UU5509 – “It’s Monday – No RV – Surprised?” by Mnt Goat

UU5509 – “It’s Monday – No RV – Surprised?” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

I have told you repeatedly that each week the CBI and the GOI meet. In these meetings they teleconference in the UST and IMF. They talk about what would be the best time for the RV, if it was to go. Then sometimes the CBI tries to pull the trigger based on these dates. The USA Treasury Dept once again stops it with direction from the USA government. Why? I will tell you in this news letter. Hope you are listening.

This past weekend there were two possible timeframes for an RV and both where stopped in this manner. Yes – I know about these timeframes and “windows of opportunity” too. Why do they keep doing this?

Iraq is trying to get around meeting the full requirements set forth by the USA government for their country and feels they should be independent and have a right to RV anytime THEY feel capable. The situation is fluid and YES the requirements also keep changing. Not so fair for Iraq but that is the situation nonetheless they must live with.

The USA on the other hand wants Iraq to fully all their obligations no matter when imposed. The USA is standing firm. Too bad it is so dynamic! So what are these obligations? I will also tell you later in this news letter what these demands are but I think you have a notion exactly what I am talking about if you have been faithfully reading my news letters.

Instead, as I have said in my last couple news letters, settle down, relax and try to get the news yourselves. Don’t be led like sheep and then complain later when disappointment creeps upon you on Monday morning.

Today’s News

Today is Monday May 4th and all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC. It is now the month of May already and June is fast approaching.

As I have told you there is a targeted timeframe (a larger plan) for ridding Iraq of ISIS and DASSH. They themselves have told us that this is their plan in many past articles. It should be completed around early summer (mid June). It is factual and it has not changed. This plan also now includes other elements not in the original plan. It mandates that Iranian militias are gone from Iraq as well as ISIS. I will explain more on this topic of the new plan as you read more of this news letter.

This is something to stay grounded in. It is factual. It is not from some speech in the mosque or some foolish bank story.

With this new schedule we now see the battle to regain Mosul about to begin. Kurdistan has agree to assist. Special heavy weapons are engaged from the USA. Those that believe the city is already retaken you too better change your news sources.

When the battle begins you will see the news articles on this effort since it is going to be a deciding factor for Iraq with ISIS and is a huge event, larger than most even know. The battle has been delayed since Anbar continued to be thorn for them. ISIS is retaking ground already gained and it is a major problem and one they are trying to fix. If you don’t protect what you already fought for you will have to fight yet another battle all over again someday for the same territory.

[Update Much Needed Laws]
It is difficult to talk about the much needed laws without also talking about the reasons for them. You see this is the key. The real important part of this information I bring you today. So some of this may seem to get mixed but I do not know how else to present it since it is all so interconnected.

For security too as well as meeting a constitutional requirement is why they need “professional” National Guardsmen who can safeguard the provincial cities. They need these units now. This too it the problem with the National Guard law and how it got stalled after only the first reading. They needed to somehow clarify that they wanted “professional” soldiers and not haphazard militia driving these units (susceptible to takeover by terrorists). Arming more terrorists would only make the situation worst. So parliament needed some changes to the law.

Amnesty law too is still very much important because you need this military leaders experienced in running these “professional” units. Many of the good guys (leaders and everyday soldiers) are locked up and have been since the former prime minister Maliki convinced the allied forces these were all criminals since they were Baath party members.

Amnesty also will give forgiveness to many of the Baghdad army deserters from the past under the condition they fulfill their original obligation and do not desert again. You see there are literally hundreds of thousands of locked up trained soldiers that can and must be utilized in the fight against ISIS. In the past many went AWOL due to moral. They did not like what Maliki was doing and his plans to fight the Kurds. Many just joined the army to feed their families. Pay often came late and training was bad. They also did not like what they witnesses and were being asked to participate in – the brutal and inhumane treatment of civilians (their own countrymen). So they go AWOL. Can you blame them? Now that they realize the government’s policies and attitudes have changed they are willing to fight but first must be freed. So Amnesty is very important in many ways and is connected to many things.

Do you now see how you can not make a blanket statement that any of the needed laws are not needed because it is hard to disconnect the security efforts with these new laws.

They are not nice to have but very much needed. Everything is interconnected. It all is being done for a reason.

Much of it is being requested by the USA to try to sort out this mess and help Iraq. Some Iraqi leaders, however, do not want to listen and so it takes time to convince and put leverage points in place to get what must and needs to be done, in spite of their stubbornness. The RV is a leverage and pressure point along with the many other items (some I can not talk about). I have already told you about these in previous news letters. You know what Iraq needs to do. They know what they need to do.

Will they successfully negotiate with the USA? I do not think they have a choice in the matter if they ever what their currency to go international once again. It just takes time for the USA to show them they are not going to back down (thus they stop the RV).

So this past weekend we saw yet another article on the status of the reforms from Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the prime minister. Article follows.



BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) – a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi confirmed that the government continues to implement the remaining part of the government program, pointing out that the completion of 27% of the government program of the life of the government during the current period is a very good step “.

The newborn’s (IMN) said that “the coming period will witness the implementation of steps in the field of legislation concerning the amendment of the provincial law for the year 2008, and the law of political parties and amnesty, oil and gas and the distribution of wealth and financial resources, along with the remaining steps of the Committee on Government balance and revival of the private sector and institutional reform in All state institutions and the restructuring of the armed forces on a professional basis and strengthen the role of national reconciliation, towards the fight against terrorism. ”

Sabri added that “the government program is gaining importance because it is an essential part of the process of voting on the government, and therefore there is a legal commitment by the government to parliament,” explaining that “the program is composed of six axes related aspects of reform and economic rehabilitation of the military system and rebuild a new foundation for the system Foreign affairs “.

Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen al-Sadoun promised earlier, the government measures in the implementation of the political agreement document as “fruitful steps.”


Many of my readers still don’t full understand or appreciate what these demands are by the USA upon Iraq and why they are demanding them. So let me make another one of my analogies for you. Pretend this RV process is like buying a new home under a mortgage.

Since the USA has already sunk trillions into Iraq to reform it and groom it for the 21st century (never mine losing 3,400+ lives and 100,000+ injuries) plus (huge VA benefits bill for the USA), they are going to act like the banker. Iraq comes to the bank for a mortgage loan (RV). In order to get the mortgage the borrower (Iraq) must meet all the requirements for the mortgage. So what are these requirements?

In a mortgage loan they would first have to pass the initial screening for qualifications (Iraq becoming a sovereign nation), next do they have the closing costs needed in their savings or checking account (the CBI reserves)?, next they must get mortgage insurance pmi and homeowners and maybe flood insurance to protect the banks interest (security, banking laws and investment laws must be in place in Iraq)?. So when they are finally ready to sit at the table for the closing they are ready to sign and seal the deal and the bank releases the funds (thus the RV happens).

So now you tell me. Is Iraq ready for this RV event? Have they met all the bankers requirements? If not they why should the UST let the RV go? What would you do if you were the banker?

In this analogy the payoff for the bank mortgage (USA profits over the long hall) is Iraq being able to pay the mortgage plus the interest (interest is the USA profits). Can Iraq fulfill this long term agreement so the bank (USA and its corporations) can collect on these profits over the long haul of the mortgage agreement (decades to come of investment and prosperity for Iraq).This is not meant to be sinister or a conspiracy, it is reality. If you were heading the USA government what would you do? So don’t be mad or disappointed each time the RV does not go as planned.

We simply have to wait for Iraq to accomplish the tasks they need to complete the process (like getting a mortgage) such as the much needed laws and get their security situation under control.

For security – Did I say all crime and corruption must end prior to an RV? No – I did not say this. What I did say is it must get UNDER CONTROL.

Did I say all the laws must be in place? No – What I did not say is the USA is standing firm at least on those laws associated and needed for the RECONCILIATION and SECURITY effort. These laws must be passed and implemented. Again I will say (and I am screaming this soooo out load now!) all these laws must be passed and implemented. These are the 27 reforms I so affectionately talked about many, many times in past news letters. These are the National Guard la, Amnesty laws and full HCL implementation.

So what are these much needed laws? Folks they are telling us what the needed laws are! They have been doing this over and over again in these past and recent news articles. Only some of us are stubborn and do not want to listen. So today yet another one of these articles I bring to you. It is not magic or rocket science stuff. Just read the darn articles.

The HCL is the biggest misunderstood law of them all. It is not just about just approving the law by parliament and Kurds agreeing and everyone is happy. It is all about the USA seeing the IMPLEMENTATION of it. Did you get that? I said full IMPLEMNENTAITON of HCL to be successful (to fully meet the banker’s requirements).

In like getting a mortgage just because you got a quote from an insurance agent for homeowners insurance does not mean you have homeowners insurance on the home yet you are about to buy. You need to purchase it, and show proof of purchase, thus they need to pay out the HCL money to the citizens as proof it is implemented. This by Iraq we are being told will be done for the first time ever in the June thu July 2015 timeframe. So do you think we will see an RV before June-July? So come June Iraq meets this condition.

So this past week we see some of these much other needed laws explained once again by Saad al-Hadithi. The week prior Jubouri did the same then he told us parliament was going to delay their May recess in order to work on these laws. Why would he do this?

We know the National Guard law, Amnesty law, Judicial Reform bill and Investment law are all done with their second readings. Where there still issues resulting from the second readings? Parliament does not just read the law – they pick it apart, this the purpose of the reading. They take action items. Did you get that? Usually however by the second reading it is a fairly clean law but not always. Then a certain number of days must pass (to let the new law stew in the pot) before parliament can even address it again in a session to make the final vote. This is written in their constitution. We heard they planned on having the final last week. Could this be the BASKET OF LAWS we have been waiting for?

I have not heard the results yet and will let you know, hopefully this week in my news letters. When done this will then be another mandatory requirement fulfilled. Next the USA wants to see ACTION on the implementation of them. We must just wait.

It is funny now how after so many years of reading articles and watching how Iraq works, I can almost predict their next step. So if I believed an RV was imminent I would definitely know and tell you.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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