UU5516 – “More Rumors“ by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

In this news letter today I dispel yet more rumors about the IQD and how it is going to impact you versus the citizens of Iraq.

Many of you dear dinarians are still confused even after all the evidence I bring you to explain why there is still no RV, yet you persistent.

Let’s look as some FACTS today on this topic.

Today’s News
Today is Friday May 29th and still no RV and just 2 days until June and all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC to all you intel “gurus” who think this RV will never reach June/July. Funny how time proves many wrong as I certainly knew it would.

I guess it is better to be right only once than to be wrong every week/ everyday by calling the RV so many times needlessly. Also better to tell you honest news and not with an “RV hat” on.

So it’s Friday and once again we sit broken hearted. We wanted the RV but it never started….lol….Yet another week has passed.

Once again I am saying I am not calling the RV for June or even July but am telling you there was NO sound evidence that it could have happened prior to this timeframe of mid June/July. In fact the most recent news is now telling us we may have to wait until early 2016 but I personally feel if they can control this terrorists threat in Iraq and push out the Iranian influence we might see the RV sooner than later (like maybe this summer). There is also another possibility to force the RV sooner than later and I will talk about this later in this news letter.

[Money in the Pockets of Iraqi Citizens]
So I want to now dispel a MYTH about someone’s assumption and personal opinion who said that money in the pockets of citizens of Iraq, by having a revaluation of their currency, is going to turn them into instant millionaires and thus they would be more likely to not continue fighting. Do you even know how many citizens have joined ISIS and what the liability to Iraq is in this area of concern? This same MYTH also says instead that the citizens of Iraq (post RV) would rather be out spending part of their millions rather than fighting.

Do you truly believe this situation is that simple. Really? I guess if someone says something long enough everyone begins to believe it is gospel. I can assure you it is just someone’s opinion.

So let me explain this to you in simple terms.

First – Who told you this? Did you get it from some conference call guru hyping up the RV again? Again it is all in the way someone is telling you to interpret things? These gurus are from the USA and do not understand the Iraqi culture. I am not an expert on either but I spent many years there in the army and so I am probably more familiar. So let me explain it to you why this is so such illogical thinking and nonsensical reasoning it could make your head spin.

FIRST FACT – Iraq citizens are not going to become instant millionaires as a result of the RV. So where are they going to get all this money to go shopping with? They will not be lined up at the banks to exchange their currency. What currency?

I say this because there is sound proof (not rumor) that nearly 95% of all the large 3 zero notes are already gone out of circulation in Iraq. Iraq essentially completed the part of the “project to delete the zeros” in country. Remember this project? This is the CBI words not mine. If they hadn’t already done part of the project then you would be waiting maybe years anyhow for an RV. So this news letter would be a mute point anyhow since this part of the plan must be executed well before any international RV happens (when they complete part 2 of the “project to delete the zeros” and collect ours). So do you believe at least this much? Do you understand this much?

So the collection of these “provisional” post war currency notes is essentially done in Iraq. They have been for over years now. They reached a point in 2012 when the CBI felt that the critical point of 60% was reached and they were ready to go with the RV. Remember? Did you read the articles back then? Since this time the delay from 2012 till now they have been able to bring the count to nearly 95%. Some even say 98% but this is rumor and conjecture. They have stalled this RV since 2012. Why? I have repeatedly told you why. It is because of SECURITY and TERRORISM (when Maliki was in power) now it is once again about SECURITY (ISIS and DAASH) and the fulfilling RECONCILIATION Agreements.

The majority of the currency used in circulation is now in USD. They have no other currency. Most spending is being done using the in-country SMART card anyhow as each month the government money is allocated to the social programs. So there is less of a need for hard currency anyhow. Remember back in 2011 the huge effort to get ATM machines on every street corner? Where you around in this investment back then? Did you read these articles?

SECOND FACT – So the citizens of Iraq ARE GETTING MONEY. Did you not read article after article about the social programs and payments on the SMART cards? What do you think this was all about? So in fact they are not so “unhappy” now as most gurus are saying yet many still join ISIS. Why do they join ISIS?

These citizens joining ISIS are not so much the average citizen. They are defectors from the Iraqi army or those who see no alternative to the Sunni versus Sheite battle. Remember Maliki government was Sheite dominated.

Some are trained soldiers gone AWOL (absent without leave). Some simply got fed up with the Maliki do nothing administration and the way his militia security forces were treating the Sunni population. Can you blame them for joining an organization (led by Sunnis) which tells them their goal is to bring down the government of Iraq?

Most of this army defection happened in 1) Mosul June 9th 2014 and from 2) Anbar (Sunni dominated) in squelching the riots when they had to fire upon some 150 citizens per order by Maliki. The only way out they felt was to join an organization that would fight against the Maliki (or the GOI).

Then the 2014 election was supposed to change all this. The new prime minister Abadi in now pro-reconciliation and the GOI has changed to support all secs. But many Sunnis still live in the past and do not trust the new government of Abadi, since remember Abadi is a Sheite.

So the GOI has granted amnesty if these desertions come back by the May 31st deadline. There are about 15,000 of these AWOL soldiers. Not so many as some believe. So let’s put this one into perspective.
THIRD FACT – Most average citizens don’t even know about an RV or care about it. Surprise, surprise! They do know there is an effort to bring back their own currency online globally and not use the USD anymore. They do however look forward to normalcy in their currency but they don’t use much currency anymore since the SMART card rollout. They remember in 2003 when they changed over to the provisional currency from exchanging their expired Saddam Hussien notes and were told it would be about 5 years until they had their own currency back. It is now been over 12 years. So most have even forgotten all about it and life goes on.

So now over this last couple months they are told when this changeover happens they will have increased purchasing power and prosperity.

What is your definition of the word “prosperity”? Is it getting rich? Is it just prosperity they look for or also abundance?

The prosperity however they are searching for is not getting rich quick off the money exchanged (as we will in the west and elsewhere) but from the economy as a whole such as more products on the shelves, better food, reconstruction of the war torn buildings, hospitals, schools, clean water and electricity 24 hours a day. They also would luv to have their government payments on time each month. They also would luv to go out in the market place without the fear of being blown up. So for them an RV is not going to directly get them these things. and certainly they are not concerned about going out on a shopping spree to keep them from protesting against the government, if needed.

This is the kind of simple prosperity they look forward to. Do you understand? This is the prosperity they hear about in the mosques every Friday and in the news. And yes it is a matter of interpretation so let’s at least interpret it right.

FOURTH FACT – So I want to emphasis once again what do you think is more important – preventing a few thousands Sunnis from joining ISIS or preventing large scale terrorism throughout the middle east and the world? It comes down to priorities and what is more critical in the larger picture. The USA really, really does not care one bit about the Iraqi citizen. How can you agree with me that in fact this war with Iraq was not about humanitarian efforts to save the people but about far reaching lofty goals of wealth and riches from oil yet say now these PTB will sacrifice this goal to make the people of Iraq happy so they can go on a shopping spree? This is more important?

[Iraqi Exchange Procedure]
Upon a drastic change in the value of the Iraqi dinar, the Iraqi citizen will simply take any USD they have to the bank and exchange it for the smaller denominations ($5,10,20,100 etc..) or deposit it in their account. So how much USD do you think they have? How are they going to get rich with the little money that have from these government programs. Folks this is a social welfare state!
In doing their exchange they will gain enormous purchasing power but they will not be millionaires. Prices in the stores will change to give this purchasing power just as they changed in 2003 to coincide with the very large 3 zero notes. The CBI has made sure of that as part of the plan. They can not afford to have so much money in the hands of maybe would be terrorists. No one can be trusted in Iraq. It is all about control, control, control.

Anyhow most citizens don’t even have much cash since they are using the ATM SMART debit cards in the market places now and we have read many articles telling us about the merchant hookup with the banks for this purpose. Why do you think they were doing this? Do you remember this past articles?

So what is going to happen post RV in Iraq is much different that what is going to happen when you exchange your large 3 zero notes in the USA or Europe. We are only allowed to own these notes because the USA wants the oil credits, deals they made with Iraq a long time ago. No other reason I can assure you of this. The UST can stop the importation of this currency very quickly if they though we should not have it. There is also a much larger picture too since the USA has seeded trillions of Iraqi dinar in its currency reserve. So when will be the right time to exchange some of these reserves and what will the proceeds be used for?

[Defaulting on the National Debt Payments]
So this week we hear about the USA defaulting on yet another payment to the Federal Reserve on the owed national debt. What impact will this have and where will the USA come up with funding to quickly to pay off this amount owed? There is a 30 day grace period.

Is this being done intentionally so as to legally force the sale off of monetary reserves (aka Iraqi dinar) to service this debt owed? Remember the Republicans are up to this trick too and do not want the Democrats to look good in paying off some national debt while in office. It could be an excellent political maneuver for the 2016 election campaign and just in time too since we are already seeing many politicians beginning to announce their intentions to run for office.

Can we very soon see the impact of this situation on our situation (as we wait for the RV) and allow the revaluation take place. Could this be the event (or a like event) we have been waiting for to push this over the top?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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