UU4408 – “You have the POWER –Take Control” by Mnt Goat

UU4408 – “You have the POWER –Take Control” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

I know in many of my news letters I keep harping that you fine dinarian readers and friends should take this intel gathering to a new level. I keep recommending you take control and stop hinging your emotions and mental wellness on every word of these so called “intel gurus”. So today I hope to given you some advice in how to read the articles and also some new news related to this ongoing RV saga.

In this news letter today I want to explain many misinterpreted articles. The information in these articles is usually very straight forward.

So when you read the articles on your own, simple close your eyes afterwards, relax and think what they are telling us. Don’t interpret, don’t guess, just take the article for its face value at first. Normally you can’t go wrong. Sometimes the Arab to English interpreter does not do such a great job and the wording could be cumbersome to understand. This is why you have to close your eyes and try to see just one main topic or item as to why they wrote the article and what they are attempting to inform the Iraqi citizen. So 9:10 times you will be correct.

How would you like to be your own intel guru?
I will congratulate some of you fine dinarians already for taking this power yourselves as you are showing much fortitude and self confidence in doing your own research and info gathering. YOUR HAVE THE POWER. You have seen it is not so hard. You fine people are the real hopium in this investment.

So I need to have many more of you promise me you will do the same and take back your own intel gathering.

Today’s News

Today is Monday April 27th. The beginning of yet another week and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV.

Will we be called to the banks to exchange this week, as some still contend will happen? NO! Not even a chance! Sorry to dash away your hopium. So what did happen recently? I will help you understand. Hope this is helpful.

The month of May is only three days away. Some have said we would never, ever make it out of April without an RV. Really? Well hello May! June is coming and is just weeks away.

I want to make it very, very, very clear to everyone right now. I am not predicting a June RV. Did you hear me correctly- I am not predicting a June RV. I am not predicting a June RV. I am not predicting a June RV.

This June timeframe is NOT a Mnt Goat timeframe! It is from al-Abadi himself and I have not seen any articles or heard of any speeches from him recently telling us otherwise. I would think something as important as this he would come to his citizens and tell them. What do you think? I will gladly shift my thinking when and if I see sound evidence and facts otherwise.

Could June come and go without an RV? It might if Iraq does not meet their plan to rid of ISIS prior to that timeframe. So what is the record for Iraq in meeting their own timeframes in the past?

What I am saying and have been saying now for months is the RV plan has changed and is now much, much bigger that for just the country of Iraq and saving the global economy (which will be a band aid anyhow at this point). What it is – is all about fighting terrorism in the middle east region of the world and making sure Iraq is secure for investors and its boarders, for tourism and investors are protected prior to any bringing back their currency online. It is also going to be a staging area for the end result which in future operations against Syria and Iran. The coalition military will need secured air bases and ways of stockpiling the buildup of equipment and supplies for this endeavor. It is that simple folks. No conspiracies, no boogie mans just that plain and simple. So when this is accomplished to the point of satisfaction of those PTB who really control it all, then we might have our first shot at an RV.

The original plan from 2006, (updated in 2009-10) has shifted when in June 2014 ISIS attacked Iraq and even the CBI does not have total control over the RV anymore. Also the spread of terrorism groups in Syria with the necessity to eliminate the power base of president Assad. Did I mention the threat of weapons of mass destruction from Iran? The CBI certainly has to agree to any RV and give the go ahead but when the time comes the ultimate decision will not be theirs to make.

I also want to reassure all my readers that there is still a sense of grave urgency from Iraq in getting the currency revalued since it is part of the economic reforms that were negotiated in order to form this new Abadi government last year. It is not about making us small time investors happy but rather about ensuring the Iraqi economy will flourish for decades and decades to come post RV. The news we are now hearing is all good and shows us they still continue to make ongoing preparations for the RV.

[Recent Reconciliation Conference]
In the last couple days Iraq has witnessed yet another one of their National Reconciliation meetings. This meeting is not new and they seem to have these often especially when a significant event has passed.

Are these meetings important? Yes –they are very significant in that they are calming the political players and giving them a report card as to where the new laws stand and all the promises made to them earlier in order for them to give their support and most importantly to continue their support for the new government. So if we do not hear anything negative come out of these conferences we are in good shape and everything is moving forward. That is what we want.

[50 and 100 Thousand Notes- some clarity]
I have to mention this CBI article today about the issuance of the new 50,000 and 100,000 dinar notes. I am doing this since it is yet another one of those articles that has been misinterpreted by many and talked about by so many intel providers.

Please go back are re-read the CBI article. Link is included below. One intel site says the 50k note and the 100k note will drop the zeros on them. They will become the NEW 50 and 100 notes. How ridiculous! Could not be more wrong!

The Iraqi government must think we are a bunch of idiots interpreting this simple article of their news so wrongly. Sorry to spend so much time on this today.

First of all the CBI clearly, clearly told us they were taking the 50 dinar notes out of circulation. They made it clear they are doing this because they are not useful and have been easily counterfeited. There is not much more to make out of this. It’s done.

As you know, in 3 days the CBI will officially EXPIRE the old 50 note (April 30, 2015). Read my lips – NO MORE 50 DINAR NOTES!

Just another one of the articles that are hyped up. Are we close to the RV? – Yes but let’s look at the facts. These 50 and 100 thousand notes are being newly issued for inter-banking and international transactions. They are needed for sales transfer of cash for very large $$ transactions and will be much needed.

In 2012 the CBI told us this straight out to us on the aftermath of their first large scale investment seminar. I am not making it up…really….lol…Remember this? So don’t you think that this was an issue with banks, companies and investment firms coming into Iraq to do business? Is this a good sign for us in looking for the RV? Yes it is but let’s make sure we get our facts straight first is all I have to say.

My Comments: Folks Sarhan said Ahmed, member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament said the Iraqi parliament to issue these two new categories of the Iraqi currency in the preparations for a future plan that includes deleted several zeros from the currency. It is all good RV news but lets get the facts straight.

I also want to throw in this article from the World Bank being that we are on the topic of monetary discipline –

BAGHDAD – Today’s News / World Bank stressed that Iraq needs more capacity to develop the management of public funds, pointing out that the team for the Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank procurement, working with the Iraqi government to address these problematic. While pointing out that according to a World Bank report in 2014 on the management of public investment spending process depends mostly at between 50% to 60% of their potential.

My Comments: This is not something that can hold back the RV, but is important enough in establishing good money management for Iraq if it is ever going to be an investment haven and control its own budget going forward. The spending issues still plaguing Iraq are of course residue from the Maliki administration. It will take some time to clean this up going forward. We will see occasional articles like this one come out. This is just in the aftermath of the storm. Nothing to do with the imminence of an RV !

Revealed a document issued by the Ministry of the Interior, for the issuance of the orders of the Ministry of Interior to prevent the travel and the arrest of a number of directors of the bank branch and a number of other customers and staff violators.

The document, which was based on the minutes of the investigative committee on infractions and financial excesses committed in the Rafidain Bank (fraternity Branch) and approved by the Ministry of Almalah.an Interior Ministry issued orders to prevent travel and arrest by the Director of Fraternity branch Hana Abdul Razak Mohammed, in addition to employees of the Commission current accounts all of Noria Muhammad Valley, and Fawzia behind Wali, and Iman Hassan Ghebr.opent document that among the most wanted employee calculator in the bank Firdaus Hashim Jabbar, and general manager of the former Rafidain Bank Dhia Habib Khyoun, and director of the clearing in the public administration of the Rafidain Bank winner Abdul Mohsen Abdul Rahim, the director of the Agricultural Bank branch farmer Abbas Hadi Salman, and Mozftan in committee clearing They both Fahima Abdullah opener, and Jinan Assi Mamed.ozkrt document the names of a number of customers fraternity bank branch and follows Ahmed Abbas, a gesture, and Bahaa Fadel Hussein, and Yassin Khudair Kata, and Saad inside, Hamid Ali Khalaf, and Kareem Abdul-Ali, the Order Jassim Mutashar, and Saad Mohammed Jabbar, and Ali Jawad Kadhim, and wholesome Jabbar Kata.

My Comments: So we all have read many articles about the corruptive practices going with the Rafidian bank in Iraq during the Maliki administration. This bank was his main source of funding. This is the main bank he used to take government appropriated funding for projects under these falsified contracts and many other of his scams. When the money dried up here he attempted to raid the CBI directly. We saw that drama play out too.

It is about time the al-Abadi government goes after these crooks. This evidence will coincide with the evidence in the files already for the cases of corruption charges against Maliki. I am sure many of these employees are going to be “singing like birds” rather then face jail time….lol….the evidence is building. It is all good.

Once again I will say that Nori al-Maliki must be out of any Iraqi government position and out of the political scene prior to any RV. I am sticking to my conviction too on this. I have heard this multiple times from the USA sources this is a mandate from them. Also in a meeting Dr Shabibi (CBI governor) has expressed his desire for this to happen as a matter of security and financial requirements.

These terrorist militias will continue to plaque Iraq as long as Maliki is present and can orchestrate them behind the scene. He has had a nice little terrorist network going on in the middle east and he has been the main source of leadership and funding. Where do you think the missing 600+ billion are gone the he has allegedly stolen? This is all about to end. Watch for it. The drama is coming soon.

This is truly when we open our bottles of champagne.

[Update on Decentralization Efforts in Iraq]

I have talked about this many times in my news letters. As we all should know by now part of the reconciliation agreement was to decentralize powers of the Baghdad national government (to avoid again any possible dictatorship) by giving each of the provinces more decision making on how their money is to be self managed and by providing security forces within the providences themselves. Part of this effort is in the National Guard law that still must have a second reading in parliament. This is being held up due to constitutional wording issues, as found in the first reading weeks ago. We wait.

The other part of decentralization is the rolling out of the minister duties to the provinces.

There will still be a centralized Baghdad council of ministers and a cabinet (these are not going away…obviously) however they will work closely with the provinces and the provincial governments to perform the actual administering to the providences. The providence then will also send delegates (or representatives) to the Federation Council that is similar to the State Senate in USA. So this is one of the last remaining pieces Iraq has to nail down to fully implement its constitution (something that is fully needed prior to any RV).

So we continue to witness the continued rollout process going forward of the new procedures to the provinces underway by the prime minister Abadi. I warn you this is not the RV rollout or the economic reforms…lol…as many intel gurus have misinterpreted Abadi is talking about.

It is simply part of the implementation of the decentralization process, as dictated in their constitution and must be accomplished. So here is the latest news on this topic.
News media in Iraq revealed the governor of Basra, Majid al-Nasrawi, will have a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Coordinating Committee Supreme for transfer of powers his province.
The most prominent issues to be discussed will include:
1) The meeting will discuss the possibility of expanding the powers of the province
2) the activation code 21 average as a successful experiment,” stressing that the central government is not serious about granting powers,
3) including the authority to grant a visa (visa) similar to the powers of Kurdistan, but they are offered exclusively From Baghdad, not from the local government.”
4) Basra wants to maintain allocation of money from the collection from the Iraqi border customs and duties

Nasrawi added that Basra is in a critical financial distress and make the management of these ports and funds at the disposal of the province in full view of the current financial situation.

To me is seems many of the provinces now desire the same full autonomy as the Kurdistan providence.

Al- Abadi is also to visit Karbala and tomorrow to discuss the transfer of the powers of ministries to it’s local government.

[Update – Fighting ISIS/DAASH]
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State militants in Iraq took partial control of a water dam and military barracks guarding it in the western Anbar province after fierce fighting through the night that continued on Saturday, security sources and witnesses said.

The Iraqi government announced a new offensive this month to recapture parts of Anbar, Iraq’s Sunni Muslim heartland, from Islamic State, in an attempt to build on an earlier victory against the group in the central city of Tikrit.

But the hardline Sunni militants struck back by attacking Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar, prompting thousands of families to flee. They also hit Baiji, Iraq’s largest refinery last week.
Late on Friday, the insurgents attacked the security perimeter at al-Thirthar dam with explosive-laden vehicles and then battled army forces in clashes that continued on Saturday, police and army sources told Reuters.
Dozens of Iraqi troops were killed in the fighting, but poor communications in the area made it difficult to confirm a precise figure, said Athal al-Fahdawi, an Anbar provincial council member. Army sources said two senior officers were among the dead.

Officials from Iraq’s defense and interior ministries could not immediately be reached for comment.

Security forces and Shi’ite paramilitaries have regained some ground in Iraq since Islamic State proclaimed a caliphate straddling the border of Syria and Iraq, but core Sunni territories such as Anbar remain under Islamic State control.

My Comments- as I have said before there two basic underlying issues for Iraq to overcome when fighting ISIS. 1) to maintain control of the cities/regions already cleared of ISIS; 2) moral and training in the Iraq army.

This news article on the retaking of the Anbar territory is yet another example of these issues. Seems when they clear out one city the terrorists simply move out to the another city and retake it. The tactics must change if we are to see any real, quick success.

[Update – Much needed Iraqi Legislation]

(Voice of Iraq) – The member of the National Forces Alliance victory Jubouri the cancellation of the House of Representatives legislative holiday for its members for the month of May with a view to the next important laws that the Council was not able to legislation during the previous sessions of the legislation. Jubouri also demanded the adoption of important laws and necessary that affect the lives of citizens and significantly affect the functioning of the political process as the law of the Federal Court and the law of parties, and the law of oil and gas in addition to the National Guard law. She said al-Jubouri in a statement to Radio tow that there is a difference in views between the political blocs on those particular laws Parties Law and the Law on the National Guard that the government program focused upon during this period, noting that there are many sessions will be held between the heads of the blocks and the competent committees to work on fueling those laws.

My Comments: Once again Iraq is pointing out to us the mandatory legislation needed for national reconciliation and are even making it a priority to get it done since the speaker is canceling the May recess to put a bit of fire under their buts. So what these laws (once again):
1) Parties law (very controversial, needs lots of debate and work)
2) National Guard law (needs lots of work)
3) Federal Court law
4) Law of Oil and Gas. This is not the HCL as many believe and get confused. It is additional legislation related to HCL but not the HCL in itself.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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