UU4069 – “ Could this be our week? ” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Let us review what has happened this last past period and see if there is a possible window of opportunity for the RV this coming week.

Today’s News

Today is already Saturday March 14th and yes another week has passed and still no RV. Why?
What we do know is we are still now witnessing extreme pressure from many parliamentary members to complete the currency reforms. The Iraqi news media is telling the citizens that it has been completed already yet in Europe and in the West we still get news of it’s near completion. This is very weird. Did you pick up on this too?

I heard that Iraq has changed strategy on how they will roll out the RV. Actually the strategy has never wavered but the GOI would have liked to have popped this out already and so they have been forced to follow the lead by the CBI.

This caused confusion in mixed messages from Iraq at times and many think it is in the hands of the GOI. The truth is this current slow, methodical rollout is in the hands of the CBI. They are in the driver’s seat.

This past week we have read many articles from the CBI telling us that some of the provinces are now receiving funding from the budget. Oh wait a second….some intel gurus tell us this can not possibly be true and the budget is not yet opened?

How can this be if they are in fact funding some provinces already? I tell you the budget is opened but the cash flow spigot is very limited. Only selected provinces are receiving funds if deemed safe from ISIS.

So a couple weeks ago we all noted the delivery of the new denominations to some of the provinces. I talked about this too in my news letters. This effort was halted due to ISIS occupation in some provinces. Now, as these towns in the provinces are liberated, the delivery once again continues.

The next step is for the individual providence to push out the lower denominations when needed from the banks to make transactions for reconstruction. What rate do they use?

Some are using the $3.91 rate already. If you are reading this news letter today and you dispute what I am saying, fine for you, since you have a right to your own opinion.

But I am telling you they are using the new rate already in many of the provinces as they slowly reach each province in a schedule. This is fact and not my opinion!

It appears to me ( I could wrong) that this rollout schedule is very dynamic and was first started with Kurdistan and then the other major cities free of ISIS. Then as they are liberated the others follow.

The big million dollar question is this – So to what extent must they do this prior to the major announcement we all wait for? Just how many provinces must first be cleared?

I am told by my CBI sources they have decided to wait to see if they can clear all of ISIS out of Iraq first or at least gauge a decision on a cutoff timeframe based on progress as of a certain date. I do not know this date and I think they do not even know how far they will go, as of yet.

I am telling you I do not know. This plan is dynamic and depends now solely on the progress in clearing the towns of ISIS and DASH occupation. Remember back in June 2014 when some “intel gurus” were very quick to tell you that ISIS did not matter? How ridiculous!

They even bashed me for telling you it was a major concern of security breech and would delay and greatly impact the revaluation rollout process.

I just need you to mentally note these things since some of these gurus are quoted as “never wrong” by there little bands of bashing followers….lol…I hope they too are reading this news letter and can learn now the truth.

We know for a fact the Qi cards (for social benefits and retirement pay to Iraqi citizens) are loaded with a new rate but can’t be used as of yet. It was announced in Iraq on Friday these cards would be activated in the next few days. The people are anxious and want their money. Will they activate them?

It seems Iraq is capable of anything these days and always seem to skirt around and circumvent the final and full announcement of the reinstatement of their currency. So I no longer bet on anything. Anything is possible.
I do not like to tie down the reinstatement announcement to any single event. This has been proven to be the wrong approach countless of times already as we can only guess at most.

But personally I will say this – These Qi cards can be used (meant to be used) internationally by many sources such as students studying abroad, retirees living outside Iraq, contractors, etc…

We know the mechanisms are all in place to allow these cards to be used internationally but how can they translate the Iraq dinar rate to the country of origin rate (example IQD to USD) if they are not hooked into live currency exchanges to get the current rates of the country they live in.

Remember rates are very dynamic and can change suddenly and frequently throughout the day and the market drives them. You see it is a simple matter of being able to convert from dinars to another countries currency on a real-time basis. This they now can not do.

So here is the really good news. We are being told that this capability of the Qi cards will be turned on during Sunday March 15th . I fully hope this will happen.

How far must the security issue be addressed prior to the final rollout of the RV?

I am also told they need the Amnesty law passed along with the funding law for the National Guard (part of the power sharing agreement). Both these laws are up for final vote next week.

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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