UU4051 – “Still looking for the GREEN” by Mnt Goat

UU4051 – “Still looking for the GREEN” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Let us review what has happened these last couple days and see if there is still a possible window of opportunity for the RV this coming week. I will also attempt to answer many of the questions emailed to me.

You might want to read my news letter from 3/14 (LINK) if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today.

To all you Irish I say a Happy St Patrick’s Day and no we do not drink green beir in Germany today! …lol…

Today’s News

Today is Tuesday March 17th and yes there is still no Iraq currency reinstatement announced to the world. Why?
What we do know for a fact is that Iraq, the IMF and the USA has all agreed that the Iraqi citizens will benefit first from any currency reform. The was at the request of Iraq.

Once Iraq is convinced that the in-country of Iraq can handle the revalued currency and new rate they will turn the attention to releasing it to the rest of the world. There are other aspects to this too but I am not at liberty to comment on them.

There are a lot of aspects to this statement I just made above. It is not as straight forward as you may believe. It is also very subjective. All we can do is look at the progress of the in-country rollout, the progress with fighting ISIS and the parliamentary progress in the needed laws to support the budget.

Fighting ISIS / DAASH
Big news today from Iraq is on USA led coalition fighting DASH. The United States threatened to halt cooperation with Iraq in the field of counter-terrorism. Iraqi officials are shocked at the attitudes of the United States in the efforts in the fight against terrorism. Actually this news should not be a shocker to anyone since the USA has been very open about objecting to fighting in coordination with Iranian forces (felt is a major safe haven source of terrorism in the middle east). They also do not want to support the private militias. Sadly these two entities are in fact needed to counter ISIS. The USA is attempting to work with Iraq on plans to mop these entities up once ISIS is gone.

I need also to explain the truth about terrorists in Iraq and I feel everyone should know. In the process I hope you will begin to see why the USA is reacting to the way ISIS and DAASH are being fought.

DAASH and ISIS are inventions of the USA CIA. The CIA organized and trained their leaders. Initially the CIA funded the organization. This effort began years ago and was intended to work with terrorist groups in Syria to overthrow president Assad. Like so many terrorist organizations invented by the CIA, they eventually defect to begin their own operations. Many of these so called terrorist groups intentionally sucker the CIA to fund then, knowing their full intent later is to defect. This has been the problem with these terrorist groups all along. They seem to be a double edged sword for the USA.

Former PM Nori Al- Makiki was working in conjunction with DAASH all along since he has first hand knowledge of the setup by the CIA when he was in office of PM. We have all heard about his plot to overtake the Iraqi government during the 2014 election by Maliki. History speaks for itself and we all know how DAASH then infiltrated into Iraq. ISIS was never intended for Iraq but when the opportunity presented itself by Maliki to them it was irresistible. So far they have created havoc and destruction, murdered countless civilians and robbed every bank they can along the way.

Besides ISIS there is also long standing militia groups at the beckoning call of Nori Al-Maliki. They will continue as long as he is in Iraq. These groups work with his security forces to accomplish secretly his dirty work. Then there are the corrupt military and security forces of Iraq. So you have to see this entire picture of what is happening in Iraq as the fighting continues. The only way this fighting will end is for the government to take a hard stance on not supporting it. It then must weed out the old thorny shrubs that keep irritating the citizens and setting back any real efforts for peace.

I just mentioned all this to you now in this news letter so you can get the BIG picture about the causes of the fighting in Iraq. Sectarianism alone is not the cause of the fighting in Iraq, as has been blamed and many in the west believe. If you notice the citizens are always made to take the blunt of the blame for anything that goes wrong, even though it is hard core instigations by the governments. This is always the easy way out. This way the citizens then feel guilty about blaming the government since they feel it was really their own fault. But it is just not reality.

Actually I am hearing nothing but very positive news about a forthcoming reinstatement and I am told to wait just a little bit longer and we will get our pretty green presents….lol… I do not mean presents for St Patrick’s day either but the other green kind of stuff…lol…

I believe they are slowly rolling out the currency reform providence by providence and town by town. I have confirmed this many times since my last post. It is really happening ! I am told soon the pace will quicken but all provinces do not have to be completed prior to a formal announcement.

I reaffirm to you now that the CBI is in total control over the reinstatement but it is also working closely with the GOI cabinet finance ministry and thus the finance ministries in each of the individual provinces to coordinate. Remember they are now under the provisions of the Erbil 2009-10 Power Sharing Agreements.

I will reemphasize what I said in my last news letter – ISIS is giving them a little scare and they need to go slow to ensure ISIS does not get any of the newer denomination (raid the banks) or benefit in any way from it. In the past they stopped delivery of the newer currency to the banks in the towns ISIS still occupied or had a liability of being occupied. As ISIS is cleared we are now seeing these banks receiving the money and the rollout has begun. There are still many more towns to go.

Just how far does the CBI plan to go prior to making the international announcement? This knowledge no one knows for sure and we just have to wait and see. On the other hand we know it is close since they planned to make the announcement many times in the past week already and delayed it in the hopes of making yet more progress. So this is dynamic and they change their plans often.

So out popped this article today – (Iraq is practically telling us their strategy and it seems we will have to wait till all of ISIS is gone since the economic reforms are a second priority)

“Baghdad (IraqiNews.com)-A source from the Prime Minister Office revealed that the PM Haider Al-Abadi is preparing for economic reformation and simultaneously supervising the Command of Security Operations directly to liberate all the towns of Iraq which are invaded by the terrorists of the ISIS.

The source told IraqiNews.com that AL-Abadi is now stepping some steps, the first one is to liberate the invaded towns by the ISIS, then rebuild them and getting the families back their home, the second one is putting a strategic economic plans to improve the difficult life of the people through activating the private sector, the governmental companies, the agricultural field, benefiting from the livestock resource and other investment projects, the last one is the reformation in the governmental institutions and buildings through facing the corruption and introducing the best service to the citizens.”

So now we know their direction !

Needed New Laws
Are there still more needed laws prior to any revaluation?

Yes and this is why I am saying yes-

1) ISIS is the reason why I believe that many parliament officials are demanding that they first get
the funding for security to the provinces, as stated in the National Guard bill. This bill is not yet
passed but is expected to be done this week. They can not disperse any funds out of the budget
for this bill until the bill is legalized. As I said before they kind of put the cart before the horse in passing the
budget bill so early. But it was out of necessity and it confused the hell out of all of us.

I have asked myself why they are waiting so long to pass the National Guard bill. I believe they do not want any newly purchased equipment to get in the hands of ISIS or DASH. So they are forcing the provinces to simply wait until ISIS or threat of ISIS is cleaned out. They are doing this by now funding the equipment and supplies until the GOI is ready.

Remember laws are not legal until they pass in parliament and are ratified by the president. How can they legally spend money if the reason it is allocated is not yet legalized?

So yes there are still bills needed in order to get the reinstatement out to the general public and us investors (the international community). This is a PRESSURE TACTIC being used by many members of the representatives in parliament who support more security in their provinces. There are also two other laws too that need to be addressed and are very important.

2) The USA, UN and many international organizations want the jails cleaned out of innocent people. This
law has now become a sore spot for Iraq. The amnesty bill will do this. This is part of the agreed upon effort to de-secularize the country. Also there are some changes made to the original bill that wake up many of the politicians since it is a wake up call for any dubious would be doers of future corruption
and mismanagement of government funds. Abadi has ensured that much of the protection to politicians is GONE. The rules have changed. Why should you be protected from going to jail when committing political corruption just because you are in a high level position? This was the cry of many of the reformers and simply had to be agreed upon to go forward with the formation of this new Abadi government. Now they need to enforce it by passing the law.

3) The Judicial Reform bill is also on the plate and many say it is also needed to coincide with the Amnesty bill.
How can you review these prisoners judicially without a fair and honest court system? Most of these prisoners
have been falsely accused of crimes and need to have due-process according to their constitution. The USA is
also forcing this issue. I am hearing this too can and may hold up the reinstatement from going international.

I believe that we could see all of some of these bills passed in parliament this week.
Pending Tariffs
Major pressure to implement the tariffs. These were supposed to be fully operational by Jan 2014 and are delayed over and over again since. These tariff payment systems need to have fully operational links to the global exchanges (thus need international recognition of Iraqi currency). Article just reported that over 20 billion (yes – billion ) of annual revenues are lost each year the tariffs are not implemented. Remember too the UN gets a chuck of these revenues along side Iraq.

New Taxes In Iraq
Faced the process of the Iraqi government to impose taxes on citizens to cover the deficit in the federal budget for 2015 criticized the vast popularity, amid calls for the legislation of laws that will promote economic reality in the country. Citizens of the capital Baghdad and saw that “the imposition of the tax would be a” failure “, and that it was” unfair “to bear the ordinary citizen wrong fiscal policies led to a deficit in the current financial situation, considering that it would be as a” war imposed “on them. It is noteworthy that the federal budget for the year 2015 Act provides for the imposition of tax on the consumer.

This could get very hairy if something is not done soon to complete the currency reforms, throughout the entire Iraq. If these new taxes are implemented they surely will be passed along to the citizens in the cost of goods sold. The good news (if any) is that recent articles are now telling us that a big fight is raging (maybe more street protesting) if no currency reforms with taxation. This is the last thing Iraq needs. The urgency in the news articles are also telling me they are now planning to begin imposing the new taxes soon. This many feel can not be done without currency reform completion. So it is all very near.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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