliament did conduct its first reading of the draft Accountability and Justice Law, and the prohibition of the Baath Party Law. (Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability). (Article 22). This was wonderful news and could not come at a better time. It tells me that Amnesty law is just around the corner. They will desperately need Amnesty to fill the ranks of the National Guard units with this former leaders, now locked up.

As I mentioned in previous news letters, that it would be difficult to free all those 100,000+ Iraqi prisoners, since many need due process of the law with a fair and honest court system. Well – the Accountability and Justice law is shaking up the current corrupt justice system and making it possible for this to soon happen.

We also don’t want to lose sight of the fate of the former prime minister Nori Al-Maliki, in his charges of corruption and treason. His day too will come in court, probably to be initiated by an international tribunal but proceedings will occur in Iraq courts. The timing for this is delicate but it too is on the horizon.

Amnesty Law – Still no news on the Amnesty law. As far as I know it has not even has its first reading. I believe this law will follow very closely on the heals of the National Guard law once it is completed in parliament.

I am not hearing it will take months to complete and implement this legislation but then again I could have said this months ago yet here we still sit waiting.

These laws I mentioned above are greatly needed to support the security measures now being undertaken and also are part of the 2014 Reconciliation Effort. Remember the list of reforms I presented to you months ago? Go back to my earlier posts and read them.

Well do you remember I said these laws will effect any revaluation effort. At that time I took lots of heat for that statement and I once again stick to my guns on these laws. You don’t have to agree with me but we shall see who is presenting hype or facts later….won’t we?

Do they really need this legislation?
In light of all that I have told you in my last news letters and included in this one how can anyone possible believe they do not now need these laws? These laws are the groundwork, the foundation of a higher state of SECURITY and readiness to fight enemies of Iraq. It is also the basis for the de-centralization effort.

If they had implemented these laws in 2008, as they were supposed to do under the Maliki administration, ISIS and Iranian militias would never have had much influence in Iraq and we just might have all been to the bank already long before now. Do you now understand?

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