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Hi Everyone,

Hi all you fine dinarians! Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful day in Bavaria?

I wanted to give you all a very quick update on what is proposed to happen today in Parliament and what we should now expect for an RV in the coming days. Will we have to wait a bit longer?

Hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/05 (LINK) since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga of the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. It ties nicely into what I am about to talk about today.

Please, please, please read the entire news letter. After reading it do not mix up with what I am saying with some other guru’s news.

Today’s News
Today is Jan 7th and so why am I telling you we may have to wait longer for an RV?

First let me bring you up to date on what Iraq is telling us they plan to accomplish today.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives plans to hold its first ordinary meeting of the current legislative session this Wednesday afternoon (today) to discuss the draft federal budget law for fiscal 2015. There are also some other laws too work on. Three of these laws are relevant to our RV. Then there is the budget law of 2015.

According to a statement of the Department of Media Council, Roudao Media Network received a copy of the agenda and it includes a busy day for parliament today :
1) conduct the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the United forward Convention immunities of States and their property from the jurisdiction of the law;
2) read the first draft regulate transplant of human organs and prevent the trafficking law;
3) a second reading of the draft law amending the legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing the case No. 17 of 2005;
4) a second reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (959) for the year 1978;
5) a second reading of the draft law on ratification amended Convention Arab Cooperation Act in the field of organizing and facilitating relief operations
6) vote on a formation of a committee headed by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the membership of the Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, ministers financial planning and higher education, scientific research and transportation bill for review
7) a second reading on the draft general budget of the country for the financial year 2015 Act, and to conduct a vote,

So a couple of these bills we are watching closely. First let’s look at #7 the budget 2015 act. They had to wait so long to conduct this second reading for a couple reasons. One was the constitution mandates a time period between the first reading, second the Cabinet of Ministers along with the finance committee after the first reading was asked to shrink down the size of the deficit. This was accomplishes and we know they were successful. So let’s hope the newly sized budget will pass today.

Many members of parliament still want the budget reduced yet even more. It could get rejected for more reductions. Also I know that there is a mandated 4 day waiting period between the second reading and the voting process. That would push out the voting session to 1/11. I do not know how they are getting around this requirement but today’s schedule for parliament does say a second reading and a vote. So we will see what happens.

I want to tell you right now that even if the vote happens in parliament today and it passes there will still be no RV in Iraq and it is to be held up a bit longer. Why?

From my sources in Iraq they are telling me that there are some issues in Anbar that need to get resolved. These issues stem from proposed amnesty still to be given to 26 Iraqi generals. These are former baath party members and still have very strong ties to the Syrian baath movement. These are not very nice men. They have done dirty deeds for Saddam and continued their work under Maliki. The USA now wants them prosecuted. The coalition forces have stated they are causing decent within the Iraq Army ranks and refuse to cooperate with the decentralization process of the provinces. They only know how to operate taking orders from a dictatorial government. They could not be brought to justice while Maliki was prime minister.

The USA is still holding very strong on getting this done now with the new administration in power. They are telling me this will not be resolved until Jan 20th . So this is our new target date for the any real possibility for an RV unless they get this issue resolved sooner. But they are already telling us it will not happen any sooner.

As I explained above and listed them there are also a couple laws the USA now wants in place (or repealed) prior any RV. These laws are #1, 3, and 4. The USA is still being very picky. This is their new way now of holding back the RV. Seems they are still bent on holding this back as long as they can. Who will step in and stop this madness? I know for a fact that the Iraq GOI and CBI are both screaming for this RV to happen. We have read article after article as to why they need it so bad.

Should the USA be interfering in the business of a sovereign nation as they are now doing so with holding back there justified currency going global? Just because they hold the technical power to complete the currency RV rollout process should they continue in this manner to use it as a carrot with Iraq. Come on USA. When is enough…..enough?

I know this is sad news today but I verified it also with my USA sources and all concur.

Sorry all ! We will have to wait a bit longer for any RV of Iraq currency.

A Ray of Hope
There is a ray of hope however. Now that Dr Shabibi is back at the helm in full force in the CBI, will he convince the USA that it is not a good thing to keep postponing this RV and that these other necessary items can wait.

Also if the GOI convinces the USA that they are still willing to work with them on their requests even post RV this can make the difference?

There has been no reason why the USA should doubt and not trust this new government. It has been moving at lightening speed over these last months to get the new government established and implement (or repeal) the needed laws. Erbil is all but done and was supposed to be implemented when the new budget of 2015 is implemented. Artcle 140 too the same. Amnesty law is also adjusted.

So the USA and Iraq can’t wait forever tp get a global currency back on line. I have to keep wondering though if there is some other underlining scheming purpose as to why the USA keeps holing back the RV.

Is it for USA political reasons still? Will this go on till 2016 elections when the democrats are surely going to lose the presidential seat.

Do you think these 6 million plus dinarian holders are going to vote for this party after witnessing this mess?

Is there some huge money making scheme (yes- I mean conspiracy) going with the top officials of the USA government now in power to control this situation?

Is it because the republicans still don’t want the democrats to get credit for the RV since they orchestrated this war in Iraq and this entire effort was in fact their plan all along?
We all have to wonder and be asking ourselves these questions. There are intel providers doing calls to try to constantly pacify us dinar holders/investors. They tell us it going to happen everyday now. Are they doing this to keep us quit and shut us up?

Some Good News
On Tuesday Iraq announced to their citizens that the economic reforms would be all completed by the end of January. We have heard this time and time again from Iraq and so personally I would take this with a grain of salt. Did we not hear Dec 1st then Jan 1st already? These dates keep coming and going.

However I can’t see them going beyond January since there is so much as stake in not having a global currency. But the USA keeps stepping in and interfering in the RV process and so somehow Iraq manages and moves on to yet another target date.

Then when can we expect the RV?

I am now convinced that there is only ONE (#1) single event that can allow the RV to happen. Are you listening?

It is the release of the RV by the USA! This is it plain and simple.

There is no longer anything more for Iraq to accomplish with any legitimacy as to a reason given by the USA or any country for that mater as to why a hold up. Anything going forward, should this budget of 2015 be passed, is nothing more than a conspiracy on the part of the USA to further delay it. I have listed above some reasons as to why they may be doing this. Did I miss any reasons?

Probably our best window for an RV will be sometime after Jan 20th date. I will keep you informed on the progress of what I am hearing.

I heard Dr Shabibi is now planning a trip to the USA very soon and so maybe he plans is to do just what I proposed and convince the USA it is a good thing not to postpone the RV any longer. This is the kind of intelligent pressure we need. We should all now watch for the results of his meeting in the news media.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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