UU5515 – “More Misinformation” by Mnt Goat

UU5515 – “More Misinformation” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,
I want to wish all the warriors and patriots in the USA a happy Memorial Day. I know first hand the sacrifice to fight for duty and honor for your country is often hard. May God Bless America!

In this news letter today I give you a tentative timeframe as to when we can expect the RV. You must take off your RV hype/sensationalism-hat however to understand it. Again I am telling everyone that the CBI needs a sound level of SECURITY in Iraq to bring back the currency. The USA agrees with their decision to hold off until this SECURITY level is reached. It is now up to the CBI to determine this needed level since it is their country.

Let me say the GOI does not like this delay and will do everything in their power to circumvent the CBI in this matter. They are supposed to be working together on this event but apparently they are still at odds. Will they find a compromise?
This is the game we are now experiencing and witnessing these attempted RV rollouts by the GOI. In the long run the USA has the ultimate power to decide to complete the rollouts of the new rates to the currency exchanges and the RV can not happen without it. I am told they will NOT do it without the full support of the CBI (and not so much the GOI).

So here you have the news of today. If you are looking for a date and rate this is not the place. Go read some others guru’s news now that you read mine….lol….

Today’s News

Today is Monday May 25th and still no RV and just 6 days (less than a week till June – all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC to all you intel “gurus” who think this RV will never reach June. I guess it is better to be right only once than to be wrong every week/ everyday by calling the RV so many times needlessly. Also better to tell you honest news and not with an RV hat on.

So it’s Monday and once again we sit broken hearted. We wanted the RV but it never started….lol….

Once again I am saying I am not calling the RV for June or even July but am telling you there is no sound evidence that it can or will happen prior to this timeframe of mid June. In fact the most recent news is now telling us we may have to wait until early 2016. I have included much evidence today as to why I feel this way and so no one should ever bash and say Mnt Goat can’t back up her news with facts.

ISIS and the Iranian militias must first be dealt with. There is still much clean up to do. Abadi himself projected months ago it would take at least until early summer (late June) to complete this mission. It is not my opinion but the statement from the government of Iraq itself. I believe if he can accomplish this effort we may see an RV much sooner than later 2016.

There are also many long awaited laws that need to be implemented. Not just passed in parliament but also implemented. Some examples include the Investment law, Taxation law(s), National Guard law, Courts and Justice law, Parties law, and many others as part of the National Reconciliation effort. There are altogether 27 reforms that need to be implemented. THEY MUST ALL BE IMPLEMENTED!

So where are they in these reforms? Many are already done and being implemented already and we have already seen news about them. But many must wait since they are tied to the restructuring of the currency. A couple examples are- the Reconstruction projects need the increase in value of the currency since they have contracted with many outside sources to do the work, another one includes the first time citizen payout on the oil revenues under HCL. This will occur beginning in June and extend through July. Many other laws too we know have had a final vote but the status is still unknown at this time. Stay tuned I will try to find out.

It seems we are hearing great news on many laws going into the next parliament session for the final vote and then they never revel what happened until eventually we see them in the gazette. We are expecting a bundle of laws placed in the gazette all at once in a close proximity of timeframes when they are ready.


[Update on ISIS]
Seems one day we hear about another ISIS defeats in Anbar then the next week focus shifts to ISIS in Mosul then again yet a couple days later shifts to ISIS in Ramadi and its takeover once again. Then ISIS regain Anabar again and then they flee from Mosul then back into Mosul, then flee from Ramadi then there is a big siege plans coming to retake Ramadi. Does the news seem to have a pattern? Is it cyclic? Is it confusing?

I have been telling you all along that these same ISIS forces are limited and are moving around. They flee one city once Iraqi troops approach and then to only show up retaking yet another nearby city or a section of a city. We see this over and over again. So what is really going on here? Does this seem to make sense to you? I believe this is all being staged for some reason for the world to see.

This is now becoming a game with ISIS. I know for a fact that military tactics are such that you encircle the enemy and take them out. You don’t just keep advancing and allowing them to escape to fight yet another day. As an officer in charge of the battlefield you set up traps and ambushes if you are truly sincere is bringing down the enemy.

So how many times have ISIS escaped already only to show up in another city or retaking an oil rich region then to get kicked out and regain it again? How many times must we watch this news on TV and read about it? It is the same old stuff over and over again. Is it being staged for the world to watch?

I am not trying to weave a thread of conspiracy but I know a rat when I smell one. I was trained in this very same misinformation routine and I know when I am being lied to. So if it doesn’t make any sense….guess what? If there is a pattern ….guess what? It is probably fabricated news or allowed to take place so it can become news headlines.

I am not now saying ISIS is not real. However I am saying there is some kind of game being played with them in allowing them to escape each city instead of cracking down and eliminated them.

Maybe they feel perhaps there are too many good Sunni countrymen fighting for ISIS? Remember Abadi gave deserters until the end of May to surrender and rejoin the ranks of the Iraqi army. He then re-tracked and ended the deadline last week and then extending it back out to the end of May again. Does this all sound funny to you? What is really going on here?

So here are some recent articles that came out about the ISIS fighting. Personally I do not know which to believe anymore since they contradict each other. Thus is why I feel it is all being staged for some reason. I believe they are making it confusing for some reason. They simply do not want us to know the truth.

The last article I present is telling us that ISIS fled from Ramadi without a fight. Really?

Then why the other three followup articles about fighting ISIS in Ramadi? There should be no ISIS in Ramadi cause they fled already….right? These other first three articles where published after the fourth article came out. Very confusing! I hope you get my point.

First Article follows:

Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi confident of Ramadi recapture

24 May 2015 Last updated at 23:38 BST

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter has said the rout of Iraqi forces in the city of Ramadi showed they lacked the will to fight against Islamic State.

Mr Carter told CNN’s State of the Union the Iraqis “vastly outnumbered” the IS forces but chose to withdraw.
Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Mr Carter was “fed with the wrong information” and that Ramadi would be recaptured “within days”.

The Iraqi government has now deployed Shia militias to the area to try to halt the advance of IS.
The BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson reports.


Article Ends

Second Article Follows:

How to reclaim Iraq’s Ramadi from Islamic State
By Hayder Al-Khoei

May 18, 2015

Displaced Sunnis, who fled the violence in the city of Ramadi, arrive at the outskirts of Baghdad, April 17, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

The fall of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province, is a major defeat for the Iraqi security forces. It follows a period in which a number of strategic advances have been made by Iraqi forces elsewhere in the north and east of the war-torn country. Dreams of an offensive to defeat Islamic State in Mosul this year will now be crushed. Iraq will instead focus its resources and attention on liberating Ramadi, which lies just 60 miles to the east of Baghdad.

The complex realities on the ground will also lead to difficult choices being made on all sides of the conflict. Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s approval to send in the Shi’ite-dominated Hashid Shaabi paramilitary forces to the Sunni-dominated Anbar region will worry many, but it comes at the request of local Sunnis who are desperate to defend their areas against Islamic State. The Anbar governor, provincial council and local tribes have publically asked Baghdad to send in these paramilitary forces to support Iraq’s security forces and Sunni tribesmen.

Unlike in Tikrit, several Sunni tribes in Ramadi have already been resisting Islamic State for years now. As 3,000 Shi’ite fighters have deployed to the west of Ramadi following Abadi’s green light, 4,000 Sunni tribesmen have now been deployed in the west to prevent further Islamic State advances in Anbar. Sunni-Shi’ite military cooperation — aside from the official security forces that are themselves mixed — will be a crucial element in this campaign. Sunni tribal fighters are also officially part of the Hashid Shaabi in Anbar, so this paramilitary force is no longer exclusively Shi’ite.
U.S.-Iran relations in Iraq have also changed significantly over the years. The United States and Iran have gone from an era of undeclared but open warfare during the occupation to coordinated efforts to avoid collisions between air forces and even tacit military cooperation (with U.S. air strikes paving the way for Iranian-backed militia advances in the Salahuddin province) as Islamic State made advances across Iraq. The ongoing military campaign in Ramadi will further strengthen this trend: the U.S. ambassador today said the only condition the United States has for approving Hashid Shaabi deployment across Iraq is that they be under the command of the Iraqi security forces. In other words, the United States now accepts that they are an effective fighting force and needed on the ground, but the United States also wants to contain Iran’s growing influence.
Iraq is in a tough spot. Both the United States and Iran are strategic allies, and Baghdad needs both U.S. airpower and Iranian commanders on the ground to push back Islamic State. Getting them to publicly acknowledge each other will be impossible, but Baghdad will welcome this “condition” because it also wants to reassert its control and bring the Hashid Shaabi — which is now an official body under the office of the prime minister — under its own command.

Far from being a simple struggle for power between Sunnis and Shi’ites, both intra-Sunni and intra-Shi’ite dynamics are going to play a massive role in the failure or success of this military campaign, as well as the future of Iraq.

Sunni tribes — and even families — are bitterly split in Anbar, with kinsmen fighting with and against Islamic State. As the conflict in Ramadi develops, tribal revenge attacks will be bloody whichever way it ends.
Abadi also has hardline Shi’ites, especially elements still loyal to former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, trying to undermine him at every turn. As he balances between the United States and Iran, he has to deal with powerful militia commanders who will resist attempts of the Iraqi state to take full control over their fighters even as they deploy alongside government troops.

Second Article Ends

Third Article Begins

US General : Iraqis are preparing for a counterattack turns Ramadi status without the need for Iranians

Thursday, 21 May 2015 09:33

Shafaq News / The retired American Gen.Marc Hartlng and the military and security expert, said that the Iraqi forces do not need Iranian or Kurdish support in the battles against ISIS,
commenting on the escape scene of Iraqi forces from Ramadi, by saying that preparations are underway for a counterattack that would change the situation soon.

Hartlng, who fought in Iraq for years said in an interview with CNN, when asked about the Iraqi army in Anbar that “There is a big problem in the Iraqi army, which continues to fight for the past ten years and still without a break in those areas.”

He added “the Iraqi forces in Ramadi were facing some problems in the region for a long time, today it is receiving reinforcements and therefore we expect a counter-attack that will change the situation in the coming days.”

In response to a question about whether Anbar battles indicate the Iraqi army’s inability to achieve victories without the Iranian or Kurdish forces’ support , Hartlng said “I do not think that Iraqi forces really need more support from the Iranians and Kurds .. I have fought alongside the Iraqi army, which includes a real fighter groups, but that’s what happens when you lack the political and military support. ”
When asked about the possibility of sending US troops to Iraq , Hartlng responded saying “the decision to send troops will be subjected to ongoing assessment, which is back to the military and political leaderships, but I suspect that it may be limited to groups supported by military advisers, this might happen after increasing capabilities of Iraqi forces.


Third Article End

Fourth Article Begins

Iraqi forces fled Ramadi without a fight

WASHINGTON — Iraqi security forces fled Ramadi without putting up a fight, despite holding as much as a 10-to-1 advantage over Islamic State militants, according to two senior U.S. defense officials.
The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss key details of the battle, said the primary blame in Ramadi rested with Iraqi security forces.

In the days leading up to its fall, a combination of spectacular car bomb attacks, the ambush of an Iraq army patrol and marginal weather spooked the Iraqi forces. The trigger may have been a minor sandstorm that prompted Iraqi commanders to believe that U.S. warplanes would not be able to bomb Islamic State targets.
A phone call to U.S. officials would have cleared up that misunderstanding, one of the officials said.

Iraqi commandos, soldiers and police officers panicked when they thought they wouldn’t be protected by U.S. warplanes, one official said, and abandoned their posts. They left behind U.S.-supplied vehicles and weapons, which are now in the hands of the militants.

Report: ISIL takes Iraq town, kills Syria forces
The fall of Ramadi last weekend, coming just days after the Pentagon declared Iraqi forces in control and holding much of the western Iraqi city, came as a major blow to the U.S. strategy to train and assist local forces in the fight against extremists from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.
The capture of the capital of Anbar province, 70 miles west of Baghdad, has increased calls for greater U.S. participation in the fight against the Islamic State. President Obama, in an interview The Atlantic magazine, called Ramadi a setback but blamed its fall on Iraqi security forces who hadn’t been trained or backed by American troops and said it would not prompt a change in U.S. policy.


Fourth Article Ends

[Update on Project to Delete the Zeros]

There seems on the surface to be all good news this last period but this topic too was also very confusing. We are seeing what seems to be once again more pressure from parliament on the CBI to complete the project to delete the zeros. We have seen this before yet nothing seems to happen resulting from it.

I present an article to you below as a member of the committee MP Abdul Qader Mohammed Omar gave a news conference in this matter of the new 50K and 100K notes.

We are seeing the debate continue on the necessity to print and distribute these new 50k and 100k notes. I talked about these notes in prior news letters and how the CBI and the GOI thought this could solve their banking liquidity problem (payments of large sums of cash to the provinces each month for the social programs).
It is apparent that some members of parliament are still confused over why they are doing this effort and thus relate it to distributing yet more very large 3 zero notes in circulation rather then deleting the zeros by completing the “project to delete the zeros” (thus the currency restructuring). These efforts are unrelated yet one will lead to the completion of the other. I am hearing once the 50k and 100k notes (now hearing 100k is not needed immediately) this will also allow inter banking transactions of large sums of cash on the international level too. Remember the CBI did say the 3 zero notes would coincide along with the issued newer, lower denominations for a period of time (up to 3 years).

The last statement of the article also says the central bank is likely in the earlier application project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency early 2015 to reduce inflation. Well it already mid year 2015 and so where is the project? Do they intend to complete it soon?

Earlier in the article (paragraphs 4 and 5) the commission said that the Governor of the Central Bank Commission assured that the project to delete the zeros is still under study, and work directly with will be the beginning of the year 2016 in conjunction with the replacement and change currency. Sounds like to me the CBI wants to wait until early 2016 to continue the “project to delete the zeros”.

This is not Mnt Goat saying this or making up news for sensationalizing but the CBI themselves. So I notice how everyone is ignoring once again this news and is simply filtering it out.

Please, please take off your RV hat and listen to what they are telling us. Just because you don’t like the news about 2016 does not make it reality. I am not making this up. It is coming directly from the CBI and probably Dr Shabibi.

Can they change their stand on waiting till 2016 for the RV? Maybe but lets wait until we see evidence of it first before we get too optimistic.

Article follows:

Parliamentary Finance demanding «Central» delete the zeros


Baghdad’s new morning parliamentary finance committee the central bank called for the implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency, rather than issuing new editions of major categories.

A member of the committee MP Abdul Qader Mohammed Omar, said that the central bank plans to issue new editions of great classes for 50 000 dinars and 100 000 dinars, while the project to delete the three zeroes from the deferred currency implemented until further notice.

He added that the project to delete the zeros is the best of the issuance of new editions under the current circumstances, calling for the implementation of deleting three zeros to restructure the local currency and to reduce the money supply in circulation in Country.

The central bank told the House of Representatives to work on the application of draft deletion of zeros and change the currency together beginning of the year 2016.

The commission said that the Governor of the Central Bank Commission assured that the project to delete the zeros is still under study, and work directly with will be the beginning of the year 2016 in conjunction with the replacement and change currency.

She stressed that the current reserves at the Central Bank of about $ 76 billion in DFI fund our $ 24 billion. She noted that «traded in the local market currency volume of 40 trillion dinars out of 47 trillion dinars.

She added that the current security situation in the country is not ready to move the application of the project to delete the zeros and replace currency.

It showed that Parliament face to tighten controls on these financial projects and follow-up of corruption and fraud indicators.

It was agreed to pursue serious oversight to file money laundering and maintaining the financial policy of the country », warning that« entry coins forged in conjunction with the application of my project to delete the zeros and replace, change currency.

The Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary hosted last week the central bank governor on the Keywords to discuss the issue of the deletion of zeros and anti-money laundering crimes and develop the work of private banks.

The central bank is likely in the earlier application project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency early 2015 to reduce inflation

[Mastercard News]
I am not presenting this news about the Mastercard to you because I want to spoil your hype about an immediate impending RV. I only want to tell the truth as I know it.

So now we see the resurfacing of the Mastercard contract with Iraq. I want to tell you this does not put any more pressure on Iraq to RV but is a good sign since it a progression in the plan to see the RV shortly. How shortly is it? Lets worry about debunking this intel first and then we can read on and I will explain in more detail in other sections of this news letter what I know about other factors effecting the international rollout.

Going back about 18 months they knew the Mastercard had to make some software changes to accommodate Iraq’s special request to use their services for citizens using the cards for payments of these social programs when out of country.

So they began the work. They had to HARD CODE specific rates for these cards when used out of country. Why did they have to do this? Because for these special welfare like programs Iraq will only be paying out certain amounts to the people not the international market rates. They know darn well the RV will have much higher market rates using the market rates once international however they agreed to program rates.

So they must stick to the program rates and won’t increase them until parliament approves a higher rate in the future, if and when they approve it. In short these special welfare like programs will not ever be using the market rate or the currency exchanges in these transactions.

Now do you have a debit account at a bank? If you do, take out the debit card from your wallet and look to see what service is sponsoring the debit card. Chances are its MASTERCARD. They are one of the few services that sponsor international debit cards and provide custom services for their clients, one of which the Iraq government is.

So now they have the rates for these programs hard coded into their system (.86, 1.14, 1.16 etc,). If you are out of the country you get these rates and nothing more. It is NOT tied to the currency exchanges.

This means that when an Iraqi citizen uses the card the Mastercard service will go out to a file, (an Iraqi controlled government file) on the Mastercard system it will first determine what program you are eligible for, then get your rate and then convert the payment for you to the currency to which you reside. This WILL NOT use the international currency exchanges to get the rate but it will use the hard coded rates in a file.

Remember we are talking dinar to USD (or other currencies depending on where they live and use the card). If they try to use the card to do a cash advance (prior to the RV) it will not work since Mastercard can not now go out to the international exchanges and convert to the USD (or other country’s currency) until the RV happens. . It will decline the transaction since the dinar is not yet international. This cash advance can only take place when the final rollout to international status is done.

Do you see now how Iraq can begin using these cards to payout on these special welfare like programs TOTALLY UNAFFECTED BY THE RV?


So please can we stop all this hype and none sense about an RV prior to using these cards for this purpose

If you don’t believe me just wait till early June when they fully intend to use these cards for HCL money payments and yet still no RV has occurred.

Remember this news letter and don’t be so surprised later because I am telling you now.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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