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Grüße aus Bayern,

Today’s news is a continuing saga about the Iraq dinar revaluation. If you have not done so already please read my news letter from 6/27 ) since this is yet more news on this topic.

I know I must sound like a broken record once again but I can assure you, until there is the needed physical security and political stability in Iraq there will be no currency revaluation.

I am therefore showing you the path to this process. We will know when we get there since the CBI will ultimately tell us once again they are beginning the project to delete the zeros. But first they must get the security situation under control and pass the needed laws that help in this process and  also for the healing that must take place from Reconciliation reforms (Erbil) something that was part of the Abadi platform for election.

I am providing a mid-week update. It is all good again and in our favor so relax.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday July 1st and still no RV.  Does it really surprise you? Yes JUNE has come to an end already and still no RV. I find it funny how many “gurus” said this would never and could never reach June never mind July but once again they are wrong and spread this misinformation based on nothing of substance except their own rumtel ( rumor intel). No sound facts and very few articles, as real news from Iraq itself.

Many of you are determined to soak up this misinformation , Yes – you are so desperate for someone to feed you this garbage and so desperate to get your money. Many of you should be ashamed of yourselves in these attitudes. You make yourselves into victims and then when you get hurt you blame others that have only been trying to help. I say vent your anger at those perpetrating the crimes.

So Ramadan is now in progress. Oh wait a second! Wasn’t it supposed to RV prior to the beginning of this holiday? ….lol… Just so everyone know Ramadan continues to July 17thin Iraq and it will have little impact as to whether the RV happens or not.

So from all I know do not expect any RV in the coming weeks maybe even months. I will explain.

Two other events having little to no impact on the RV are the Iranian nuclear negotiations and the Greece bailout. I know these so called “gurus” are telling you otherwise. I am not hearing any news contrary to this statement. Why do I say this?

I am saying this because if Greece was truly a holdup then why would they have considered triggering the RV in the past? Greece has had multiple bailouts in the past- No? Yes? This Greece situation is nothing new. So you see now how silly this is since if you are aware of how these so called “gurus” pass on their misinformation they can’t even remember what they have told you in the past and contradict themselves over and over again. Only now they are out of any news to tell you so they have pick the Greece crisis to make their dinar RV intel headlines.

The Iranian crisis is also the same rhetoric. This crisis too is nothing new. This may very well go on for many more months if not until the end of the Obama administration. I am beginning to believe it just may do that.

Right now Iran is saying that the terms of the June 30th date, as spelled out by the USA, is not correct and so this justified not abiding by them. This is of course similar to what Maliki would do in Iraq and displays the same tactics of the Iranian administration and other middle eastern dictatorships. The truth is only what they want to believe to meet their purpose. They have different intentions no matter what they negotiate. Iran is stalling. They will say and sign anything to stall for time until they can develop their nuclear warhead. This is their only target besides the Whitehouse after they have the bomb.

With the Iranian negotiations, was there not  a June 30th date (now July 7th) deadline and so these intel “gurus” have some date, any date to use to continue the sage with you and to string you along. You see they constantly need a date, any date. That is their tactics, this is their method of constantly stringing you along. So if they can fabricate from the air a believable date they do it. If they can pluck some legitimate date from the news media they do it. They then use the date  and  somehow roll into their RV news. This is called using an ounce of truth to justify a pound of lies. It’s the oldest con game ever and many of you fall for it on every call.

So what is now really happening in Iraq?
Last week we read an article telling us that parliament fully intended  to schedule a session today,  Wednesday, and vote on a “package” of 150 laws. I know they have said this before and may have to do it again but the main point here is they are attempting it once again and it is still their intentions. So this week we are hearing there were many objections to this way of handling the final voting on these laws. Speaker Jabouri then announced that there is a constitutional provision that may allow the three (3) presidents to implement any law deemed stalled over a period of time by parliament (as stated in the constitution) that is critical to the nation. He said he does not prefer to request the use of this provision but will if parliament does not move forward.

I can see how speaker of the house Jabouri was using this constitutional provision as a legal threat to light a fire under parliament to stop stalling on this group of laws. For us this shows the urgency. It also shows that all three presidents (Masuom, Jabouri and Abadi) are working together in this administration to move Iraq forward.

The Three Presidents
For those that do not follow Iraq politics on an ongoing basis, I will explain now briefly the term “three presidents” and what it means. I am doing this since you have asked me to clarify. This term applies mainly to the executive and legislative branches.

The Iraqi government is composed of the executive, judicial and legislative branches as well as many independent commissions from time to time.

Executive Branch:
Fuad Masum – is “the”  president and three vice presidents make up the executive branch;

Haider al Abadi – a president as prime minister for the council of ministers (30 members of his cabinet) along with three deputy prime ministers as also part of the executive branch. Ties into the legislative sector in that it writes needed laws and once passes the cabinet then are passed on to the legislative branch for finalization.

Legislative Branch:
Salim al-Jabouri – a president as head of the legislative branch of parliament (325 members of called Council of Representatives). Main legislative body.

Ayed Allawi – president of the Federated Council (or Council of Union) is part of the legislative branch. Filters out all laws as adopted by parliament and has the authority to either pass or reject those laws.

Judicial Branch:
Madhat Al-Mahmood – Iraqi Chief  Justice of Supreme Court (9 judges on constitutional matters), Court of Cassation (5 vice presidents, 24 judges), Subordinate Courts (everyday dispute courts down to provincial level)

The ongoing term for the three presidents is only a term used by Iraq. The Arabic to English translation  designates the three key leaders of the sectors of government. The term president is used like the term leader.

Maliki Update
Many have  said the it is only mnt goat’s “opinion”  that former prime minister Maliki and his goons must be dealt with prior to any RV. Really? Folks if I am giving my opinion I will let you.

This situation with Maliki is not opinion. It is a matter of fact and is ongoing. It is required actions by the USA and by the needed reforms and healing for Iraq. It is required prior to any RV I can assure of this and stake any reputation on it.

Maliki  is to be used as an EXAMPLE for the international community to see of what happens to dictators when justice is applied as they are accountable for their actions in the International Criminal Court (ICC). It will not be the first time a dictator or a leader of a country have been alleged of international crimes and justice bears down on them by the ICC.

I will, however, give the organization “Amnesty International” much credit for all the effort they have made in the area of concern in bringing justice in this matter of Maliki. I personally would consider donations to this group post-RV if you truly want to pay it forward.

President Bashar al-Assad you better be paying attention ….hint..hint…hint…they are coming for you too!

This all may seem like a slow legal process taking place but I can assure you that soon they will take Maliki into custody and it will make a huge news media splash. He knows too what is coming in the future. He is now restricted from leaving Iraq. His passports have been revoked. Many others too have been implicated and have already been arrested and taken into custody related to these crimes especially related to the Streicher massacre.

President Masum has asked Maliki to resign from his vice presidential position. They have given him until July 8th to accept or reject this proposal of resignation or they will oust him. The Dowa party has already been asked to find a replacement to fill this soon to be vacant position. Either way he will stand trial for his crimes of Genocide, Corruption and Treason. My OPINION is he will not be resigning by this offered deadline and will be forced out. If this happens I believe this is the time they will take him into custody.

It is my OPINION that the timing of the vindication of the former vice president Tariq al-Hashemi (under the former Maliki administration) will be such as to fill this vacant position. This to me will be justice come full circle…..lol……gotta luv it !

Some more drama to watch for –  As for me it will be rather enjoyable watching this all play out ……lol….
I have said in the past when dealing with Maliki, this will be my time to celebrate and open that bottle of champagne!

Other Clarifications
So it has been many weeks already since the MASTERCARD implementation has taken place for Iraq. Many are using the cards abroad for spending but still NO RV. Really?  Are you surprised? Geee no RV?

I have told you there would be NO IMPACT on the RV. Do you believe me now? What other situations and events have I talked about to “debunk” this misinformation and tell you the truth only for us to see it all play out the way I have told it? I will try to continue to do this for YOUR benefit. I am here to help YOU understand this saga.  This is the purpose of the mnt goat news letters.

Just as I am telling you now the Greece situation has NO IMPACT. However the  Iranian nuclear situation could and most probably could impact negotiations to rid Iraq of Iranian Kud forces and terrorist activities incited by Iran. If I were in Obama’s shoes I surly would include this as a bargaining chip.

I am also now hearing that August 6th is a stated deadline to complete the rollover of all decentralization efforts down to the provinces. What does this mean to Iraq?

It is just a date for Iraq to target. I am not using this in any way to say an RV will happen byAug 6th so back off, relax on these insane thoughts.

It is my OPINION they intend to try to adhere to this deadline. As usual already there is grumblings that it can not be completed since the laws are not fully in place to legally allow it to happen, one example is the National Guard and Amnesty laws.

Can you see now why speaker Jubouri is pushing to vote on this “basket” of 150 needed laws?

What does this mean to us for the RV?
It means lots since we know that Iraq must fully implement its constitution before any RV. I have told you this many times already in previous news letters. So if they pull this off it is one more notch (a huge milestone) to completing the needed requirements for resolving the stabilization and security issues I also have mentioned that needed to be done prior to any RV. So you see now how this is all interconnected?

If you are now going to ask me for a laundry list of exactly what must be done in order to complete the RV requirements I am sorry to disappoint you.

There is no such list. Like I said before many times. No one is monitoring these events in relation to bringing back their currency online and completing Article 8 of the UN charter. Instead it is all about a satisfactory level of needed security and stability in Iraq. The RV will just happen and be a byproduct.

Who determines this level ?

This level is determined by Iraq fulfilling all its promised obligations from the past agreements, then taking an overall look at who the bad guys are and what influence they still can have over Iraq.

GCR Clarification
Folks I am sorry to disappoint everyone but there is no such thing as a GCR (global currency reset).

It is not even an IMF term and denied by the head of the IMF when asked. You have only been told this term so many times for so long that now you believe it. Somewhere in dinar “guru” land (this make believe world of OZ), they have again take an ounce of truth and made it into a pound of intel.

I will say this one more time – read my lips – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GCR !

Do you no read or listen to the news? Have you not witnessed the IMF bailing out Spain, Italy and Greece (multiple times already) already with funding assistance from member nations?

So what do you call this if not an economic financial reset or adjustments. They have constaintly tried to reset the economies already.

Folks this has been ongoing effort since 2008 and so there is no “magic” button to be pressed where 190 currencies will all RV at the same time to re-adjust to the Iraqi dinar value. Simply so ridiculous I got to laugh at this each time I hear it and I hear it so much in the forums and on these info conference calls, it is scary how so many are so misinformed.

May there be some adjustments (devaluations and revaluations) of other currencies based on the SDR tied to the Iraq dinar?  Yes absolutely– but these adjustments are ongoing and happen everyday in the real world and are happening now in fact and they will happen again. They will happen then too when the Iraqi dinar does make a drastic change in value. This is how the currency exchanges work. This is the money market.

So what about the other currencies with larger revaluing rates such as the Vietnam Dong, Indonesia Rupia and the Zimbabwe on the bank screens right now ?

I will address again the currency that gives me the most concerns. It is the ZIM.  I am still not fully sure what Zimbabwe is doing. I know they had a deadline of June 30th to discontinue their 2008, 2009 AA notes. Some day it is now moved out to September 2015.

There is no indication as to if this is applied either to just in country or to international exchanges. I can assume it is only in country since my Bank of Deutsches did not have the live rate as advertised from Zimbabwe for this initial collection effort when I checked.

I have an OPINION on this. Do you want to hear it?

So recently we have heard that the project to recall any ZIM notes is now completed. The country is moving forward with implementation of printing and distributing lower denominations that are GOLD backed. Their news not mine, not rumor according to their news channels and article. So what happened to the September deadline if they are not telling us this project is now all done?

I believe  the .11 – .13 cents we are seeing on the bank screens of upcoming updated exchange rates (now on hold) may be the value of the new currency and not the older notes we hold.

So having said this –  Will they allow the holders outside the country in the future to someday exchange the older 2008, 2009 AA notes at the value of the newer notes on the bank screens? Why would they do this?

So to answer this question I have to ask another one – Will the treasures of countries like Germany and the USA then take their exchanged notes, as collected when we exchange our old notes if allowed, back to Zimbabwe and demand GOLD for them? Could this be the plan? It does not fully make sense to me unless in the process they somehow manipulate or raise the price of GOLD far beyond the paid out value to the holder of the old notes. Somehow there has to be an incentive here to allow us holders of these older notes to exchange them.

Remember at .11 cents a 100 trillion 2009 AA notes could be worth $11,000,000 million. I just do not see the full rational and where all this money is going to come from for the exchanges. The math does not add up.

I do not fully see or hear of any plan, any deals with Zimbabwe or anything else that would lead me to believe we are going to exchange our older notes any day soon if ever. In fact what I am hearing is we had our chance by June 30th. But the European and USA banks did not honor the advertised rate from Zimbabwe so how could be exchange without traveling to Zimbabwe. Even if we traveled to Zimbabwe who wanted that rate anyhow since we would lose money on the deal. Were we then scammed into buying these older notes?  Just a question not a statement ….yet….

But then again I need to research this further and if there is a plan this information is being kept very quite. But if there is no plan then I would have to say this new bank screen rate is only for the newer GOLD backed currency and not the older notes and we have been screwed.

Oh- but wait a second! Did not Zimbabwe government also announce a couple weeks ago they were going back to using the US dollar and not going to have a currency of their own for a very long time.

Then just weeks later we then read articles of the newer lower, gold backed denoms coming out. Very confusing and with mixed messages. So what is really going on?

Still too many questions about the ZIM. I am not a financial advisor but for me I would personally hold off on any more purchases of ZIM since right now it is looking more like a collectors currency and not an investment currency.

So who is telling the truth?
When will they open up the .11 – .13 cent rate to the general public and just what currency will it apply to?

We all surly hope the new rate will apply to the larger notes we hold ……lol………

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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