UU4092 – “Spring is Time for Change” by Mnt Goat

UU4092 – “Spring is Time for Change” by Mnt Goat

Guter Tag,

Spring is here as Bavaria gets its first dose of warmer weather this past week. Snow begins to melt and I look forward to climbing the mountains and enjoying those long hikes and scenic views once again.

This year is a bit different though as my young girls are growing fast and they too now anticipate and tell me how they look forward to those warm summer days of hiking around the Alps with me.

This delights my heart and I secretly cried for joy as I know this will be a life long connection and passion for them too as it has been for me.

Once again it is coming of time to begin planning for our village maypole (or Maibaum) celebration. This is Mein Hubby’s main job now to organize. This celebration comes on 1st May in Bavaria and is a day for the local folklore group and schuhplatters to dress in their finest costumes.
We gather all the villagers together to celebrate this important annual occasion. Our village maypole is uniquely decorated with ribbons, wreaths or signs denoting our present and past local craftsmen’s guilds.

Soon it is time for the brass band to tune up and accompany the dancers well into the night. We have a small local brewery in our village and they brew a lovely traditional dark “Maibock“ beer especially for the occasion.

Our village has a club known as the “Burschenverein” that is akin to Young Future Farmer’s associations in USA?

Long before the 1st May the young men of the Burschenverein go out to the woods to choose a tall straight pine tree that is then felled and hidden away for safe keeping.

Our village does not cut a fresh tree each year, but will renew the maypole only every five years. But Burschenverein is responsible for keeping our recent pole fresh and clean so this is a chore for taking it down to do.

This will happen in these coming weeks. So when we then walk past the platz and see no standing pole we all know spring fest is near and anticipate the early May celebration.

Many ask me why do I tell of these celebrations from this country? First I share in my news letters to friends from northern Germany where they do not celebrate the same, as you see not all of Germany is the same and Bavarians are different.

Next I share with all you dinariams friends from Europe and USA as these are special days in our family and we do not take life for granted. Also there is so much fun and gifts we have in life, simple fun and gifts but you only have to reach out and take them for they are yours.

We do not need high-tech and complicated lives, electronic games, arcades, texting and smart cell phones to enjoy the blessing God has bestowed upon us on this earth. The blessings are for God’s to give to us not these corporate giants.

So let us all settle down, relax and review what has happened this last week. Maybe we can clear up some confusion once again coming out of the “peanut gallery”.

Can we still see a possible window of opportunity for the RV this coming week? I will also attempt to answer many of the questions emailed to me.

You might want to read my news letter from 3/17 if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today.

Today’s News

Today is Saturday March 21th and yes there is still no Iraq currency reinstatement announced to the world. But to all HAPPY SPRING anyhow for I believe that as sure as the snow is slowly melting in Bavaria this currency rollout is occurring before our eyes in Iraq…..lol….lol…..

Did mnt goat say the RV rollout has begun?

Yes I did and this should not be new news to you since I did talk about this in my last news letter. So once again in this news letter I am telling you this slow roll out continues. The major obstacle is ISIS as it is slowing down the rollout more than was in the original plan. But be assured it is occurring.

Some very ignorant dinarians (and I do not use this term lightly) are still writing posts and talking about the IQD rate coming out at the provisional or program rate (around 1166). This is of course foolish and I would have hoped by now at least my readers would know better?

Do we all understand why it could not possible come out on the international exchanges (and this is what we are concerned about) at this very low rate?

I will use a very simple, almost infantile explanation. I hope now you will understand since this seems to be the only one some of you can understand. First we know for a fact that Iraq is already paying out on Qi cards the adjusted rate of $3.91. This is a converted rate from their 1166 program rate to USD.

I always talk in terms of USD conversion since this is still the underlying basis for all currency values like it or not. Also many of you readers are based in USA and will be converted to USD on exchange.

Second if the rate was to come out so low, do you not think the hedge funds and money managers would come in and gobble up trillions worth literally within hours? Of course they would and drive up the value very quickly in doing so.

But where is the initial advantages to the CBI in doing so? Where is your common sense? Iraq would literally have given away their treasures for less than a penny on the dollar.

Like selling a Bently for the price of an old Ford Escort then realizing late it was worth more. Do you understand? This is just not reality!

There are those that fuss and say…but the IMF announced that the IQD will come out par with the USD.

No –this is not what the IMF said. What the IMF said is the IQD would come out at least equal to the value of $1.00 USD. This was referring to what I said above in that they gauge all currencies using the USD as the baseline. The IMF needed a stable currency. They would not RV until it could be valued at least to $1.00. This is all they were saying.

Then in being questioned by the news media in 2010, Dr Shabibi even said the dinar could sustain a value up to $16.00. Why would he say announce this to the world if he intended to come out with initial value of 1166 or 40 cents or even $1.00 ?

Can we please put this one to rest ? The rate upon going international is going to be way over $3.00 ($3.91+).

More news this week

Once again this past Thursday out pops an article telling us that “Iraq’s Kurdistan region receives “dues” budget long-awaited Baghdad KRG received in the semi-autonomous northern Iraq, $ 420 million of the budget dues of Baghdad “.

Remember this is a translation form Arabic to English.

So what is this money? I thought we just read in the news last week that Kurdistan was all paid up on any money owed for back payments on oil revenue?

Yes – they were paid but the oil spigot is open and they are producing in upwards of almost twice what they are announcing in the news. I know this for a fact and it is not hard to know since in Kurdistan it is public information. Iraq is floating in oil and floating in revenues. They are RICH !

There is no debt, no deficit ! This money now recently paid was for the 17% due (as it simply says in article “due”) which means “due” for payment on HCL agreement.

These articles will continue as they keep pumping and selling the oil. This is all terrific news and confirms to us once again that HCL is in fact implemented and underway.

The GOI is no longer holding back the revenues or limited payments to 10% or less as in the past under the Maliki administration.

Remember when Kurdistan in the past even shut off the pumps and then diverted oil pipeline to Turkey to avoid Baghdad and control their oil? This aggression towards Baghdad is over and relations have normalized.
So why do they keep telling us this in the news (about a deficit)?

This is simply a diversion tactic being used. The GOI is pretending to the international community that they must go out a borrow funds to meet their budget, as outlined. This simply is not true as they are presenting it.

Yes they do have a liquidity issue in the local banks. This issue stems from the lack of confidence in the banks and the reluctance of the citizens to deposit their funds in them. Do you know how banking works and why banks are important to any successful economy?

Banks are important because they take long term deposits and invest the money.

Some of the investment proceeds go back to the depositor (minimal amount) and some goes towards lending to new investors and entrepreneurs.

The depositors gets a place to park his money and keep it safe, the bank get the funds to help fund a growing economy.

This is what the CBI has meant all along when they claim lack of liquidity in the banks, meaning lack of these deposits to meet the minimum amounts of funds a bank must hold to meet the banking requirements to even be a bank. This forces the banks to market and go out and chase would-be depositors.

So this week out pops yet again another article about the finance committee and its constant concerns about the citizens and their mistrust with the banks-

“Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday that the task of maintaining the citizens’ deposits in banks are especially civil CBI functions, noting that bound to support banks in Iraq Committee”.

Said committee member Najiba Najib for “tomorrow Press”, “Some people today are reluctant to deposit their money in banks, whether civil or government due to lack of confidence in them, because of a past event or happening right now in a number of banks, which have affected the reputation of other banks, but this does not mean The banking cabin in Iraq is good or untrustworthy,

“pointing out that” a large number of Iraqi private banks participated effectively in building Iraq’s economy and supported the development plans. ”

She added that “instill confidence among citizens about Iraqi banks as well as for maintaining the financial deposits are from the central bank, which today is trying to push bank deposit protection law to the Council of Ministers tasks and then to the House of Representatives for the legislation,

as well as that of his mission is to monitor banks and ways of dealing with customers depositors a task imposed upon to preserve the depositors’ money. ”

Why this article now once again?

As I said they have begun to rollout the new rate of $3.91 to the provinces but not yet to the international arena. All the mechanisms to do so are implemented, even the banks have the new rates and are live (but you need exchange codes to conduct transactions)

but until the new rates flow to the international money markets and exchanges, the money spigot is not yet opened entirely to the rest of the world. This is what we need. Do you understand?

So they (meaning the finance committee of Iraq) knows Iraqi citizens are now getting paid just by the fact that they are once again publishing this article. This article is telling us they want the citizens to take their new wealth and put it in the bank. They know it is needed to grow the economy. This is all good news to us.
Fighting ISIS / DAASH

So we have heard repeatedly that the news from Iraq is 1-2 weeks old before it reaches the outside world. Why are they doing this? I can assure you they ARE doing this intentionally. We have already seen CNN and FOX news broadcast reports that I know for a fact are at least a week old.

They are doing this delayed news to confuse. But confuse who?

We know we are confused but this is not about us so much as the terrorists. They need to keep intelligence out of the hands of the terrorists and limit any news to them.

The CIA has learned they were using the news media as a means to learn about successes and failures. Remember many of these regions in fighting ISIS have internet and cell phone blackouts.

Have you heard about these so called blackouts? Ha Ha many are telling you and referencing a pending RV as the reason for them. How ridiculous. Just another bunch of junk they peddle!

These ISIS terrorists do not have sophisticated channels of radio communication or networks, unlike the coalition forces who have organized, modern warfare capabilities.

If you were in any of the armed forces branches you too know that communications on the battlefield is essential in coordinating attacks and reporting successes and failures. Commanders need constant up to date situational reports to adjust forces and re-supply.

So in electronic warfare, armies of the developed combined forces can blackout all use of electronic devices and even satellite TV in any designated area desired. It is a very simple thing to do.

So we get the news when it is old and does not make a difference any longer either way. Understand why and how they are doing this in Iraq?

To summarize – in these ISIS reports they are much farther ahead in the efforts in Turick and are now moving on Bosul as the forces are shifting in this area. Anbar is almost entirely secure but they still see very small pockets of outbreaks, which they deal with as needed.

Remember there is going to be occasional incidents and you will hear about them in the news, just as you hear about murders and incidents in your own country.

Turkey as decided to commit forces to the fighting and is sending 100,000+ trained and heavily armed soldiers to the area. We all should know now what vested interest Turkey has in doing so besides showing good faith to Iraq.

So we can see now that in the coming month if not maybe weeks ISIS may very well be just sore spot and no longer a major threat in Iraq.

I believe too if (just if) they continue in their efforts to implement the National Guard and man these units with experienced leadership, as they are released from the prisons (– thus the need for the Amnesty law),

and then continue to pop out the new denominations and payments on the Qi cards on a regular, routine manner to the people, the people will have more money and lessen the defectors to ISIS, who see this terrorist group as the means to the end.

Remember many Sunni citizens still believe that Sheites are all no good and do not entirely believe Abadi (a Sheite) in what he says.

The proof simply will have to come not in what is being told in words by the GOI in the mosques and news but instead what is being done in actions and deeds. They are not witnessing the actions and deeds but slowly.

Needed New Laws

Are there still more needed laws prior to any revaluation?

Once again I am sticking to my guns on this and saying Yes, Yes and Yes. We have not heard any news about the passing of the National Guard and Amnesty Laws this past week like we were told might happen.

I still am hearing these laws are needed prior to getting off the “program” rate of the IQD entirely. I am still researching on the status of these new laws.

We were told they would come up for a final vote in parliament this past week. My gut feeling is that they are done completely and they are holding back the news from us but I can not as of yet confirm it. We will probably know more next week.

I tried to explain to you in my above scenario for creating more peace in Iraq and discounting ISIS in the future and how this is all related to these two new very important, much needed laws.

Passing these new laws is all connected and related to the speed and progress of the RV rollout in the provinces. We will not see any exchanges outside of Iraq until this is completed and the security of Iraq is maintained. They is not some “single” event that is going to get our RV.

All events now happening are interrelated and very dynamic. The situation can change suddenly and we hope the trend will continue towards more stabilization.

I can not over emphasize this interconnectivity enough !

Dropping Oil Prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called for a single currency with the Kremlin’s closest ex-Soviet allies despite fraying ties in the region which is struggling with the fallout from Moscow’s economic crisis.

“We think the time has come to discuss opportunities to form a potential currency union,” Putin said at a meeting with his Kazakh and Belarusian counterparts in Kazakhtan’s capital Astana.

My interpretation of this recent move by Putin is to urge closer integration for his Eurasian Economic Union — which also includes Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Moscow is now scrambling to limit the damage from Western sanctions over Ukraine and tumbling oil prices. What impact does this have on the Iraq RV?

It has plenty impact since the western influence is attempting to tie Russian hands from interfering in what is about to happen in Syria. They are basically showing Russia who is really in control of the world’s economies.

Remember way, way back maybe years ago I tried to explain to you that there is an overall plan for western domination in the Middle East. It is a grand plan, well thought out and being implemented.

It is not solely about freedom for the Iraq people (or Syrians too) but about controlling the resources and you do this by controlling the political aspects. As we all should know Russia had long standing ties to Syria and Iran.

Who controls the oil controls power and influence over the world!

So spanking Russia on the behind with sinking oil prices…lol….now is going to pay off big. When the time comes for the west to try to exert more influence in Syria it will be best for Russia to go along with the fight against Assad’s army. The Ukraine sanctions and drop in oil prices are not just coincidental.
Constant Parties in Iraq?

I need to clarify something that has caused much confusion. I get hundreds of emails asking me why Iraq is always having these celebrations for the RV, yet we never see the RV announced.

I will tell you this on this subject. First be very careful who is telling you this information and once again the context to which they are presenting it to you. Yes – Iraq is having celebrations now and planned for the future but they have absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do with the RV.

Sorry for these idiots who make these announcements to you in the context of the RV. Iraq has many holidays and “holly” days. They do celebrate alot. That is all it is.

So next time you hear about “planned” celebrations in the streets or ordered foods and banquets in the context of an RV just ignore it. It is nothing but hype.

They are using an once of truth once again and twisting it for their convenience to hype you up. Why they are insistent on doing this I do not know. Maybe they feel powerful and in control….lol…

I will say once again – be careful who you listen to and how they present their information. We should all listen to all sources and read the articles on our own. Try to piece it together on your own. It is not hard to do. It is just common sense. If it simply does not make any sense ignore it.

It is better to ignore a piece of information that to beat your head against the wall trying to piece it in to the puzzle and disconnect yourself entirely from what you already know to be the truth.

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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  1. Why do you feel the need to put down other Intel in every post lately! I have been following you for about a year now and used to respect you but lately I just get annoyed about your need to bash others! I do not know how many times YOU have >called> the RV…..after Maliki is gone, after HCL, after this law, it is not going past this month…ISIS will be gone this month!!!!.you name it! And lots of more incorrect info!!!! And if the RV has not happened after you “predicted” it then you do a major back crawl and come up with some “new” laws……to cover yourself…common…..these laws were always there and always needed to be approved before RV-ing!!!! So you are just like the rest of them….you just put a better coat around your info, nobody knows when this RV will be happening and defInItely not your informants, I do not care how high their rank is, they are not the people taht know ANYTHING about the RV… The people who are in “charge” of the RV will not talk to your informants period!!!! It is all based on speculation! ANd sometimes this speculation works and most of the time is does not! So stop bashing others because of your own insecurities, you will earn a lot more respect that way! Same as your”news” today – it is nothing new, we have been hearing this already through other intel, SO GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE! Thank you – had to get this of my chest! Respect others and you will be respected!

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