UU5522 – “Why the Delay in Passing the New Laws – More Info”  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today’s news is a continuing saga about the Iraq dinar revaluation. If you have not done so already please read my news letter from 6/11 (LINK) since this is yet more news on this topic.

In my last news letter I have included some tips too on how to protect your identity and personal information. I encourage everyone to go back (LINK) and read and re-read what I have presented because I think we are all guilty of violating one or many of these identity thief safeguards. Remember too it may be the law  that any organization must respect the use of the information that you entrust in their care and they will secure it and use it only for its intended purpose(s). So getting your personal information for the sake of sending you a FREE gift and then later using the same information by selling it as a mailing distribution  list to advertisers or financial salesman I believe would be a direct violation of the law…yes?…no?

Later on in this news letter I have given you yet more tips on how to read and understand articles about the RV saga. I sincerely hope this helps you in many ways.

I can assure you, until there is the needed physical security and political stability in Iraq there will be no currency revaluation. So let’s talk more about this in today’s news letter. I hope I can clarify some more questions on this topic.We are at the end of yet another week and the news is all good and what is expected. As I have said in the past if you follow this saga long enough you can almost predict the next move by Iraq.

Today’s News

Today is Friday June 12th and still no RV.  Yes it is JUNE already and the month is almost half over. But many have said there was not way this RV process would move into June. Really?  I often wonder what planet they live on……lol….

These are the same sources that hype and pump you fine dinarians up once again for an RV each weekend. I can already hear the words of optimism in the air. I can assure you there will not be an RV this weekend but I can say we are moving into a period soon when there will be an excellent window of opportunity for one. But there are key announcements we wait for from the government and the CBI.

Current CBI News
One token of news this week is we heard once again the pressure to formally reinstate Dr Shabibi as governor of the CBI. In the article it talked about having a qualified. experienced individual as head of the CBI and to allow this office to work independently of the government of Iraq. So from this we know Dr. Shabibi has NOT yet been formally reinstated to the CBI. But we feel this is coming very soon.

The Stalled Iraqi Legislature

So this week out pops an article that is so juicy with information I can hardly stand it. I feel like I am at the dinner table so hungry and they finally they bring out the cooked turkey and gravy. Yes – we are feasting on this one!

But first let me explain some things to you so you can appreciate this new article.

So in my last news letter I stated that the major holdup in passing these much needed laws, as part of the  Reconciliation effort and the national security effort, was because Kurdistan decided to boycott parliament sessions since they still are not being paid entirely for the oil they were pumping and exporting. As you may know the constitution of Iraq states that the Kurdistan will get a 17% share of its oil revenues. Recent agreements state pumping quotas that must be met to match the budget expenditures in the 2015 budget.

The Kurds continue to pump their oil and meet and exceed these quotas but the government has not been paying them the full agreed upon 17% $$$. This is still a puzzle to me as to why they continue to do this but I am sure it will come out in the news someday soon. Anyone know? My guess is the Kurds are pumping more than the specified quotas needed to meet the 2015 budget and the government has stated it will only pay revenue sharing to Kurdistan upto the agreed quota amounts. Since the Kurds we know are in fact exceeding these quotas I would guess this is the issue.  So who is right in this situation? What is the resolution?

I believe the solution may lay in Kurdistan SELLING OIL DIRECTLY to buyers over and beyond the specified quotas. This new HCL law is more than likely contains laws in how to deal with these buyers and how to handle these sales directly without going through the Baghdad government. Read the article carefully below.

So to make up for the difference in back $$$ owed to Kurdistan, and to clarify other issues regarding managing their oil (now exporting some directly to buyers) they are drafting a new HCL. They are now asking for 26% of the revenue along with more defined laws in areas regarding oil such as investment in refineries, financial resources, and the import and sale of petroleum products.

Yes- you heard it correctly. They announced that a NEW OIL AND GAS LAW is going to be presented soon. This is what is holding up parliament. This is what is also holding up the National Reconciliation Reforms effort.

Many intel gurus will still be insistent on telling you that the oil and gas law is all done and they would be right except for one thing – their news is outdated!  It was done but now it is changing. These same “intel gurus” do not want to follow the “real” news since they are either too lazy or too stubborn to read the articles in a timely manner coming direct from Iraq. So how could they ever find out about this change?

They are more concerned about bashing those that spend countless hours reading articles than reading them for themselves. Instead they desire to keep pumping you up each week with this nonsense misinformation being handed out to tell you on each of their calls.

Once these same “intel gurus” finally come around to reality they are usually weeks behind in bringing you the news. Eventually they get it. Since news from Iraq is usually delayed anyhow (at least by a few days to weeks anyhow)  their news becomes so undependable and so outdated.  This is why I am so persistent on trying to help them to see the light and to read the articles in a timely manner. Just trying to help! Back to today’s news….

Folks- this news of the new HCL is in black and white in the article below. Iraqi words not mine! Such a great token of news.

I believe that once this new draft of the HCL bill is completed, it will have its first and second readings then become part of a “package” of laws presented to the legislature for a vote. House speaker al-Jabouri will do this in order to force the Kurds back to parliament and vote on all the laws, if they want their HCL, if they want to sell direct to exporters.

But they need time for preparation of this “package” of new oil and gas laws dealing with the private sector.

Note in paragraph three below they are telling us also the other laws to be included in this “package” and why they are packaging them this way. Gotta Luv It!

WHAT OTHER LAWS ARE INCLUDED? (quoting from the article)
“and complete the requirements for a law of amnesty, and to bring accountability and justice law to justice, as well as law oil and gas and the law of parties”

WHY PACKAGE THEM THIS WAY? (quoting from the article)
“consolidating the foundations of national unity inspire the spirit of civil peace to move forward a draft national reconciliation, and complete the requirements”

So please, please  I don’t want anyone telling me again these laws are not important and not needed for the national reconciliation efforts. We already confirmed as factual we also know NO reconciliation completion thus NO RV (currency reform completion).

It’s all written in black and white below in this article this week. THEIR  WORDS NOT MINE. This article has once again confirmed what we already knew, but some of you have to read it for a thousand times before you will believe it and understand it……lol…..




Chairman of the advisers in the prime minister Thamer Ghadhban said the government is prepared to pack a private domain-oil economic laws.

He said Ghadhban’s (IMN) “The Commission, under my leadership were also preparing drafts of oil and gas laws, and the Ministry of Oil, and the oil company and the national, and investment in refineries, and financial resources, and the import and sale of petroleum products.”

Ghadban said that “This package of important laws need time to complete the preparation.”
And provided a close political agreement between participating in the government blocks on the government’s commitment to political blocs – and within the established limits – consolidating the foundations of national unity inspire the spirit of civil peace to move forward a draft national reconciliation, and complete the requirements for a law of amnesty, and to bring accountability and justice law to justice, as well as law oil and gas and the law of parties.

Since the adoption of the Iraqi constitution, such as oil and gas law, the most prominent outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, the former parliament has not been able to find current and agree on a common formula for the oil and gas law.
From: Haider al-Tamimi, editor: Mushtaq Feeli

Article Ends

In conclusion to this effort we see a breakthrough on the near horizon.

We should all now focus on only three (3) major items at this point in time. My timelines below are just my perception of how this may all play out.

In the next couple weeks:
1)    getting the 1st and 2nd readings of this new oil and gas law
2)    getting announcements that they are about to hold a session to vote on the “package of laws” and that the package still contains what we need to complete the National Reconcilation
Then to see them pass these laws and then begin the implementation process.

By the end of Ramadan (mid July).
3)    Our major news focus should be on coalition forces defeating ISIS and getting rid of Iranian militias and Nori al-Maliki

Remember it is going to get very, very hot in the middle east come summer. I have spent a winter, spring and summer in Iraq and I know the transition in weather. Most older homes have two living areas. One above the ground and one dug into the ground. The residents obviously live mostly underground where it is cooler in the summertime. At night they mover about ground in patios so they can enjoy the evening overlooking the cities in their outdoor gardens. The living can really be nice if you learn to live with the seasons and don’t fight it.So what I am telling you is the fight against ISIS will change come summertime. It will probably stem around mostly night time fighting. Also to reinforce this thinking the Muslim holy holiday of Ramadan also brings in other challenges too since Muslims fast for eight hours each day during this period. During this fast there is no drinking of any fluids either. It is physically impossible to go out in the hot desert sun without amply drinking of water. The body needs energy too from foods not to be consumed either.

So I truly believe if we begin to see these events take root and move ahead we should also begin then to see articles slowly trickle out of the CBI telling us they are moving forward with the project to delete the zeros and currency reform (distributing the new lower denoms and the the 50k and 100k notes).

Reading Articles

Many of you fine dinarians and faithful readers have asked me some questions on how to read articles.  You stated questions like these I will address below.

So you all know about my many years of background in the intelligence arena. How do you think we used to analyze data? There is a process involved. Some of you will have much more logical minds than others and the ability to reason things out. We are all made differently and we think uniquely. Don’t get discouraged. It takes practice to learn how to analyze data properly. If you are in law enforcement forensics this will come much easier to you since you are already trained to think in this manner. You probably are in forensics because you enjoy the thrill and challenge of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The excitement is like when we get this article in today’s news. Today it all came together and we see the BIG picture…finally.

I have to be honest with many of you as to why you don’t understand and are having so much difficulty in reading and understanding these articles.

One main reason is that your minds and thoughts have already been prejudiced with the garbage intel you keep hearing about those every day, any day RV stuff. Your emotions are running high since the constant Monday morning disappointments are almost now unbearable (after 4-10 years of it). Your entire focus throughout the day in on the RV. This is not healthy and so I am attempting to help you regroup and rethink what is exactly going on in Iraq and do it for yourselves. Instead focus on the news and HAVE SOME FUN for a change trying to figure these puzzles out instead of relying on others (who only seem to bring you constant disappointment). You can do it! You should try to limit listening to much of this garbage intel and learn to think for yourselves.

Remember too that all this practice of FOCUS and making CONNECTIONS (I am about to present) of playing with data is important in every aspect of our lives. It is logical reasoning and deduction. These are cognitive skills we all need to survive in life especially after we are millionaires.

How do I know if an article is telling the truth?

Since we have learned in the past there was much false and recycled articles coming out of Iraq. Maliki and his goons controlled much of the news media, as do most dictatorships. There was lots of misinformation and propaganda being spread by that last administration from 2006 – 2014. Our trust of any news was at it lowest.

Now however the media is behaving much differently in the new al-Abadi administration. The press is much more free to write stories and the propaganda is now almost none. Abadi has made efforts to shut down these Maliki / Iranian controlled news sources and want the people to know the truth, especially the inner workings of the government and to honestly hear about the past corruption and also the progress of the economic reforms.

So you can tell which of the articles are garbage especially if you have been doing your homework and keeping up with the news. Part of the analysis is to go only on what you already know to be PROVEN AS FACTUAL since this is all you know. Don’t read into the article and make things up. They simply say what they say. There are no SECRET messages or scripted codes.

Don’t attempt to bring in rumors or conjecture when you read. Clear your mind and just stick to the facts. If you can’t figure it out yet, then wait, since more news will continue the saga. It is an ongoing saga. If you feel uncomfortable then you do not yet have all the pieces you need to figure it out, then a red flag should go off in your mind.

Eventually you will be able to connect all the pieces and see the picture as you flow through many articles  Give it time and have patience but you must keep up with the news or you might miss an important piece.

I have noticed that since many of the projects get delayed the news media simply takes a past article on the same topic, changes the date and republishes it. I called this recycling an article. They sometimes forget to update other details. These are easy to spot and do not always mean they are bad articles just because they recycled.  Now you know what they are doing.  In fact these recycled articles can be of benefit too since they confirm to you that in fact the event was delayed and is now moving forward once again.

One other bit of reasoning I always use it this. If  I am in doubt I wait and watch for a couple more articles to come out on the very same topic. I need to FOCUS on something. These items of focus usually confirm my suspicion. Where do these items come from? They come from the articles I read and see the same items repeated over and over again. Would you guess they must then be important? I would have to be an idiot if I did not FOCUS on these items. It might be a wild goose chase but you have to start somewhere.

At least I have something to FOCUS in on. When you are dealing with forensics you are always looking for some evidence and trying to tie it to someone or some event. This is called CONNECTION. This is how you focus since there is usually a wide range of options and you can go on forever trying to analyze everyone of them.

So you must use clues and evidence to FOCUS in. If it does not pan out then re-focus and try again. I have used this term CONNECTION many times too in my news letters. Do you remember?  This is how I am able to connect the RECONCILIATION effort with the SECURITY effort since some of the laws are needed for both.

Then I take these efforts and remember what I have been told about the overall Erbil agreement in the past. Then how the USA in mandating that the Erbil Agreement be completed prior to completely getting out of the sanctions (meeting article 8 of UN charter or getting back their currency). I know that Al-Abadi just repackaged the Erbil Agreement to the Reconciliation Reforms since 99% of the laws are just older laws stalled from the Maliki administration. You can literally match them one for one. This would logically seem a valid conclusion- Yes? No?

So I take FACTS and base any conclusions on them not on conjecture or rumors from some idiots telling us it’s going to RV every day / any day without any sound, logically based information or conclusions. How can you trust such nonsense since there is no sound, logical thinking in their process of the info they give you?  Their info has proven itself over and over again to be misinformation. Why do we continue to bang our heads against the wall when it hurts so much. There is a better way and I am trying to help you see it.

We know that getting back their currency is often called “currency reform” part of the economic reforms or called “project to delete the zeros”. It all flows together. Can you see it now?  So the use of the Iraqi GOI and CBI terminology is important too and you must be able to determine how they try to hide their real intent behind terminology – or is it just our translation from Arabic to English? Who cares – lets just get the meaning correct and be consistent. They have consistently used the same terms to mean the same so we have already proven and confirmed the meaning of these terms over and over again.

How do you find the time to read all the articles?

Simply put – I DON’T. There is no more time in a day than 24 hours. It is a given. So I can’t find anymore time….lol…..sorry.  Nor should you try….lol…

I also do not read “all” the articles. I concentrate on Iraqi news related only to what I am focusing on. I do not read articles about the happenings of every country or about wall street, new technology or hype news geared to cause hysteria about the falling dollar, gold prices, etc. When I put on my RV glasses I stand clear of all these other topics and concentrate on what matters since I am looking for nuggets of information about the RV saga and nothing else…..right? . Some say this other stuff matters but I disagree. It is simply too much for the human mind to concentrate on and it can take you down roads that do not matter. So learn to CONCENTRATE and FOCUS. This way you have more time to read what is important. You see you just found more time…..lol…

So you can see that what I do is MANAGE MY TIME. I am fortunate since I work in our gasthaus in Bavaria and can listen to any conference call replay or get online and read a few articles here and there as the day passes. Meine Kinder are in school most of the day too. Often I find my special time for this RV saga is taking my long hike up the mountains and just sitting and clearing my mind as I overlook the village below. I usually do this after a long day of taking care of my guests. Meine Kinder too have come accustom to sharing this experience with me so they are not a burden but a blessing. Sincerely I do not know what I would do without them.

There is a nice alpine meadow and they go off on discovery missions while I sit and concentrate. I recharge myself too while here so this is my special place, a place I have grown to anticipate. Once this RV is long over I will always remember these days of helping with the news. I bring my laptop and use it to write my news letters while in the mountains. In fact I am sitting at my favorite spot right now writing this letter.  I am perched high  on a rock, my feet are dangling, there is a gorge below and I can hear the water rushing and feel its cool midst. It is a gorgeous day and I am glad to be alive!So there is always time to listen to a replay on the way to and from work while you are alone in the car, bus or train. Use headsets too. We all have lunch breaks too so go to the café and then bring your lunch to your desk. Go online and read an article or two. Print is off and underline important phrases or info you want to remember. If you work out in a gym then take you cell phone and listen to replays of info calls. One call I  encourage everyone to listen to is the GateKeepers Call on Tues and Thurs 6 pm central time  Call In# 760 569-7699, Passcode= 378652. This info will get you motivated and you might even pick up a few tips on how to analyze data from Vic, Joey or Whisky6. I also want to thank them too for all their efforts and they certainly are the cream de menthe of intel gathering and reporting. These are the kind of intel calls you should want to listen to
Give them a try and see if I am correct.

What are the steps you take to analyze the articles?

You must (in your mind) first ask yourself these questions:

1)    Is the article related to the topic to which you pursue knowledge of (such as the RV)?
2)    Who is writing the article?
3)    What is the main purpose of the article?
Is it propaganda to bash another politician? (these we do not like)
Is it informational to the citizens?
Is it informational to the global investment community?
Is it a follow up to news you have already read (something you have been anticipating)
Is it informational about a proposed policy by the gov’t? (these we like)
Is it political opinion as to how this person would like them to proceed?
Is it expert opinion telling the government what they should do or recommendations?
Is it policy from the finance committee or the CBI or just nice to have? (these we like)
Is it an article on corruption or wasted money – so the people know?
Is it focus on the prior administration letting the people know about its past corruption?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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