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Meine Kinder are now out of school and I luv having them around all day. I am close to Meine Kinder and they assist too in the gasthaus and the guests luv having them around. Our little village has very little crime associated with drug abuse and violence and it is still hard on my mind of the past memories of being stationed in Iraq and seeing all the bloodshed and corruption. How can people live like that? Who causes this all to happen I keep asking myself?  Why is there not peace in the world if it is such a good thing for all? I pray often for the Iraqi people and hope they can accomplish this peace and prosperity.

Today’s news is a continuing saga about the Iraq dinar revaluation. If you have not done so already please read my news letter from 6/17 (sorry, Recaps does not have the link) since this is yet more news on this topic.

I know I must sound like a broken record once again but I can assure you, until there is the needed physical security and political stability in Iraq there will be no currency revaluation. I am therefore showing you the path to this process. We will know when we get there since the CBI will ultimately tell us once again they are beginning the project to delete the zeros. But first they must get the security situation under control and pass the needed laws that help in this process and  also for the healing that must take place from Reconciliation reforms (Erbil) something that was part of the Abadi platform for election.

We begin yet another week and so I wanted give you an overview of what happened last week and significance of the news. It is all good and in our favor so relax.

There is still yet more disinformation being spread concerning that the saving of the Greece economy and Iranian deals are holding up the RV. Really? Do you really believe this nonsense. Guess there is no other RV news so now they must take this news and relate it somehow for their benefit.  Everything is not about the RV folks. I will explain more on this topic.

I can assure you these other events are all mostly unrelated and not the reason for any hold up in revaluing the Iraqi dinar. No – the USA is not now holding it up again!

You can follow all this nonsense and you may want to talk and discuss this events as if these events were significant to the RV but it is still not going to get you the RV any sooner. As you will see these events too will come and go and still no RV will happen. So please these “gurus” are once again just grasping at straws to find some event or some news to tie to yet another date to so they can string you along once again. I know their game all too well.

So what is the reason for holding up the RV process?

Have you been reading my news letters? I have been telling you sound information related to this topic. No rumors, conjecture or secret sources of information – JUST PLAIN OLD FASHIONED FACTS !

[Today’s News]

Today is Saturday June 27th and still no RV.  Does it really surprise you? Yes JUNE is coming to an end already and still no RV. I find it funny how many “gurus” said this would never and could never reach June but once again they are wrong and spread this misinformation based on nothing  of substance. No sound facts and very few articles, as news from Iraq itself.

Many of you are determined to soak it up since you are so desperate for someone to feed you this garbage and so desperate to get your money. Many of you should be ashamed of yourselves in these attitudes. You make yourselves into victims and then when you get hurt you blame others that have only been trying to help. I say vent your anger at those perpetrating the crimes.

So Ramadan is now in progress. Oh wait a second! Wasn’t it supposed to RV prior to the beginning of this holiday? ….lol… Just so everyone know Ramadan continues to July 17thin Iraq and it will have little impact as to whether the RV happens or not.

We still see parliament meeting and in fact they just announced this past week they intent to schedule a session on this coming Wednesday and vote on a “package” of 150 laws. I know they have said this before and may have to do it again but the main point here is they are attempting it once again and it is still their intentions.

This is the bright side. Since many of these needed new laws still has issues and since they are all connected somehow together (I have trying to show you many times how they are interconnected in my past news letters) they must implement them together since one can not work without the others. For instance we see great pressure to get the Amnesty bill done since it is needed to fully implement the National Guard law. Why? Since it will help fill the ranks of these units in the provinces with skilled, experienced and trained leaders. Another connection is the Justice reforms and how they fully intend to prosecute these corrupt leaders from the past Maliki administration but can’t due to the current justice system. Without the reforms it would be impossible to give them a fair trial.

Just the past week we read articles telling us about sending charges of  TERRORISM and GENOCIDE to the international court of the Hague. This is not rumor or something that is going to happen. It has happened! Why is this not reported by these so called “gurus” Is this not significant enough to be in their version of the news? The news they want to edit and sensor from you.

So these resent developments for the former prime minister Maliki and his close group of senor aids does not look good for them. Remember these are international crimes and I have not even listed the domestic crimes of TREASON also for the Mosul stand down against ISIS  and all the corruption and the missing 700 billion dollars that got Iraq partly into this economic crisis. Oh – did I mention too the corruption in the arms deal with Russia?

Remember this – I have told you many times there will be no RV until Maliki and his goons are gone and out of the any influence in Iraqi politics. How do I know this? How can I be so certain?

BECAUSE THIS IS NOT RUMOR OR CONJECTOR. IT IS USA POLICY AND I HAVE BEEN TOLD THIS MANY TIMES TO ME BY THE USA GOVERNMENT! I do not bring you rumors or “I think  its going to happen”. I bring you sound and solid news.

Article follows:


The International Criminal Court decided to refer the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki DONC and a group of his senior aides to court on charges of genocide. Mr. Mohammed Al-Kaabi spokesman Court for the Middle East said that one of the associates of al-Maliki who Torteurahalthm to court Gen. Farouk al-Araji, director of al-Maliki’s military office and Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, commander of ground forces and Saadoun al-Dulaimi, the defense minister and the agency, Adnan al-Asadi senior agent Interior Ministry and intelligence chief Zuhair Gharbaoui team Qassim Atta, director of operations at the intelligence service and the team called Hgati head of the anti-terrorism device.

He revealed that the Court now has complete files crimes committed by al-Maliki and his aides, including genocide in Anbar and Kirkuk and the blatant violation of human rights and to follow the brutal methods of torture and violation of freedoms of citizens and contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the Charter of the United Nations and international law

Article Ends

So not let me reinforce my stance on Maliki and how he must be dealt with. So this week out pops another article telling us why the CBI is not pulling the trigger on the RV. I quote from the CBI article below – “The government has to cooperate with various parties in order to follow up corruption and track the money that comes out of the country and the fight against economic crime.”

Also the CBI claims they needs the government of Iraq to step up and regain full control of their country and I quote from the article  below from the CBI  – ” pointing to the existence of other factors that have an impact on the exchange rate the security and political stability and control of border crossings such as the situation land, air and sea. ”

Don’t believe me? Read the darn article for yourself !

Article Begins:

BAGHDAD / … Central Bank of Iraq announced on Saturday that monetary policy will not be able to adjust the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar, while the government called for border control and track the money that comes out of the country and the fight against economic crime.

He said the Central Bank’s board member Majid picture for “Eye Iraq News” that “monetary policy is trying to adjust the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, but this will not affect too much,” pointing to the existence of other factors that have an impact on the exchange rate the security and political stability and control of border crossings such as the situation land, air and sea. ”

He called the picture “The government has to cooperate with various parties in order to follow up corruption and track the money that comes out of the country and the fight against economic crime.”
“The monetary reserves at the Central Bank as possible to play a major positive role in the stability of the dollar exchange rate on condition of interference by other parties.”

It is noteworthy that the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords announced that the decision to cancel 8% of customs and excise tax imposed on the purchase of the dollar exchange rate will decrease over the next week, and will contribute to lower consumer goods prices. It ended 7

Article Ends

Okay so now I want to talk about these darn international MasterCard transactions once again that seem to be the basis for the RV from some of these so called  “gurus” that many of you have been following. They tell us these cards are now live however they can’t give us an explanation after the fact as to why the RV has not been announced. They are all so puzzled and confused since they have told us over and over again when the cards go international they must do the RV. Really?

I will tell you why. I have told you why before and I said many times don’t expect any RV even if these MC cards go live internationally. I CLEARLY explained it all out in black and white in my past news letters.

But for those that missed the many news letters on this topic or are too thick headed to listen – let me explain it again and hold your hand once again. I told you many weeks ago that these cards would be activated and yet you would see no RV. I said – so don’t anticipate any RV due these cards. It is only an event these gurus are trying to connect to the RV since they desperately try to string you along from one event to the next. It was only more hype and just another date.

This is how it works – The Mastercards are tied to FIXED rates in a database. These rates are for government programs and FIXED rates and not tied to the floating currency exchanges in any way or fashion. MASTERCARD system delivers a product that allows you to use these fixed rates then ties into the government DEBIT bank account to see the dinar amount you are allocated. Then it makes the conversion according the country or origin to which you are transacting your debit. It then converts to the needed amount of new currency.  It is that simple in principle.

Did I day the use of currency exchanges even once in my explanation? NO! –  I did not. NOT DEPENDENT ON ANY INTERNATIONAL  CURRENCY EXCHANGE and shame on those that are telling you otherwise.

Next I also want to point out that these MASTERCARD events are for the SMART cards and not the “National” Cards.  So why is this important.

Oh – you say you did not know there were two types of cards?  Oh so your favorite ‘guru’ did not tell you? Its because they don’t care to tell you. Do they even know? They are not concerned about telling you the truth or even know the truth since all they want is an event to peg a date to so they can hype you up and string you along to another RV timeframe. When are you going to learn?

The “National” cards are NOT for these government programs such as retirement, salaries, pensions, food program, etc.. we hear so much about.

The “National” cards are mainly for the oil revenues distribution sharing to the citizens. YES – if you are thinking HCL you are correct. Remember these payments were supposed to begin in a June – July timeframe. Many article have told us this. They have not yet begun. Iraq still plans to begin this project in this timeframe. What are they waiting for?

They are waiting for nothing! They fully plan to execute their plan on time to distribute these funds. Gosh…it is only June 27th so they have the full month of July yet to make good on their promise to the people. Give them some slack! I fully expect this event to happen and hear news of it very soon. I will keep you up to date, if you want me to. Don’t you know by now they hardly do anything on time?

I also want to remind you that there is another version of HCL too that Kurdistan needs implemented. I have talked about this version of HCL in my past news letters.

It is mainly to address the sale of independent oil from Kurdistan to other countries beyond the Badgdad quotas set by the government to meet their budget requirements. This is an ongoing issue with the Kurds and they need this resolved. All this revenue goes directly to Kurdistan. In the past they have been pumping oil and generating this excess oil revenues and so Badgdad has refused to pay the total 17% claiming they are being funded with this excess oil revenue anyhow and they  violated their stick quotas (looked at as limitations). This was of course a matter of interpretation of the law. The fact was by not paying the full 17% the GOI was in violation of the HCL (and the constitution). So the Kurds hope this new version of the law will clarify this stance once and for all and eliminate any future confusion. Could this hold up the payments of the oil revenues to the citizens? Sure it can and may be the reason why they have not yet paid them. Could this hold up the RV? Sure it can since the USA wants good faith and must see these payments happen before they feel HCL is fully implemented. Hope this all now makes more sense to everyone.

Is this something you want to hear about from me or would you rather go back to your “gurus” for all your news? Go back and ask them why there is still no RV yet the MASTERCARDS are live and they are using them internationally. I would luv to hear their explanation….lol…..

Go back and ask them why the oil revenue royalties are not yet paid to the citizens yet its June 27th already.

So all is good in the news. Iraq is moving forward with the new laws. They are moving ISIS out of Iraq. Deals are being made to move Iranian influence out of Iraq too. In fact I will tell you this. I believe Erbil is in fact all completed and we are just now waiting for the final votes on the many laws and the announcement of  them to us. I suspect this could happen in the next couple weeks. They know we are watching for these events and so they try to hide them from us since they know this is PART of the key to triggering the RV.

I can assure you the Iraqi RV is not tied to any GREECE bailout or referendum. These events are not even remotely tied together. If I were you I’d better spend my energy and time watching for the new implementation of the needed new laws to satisfy the reforms.

The deals being negotiated with Iran over the nuclear issue could have some influence but only if they include deal within it to disconnect themselves from Syria and Iraq and allowing these countries to stand on their own and thus adhering to all international banking and commerce laws. I feel these negotiations will fall short if they do not include this.

Thus in dealing with other countries for this purpose. In other words stop the money laundering, the insistence on corrupting the Iraq politics, and sending terrorists across the boarder to influence these matters. This ongoing policy of making Iraq a puppet state of Iran must end. Iran must show good faith too in that they intend to carry out this new policy in the future dealings with Iraq. Qasem Soleimani must pull his Kud forces out of Iraq.

The situation with Syria is coming to a turning point soon too. Since Russia has now pulled support away from Syria and has recommended that Iran now do the same, this may be settled soon. The next question is this. Will Assad retire peacefully or will he go down with the ship….lol….

Let’s keep our heads on. Let’s watch for these events for these will bring the needed laws, security and peace that is required in Iraq to bring back their currency. It may still take months more or they might be hiding much of the progress from us and thus much farther than we expected.

Remember too when it comes to currency reform they have not been working in a vacuum on this event. They have made already much progress in this direction and the project has been stalled many times. This brings confusion to many who are reporting to you on this topic since they do not follow all the news and for some reason they can not or refuse to tie it all together to see the BIG picture. All they seem to rather do is find a single thread of something to cause hype and justify a reason as to why they tell you the RV is going to happen any day and any time.

I can firmly and irrevocably tell you that the RV is not going to happen this weekend or will it probably happen in the next couple weeks or even months. Beyond this timeframe I can not tell you since this events that must take place are so dynamic and we can only project out a couple weeks at a time. So when the news appears and I hear more I will try to keep you informed.

Would you like to keep getting this news letter? I know there are tens of thousands of you reading each publication of this news letter. Even those that bash me too are reading it and many take my information and use it in their conference calls. I have nothing against this practice as long as you accurately quote me or the articles. Folks it about time we hear the truth and stop all this hype and nonsense. I don’t care if I am the one to bring it but someone must do it.

This latest event with Sterling Currency is only the tip of the iceberg as to what is going to happen if this news is not cleaned up and accurately reported. I do not want to speak for Sterling Currency but I will say this- if you have any reserve currency you should expect to receive it according to contract. If not sue them it is that simple.

This Sterling event is not a conspiracy to hold back your reserves and keep you from exchanging them as some “gurus” now are telling you. Ridiculous information ….simply lies once again!

I have told you over and over again these news channels are using their news to sell dinars and other currencies in indirect ways without you even realizing it.

I have tried, in a nice way, to show you that maybe the ZIM should not be a currency to invest in. I showed you proof and yet I am still hearing many buying this currency. So let me bring you once again an article from this week on the latest news concerning this topic.

Article begins:


Ritesh Anand Column

The demonetisation of the Zimbabwe dollar was pronounced by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa in the 2014 National Budget, as well as in the Reserve Bank Governor John Mangudya’s mid-term Fiscal Policy Review in January 2015.

Demonetisation is the act or process of removing the legal status of a currency unit. It is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. The old unit of currency must be retired or decommissioned.
Zimbabwe adopted the multiple currency system or dollarisation in 2009 and it is therefore necessary to demonetise the Zimbabwe dollar unit to replace it with the multiple currency system as was approved in the Finance (No 2) Act of 2009.

Demonetisation is not compensation for the loss of value of the Zimbawe dollar due to hyperinflation. It is an exchange process. Let’s hope that we have learnt valuable lessons from the period of hyperinflation.
According to professor Steve Hanke, Zimbabwe’s inflation peaked at over 79 000 000 000%, that’s 98% a day.
That means that prices doubled every 24 hours! Zimbabwe recorded the second highest rate of inflation in history. Only Hungary in 1946 recorded a higher rate of inflation where inflation reached 4,19 x 10¹⁶% or 207% per day. In the case of Hungary prices doubled every 15 hours.

According to the great economist John Maynard Keynes, “There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”
Former Russian leader Vladimir Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency.
By a continuing process of inflation a substantially major part of the wealth of citizens in a country is systematically and undetected taken away from them. Through this method, not only is their wealth destroyed but obliterated arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes the majority, it enriches a selected few.
The sight of this arbitrary re-arrangement of riches strikes not only at security but also at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.
Hyperinflation saw the transfer of wealth in Zimbabwe. It did this in a latent way that very few people realised. Those who were smart enough to invest in properties and shares preserved the real value of their savings.
For the most part, people kept their money in savings accounts whose value was eventually destroyed by hyperinflation. Overnight people found themselves with their life savings wiped out. Let’s hope that history is never repeated not only for Zimbabwe, but for the whole of Africa. There are important lessons to be learnt from this period of hyperinflation.

Demonetisation spells the end of this period and heralds a new beginning for Zimbabwe.
The process reaffirms government’s commitment to the multi-currency regime. In the January 2015 Monetary Policy Statement, Mangudya alluded to the conditions precedent before any change from the multicurrency system can be entertained.

To avoid any doubts, these are highlighted below:
Foreign exchange reserves equivalent to one year import cover;
Sustainable government budget;

Low and stable interest rate environment;
Sustainable level of consumer and business confidence;
Confidence in the financial sector; and
Creation of job opportunities.

Zimbabwe is back in business and it means going back to basics. It has moved from hyperinflation to a deflationary environment.

The risks are different this time. Government needs to find a way to reflate the economy without having the means to print money. The only option is to attract investment and to welcome foreign investors. The only way to do this is to create an enabling business environment and respect for property rights.
Demonetisation is the first step towards restoring credibility in the country.
Much more needs to be done to restore investor confidence.

Article Ends

This nonsense is affecting so many lives and so many are losing everything they have over this nonsense. They are victims but victims from their own ignorance and stubbornness and they too are at fault since they have been warned over and over again who the culprits and who is passing down this disinformation. So now once again I am telling you to be careful who you are listening to on these dinar info conference calls and what you read on these forums.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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