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Grüße aus Bayern,

Today’s news is a continuing saga about the Iraq dinar revaluation. If you have not done so already please read my news letter from 7/1 since this is yet more news on this topic.

I know I must sound like a broken record once again but I can assure you, until there is the needed physical security and political stability in Iraq there will be no currency revaluation.

I am therefore showing you the path to this process. We will know when we get there since the CBI will ultimately tell us once again they are beginning the project to delete the zeros.

But first they must get the security situation under control and pass the needed laws that help in this process and  also for the healing that must take place from Reconciliation reforms (Erbil) something that was part of the Abadi platform for election.

These needed laws are  not needed just for the sake of having them. They are two fold – one is for the Reconciliation effort and two is part of the security effort. They are all interconnected somehow.

I am providing a mid week update. It is all good again and in our favor so relax.

[Today’s News]

Today is Tuesday July 7th and still no RV.  Everything is progressing forward but there is still some influence from the Maliki syndrome that is muddying the waters. This is causing delay in getting agreements on the needed laws.

[Update on the Oil Revenues Distributions]

I want to start off this news letter today with a weird article that on the surface is informing the people about terrorists gangs that were arrested however the article is actually telling us much more.

I want to warn you not to be confused about the many articles telling us about payments of salaries, pensions benefits or other government programs on the SMART cards. These payments are not going to the new National Cards (identity cards/oil cards).

These are existing programs and many payments have already been made on these existing SMART cards. In fact they have been paying out already now for over 18 months on these cards.

It is once again the beginning of the month and so these payouts are critical to each citizen and so you will once again read tons of articles and rhetoric pertaining to them, but for the most part we can ignore these articles since to us, for the revaluation process, they are not telling us what we are now looking for.

We can also see that they are two months behind in these payments (for May and June) and some even three months behind.

Since it is Ramadan and the last 10 days of Ramadan is called  Eid (Ramadan ends on the 7/17). This is their beginning of a 10 day gift giving period when the Islamic fasting period is broken and the prosperity period begins. So it makes sense that they are trying to get money in the hands of the citizens for shopping in this last stage of the holiday period. Could this also be an excellent time also for a revaluation of the currency?

We all heard about a month ago that Iraq would begin the use of the “National” cards. These are much different than the SMART cards now already in use.

These new National cards are also an identity card and will help not only secure the needed benefits on the cards from thieves but also are like an in-country passport. In the future is a citizen is stopped for a justified reason and they can not present a valid National card they will be arrested and confined until their true identity can be made.

This will cut down on terrorists groups, many of which are now performing their dastardly deeds in the open. I quote from the article – “It is the card specifications they will be valid for ten years, which contain information on the real property and civil registration, criminal registration, as well as car ownership and other information”

So months ago we were told that these National cards would be loaded with the first batch of oil royalties from the oil revenues.

This was great news since when they payout on the oil revenues we know HCL is being paid out and we know this is one of the major requirements that must be fulfilled prior to any rolling out of their new currency (meeting Article 8 of the UN charter).

But today is July 7th already and still we have no word of any payments on these National cards. Why?

This article is telling us why and I will quote from the article – “The Interior Ministry confirmed “the arrival of shipments of device and equipment for the system of national card with the arrival of the first shipments of crude national card,”

In this article you can see that the holdup is a technical issue since they did not yet have all the needed equipment to process these cards. For months now the citizens have been coming forward to sign up for the cards and so now we see the capability to generate these cards and get them in the hands of the citizens.

So you can see they even make reference to the National card as the “crude national card”. They are doing this since the card’s main purpose will be to payout these oil royalties.

When do they want to begin using these cards as National identity cards?

I quote from the article – “He noted that the first phase of this project will be launched on the 25th of this month,”

When do they then plan to begin paying out on the oil royalties thus using these National cards for this purpose?

The article does not tell us this specific information today and we wait to hear of any news on the beginning of these payments. We did however months ago read articles telling us these payments were planned for June/July timeframe.

This makes sense to me but we can see now how late they are in this process. So my guess they probably will not be able to payout any oil revenues until Aug/Sept timeframe instead. Just my guess.

Article Follows:

Baghdad province announced the arrest of three terrorist gangs

BAGHDAD – Wafaa Amer  Baghdad province announced that on 25 July of this first phase will see the launch of the single card project. This comes at a time revealed the arrest of three terrorist gangs.

Technical MP for the province of Baghdad Jassem Mohan Boukhaty said in a statement the “morning”: that “the province also adopted in coordination with the Interior unified card project, which will contribute to the elimination of administrative and financial corruption and contributes at the speed of completion of transactions. ”

He noted that the first phase of this project will be launched on the 25th of this month, as it will ease the burden of the use of the four documents in formal reviews when citizens, pointing out that the province has been delivered by the project system (GPS) cross erected thousands of cameras connected to the network Wide to show all citizens in the system data.

The Interior Ministry confirmed “the arrival of shipments of device and equipment for the system of national card with the arrival of the first shipments of crude national card,” pointing out that “the specialists in the card Directorate will develop a special mechanism to call the citizens and explain how their review to circles Status installed in chains “.

uchir official estimates that the financial cost of this project, which believes in shorthand four official cards of the Iraqi people and one card, will increase to $ 400 million, but it will ensure reduction of more than 30 million card and record, and turn them into digital information using the devices and systems modern.

It is the card specifications they will be valid for ten years, which contain information on the real property and civil registration, criminal registration, as well as car ownership and other information.

With regard to the security file, said Boukhaty that “the province has supported a lot of security projects in the capital in order to create a solid system protect citizens from all attacks. ”

He said that the province has made several achievements in this field, including the establishment of Sitarat with Directorate (k9) in the Ministry of Interior, in addition to strengthening the typical checkpoints eight sonar system of international origins contributed acronym inspection and easily detect suspects.

However, he noted that the province is currently coordinating with the Ministry of Interior to reconsider Balsetarat deployed in Baghdad, especially that most of these checkpoints proved ineffective in keeping the security situation or explosives detection, and therefore, there are efforts in order to pull the checkpoints to the ends of the entrances to Baghdad while keeping checkpoints president.

He Boukhaty : that “the Baghdad belt rivers surrounded by hand Diyala River to the east, as well as the Tigris River from the other side,” explaining that the province has proposed to the Ministry of Interior to the entrances of Baghdad be among the areas with which the water in order to cut any way to carry out terrorist operations where and ease of detection entrants them suspects.

He also called for technical deputy to activate the work of the protections of the characters of the officials in the arrest of the terrorists, adding that their number more than 164 thousand in Baghdad, a number sufficient to monitor the collaborators movements with gangs and sleeper cells through intelligence coordination higher,

as well as the intensification of protection to vital facilities, which are targets fixed for terrorists such as universities and schools, as well as mosques and Shiite mosques and stations of water, electricity and vital projects, warning that the northern and southern regions to the outskirts of Baghdad need to intelligence effort intensive and control to monitor the kidnapping gangs and perpetrators Alamilit.

ovi this context, announced Boukhaty that the security forces have recently arrested three terrorist gangs in the areas of Salman Beck, Abu Ghraib, Yusufiyah, including criminal who carried out the car bomb on the MP

Ahmad al-Khafaji’s motorcade as it passed in the Holy Kadhimiya area through November of last year the month of 20

Article Ends

[Update on the 50K note rollout]

This next article is very, so very important. It is so important because it is dealing with the new 50,000 note (or coin) they are planning to roll out. It is important too because they can not roll out this new coin unless they also significantly increase the value of their currency. They know this too.

The Iraqi economists have presented many cases in favor and against this action of the new coin. We have article after article as this debate took place. Do you remember?

I presented and talked about many of them in my recent past news letters. Those against this new coin state that they MUST coordinate carefully to increase the value of the dinar significantly to ward off hyper-inflation. This inflation could occur rapidly if these new notes were to add the already inflated value of the existing dinar (three zero notes now in circulation).

This article #1 below is also telling us they will first launch the 50,000 coin and then wait to see what happens. Then later launch the 100,000 coin. So we know both coins are in the future agenda and this has not changed.

The last paragraph is very confusing. They are telling us that the new 50,000 coin will not be launched until the end of 2015 however in the first paragraph they just told us they would be launched during the current month (July).

So is this a translation issue from Arabic to English?  I do not want to weave a thread but I believe this is a translation issue and what they really are saying is the 50.000 coin will be issued prior to the end of this year (2015) and thus the 100,000 coin can not go until after this period.

As a result  I believe we will see the 50,000 coin much sooner than later.

There is even information from the CBI to confirm to us that they were supposed to have issued the first batch of the coins last weekend, thus in the early part of July. I am hearing this is still their desire so we may be very close to this event. It is only July 8th.

Isn’t it amazing how such a small, seemingly insignificant article, can be so powerful!

Remember almost nothing in Iraq is done according to their project time tables. They are always a week or more late from what they tell us to the actual physical reality of the event.

This much we should all know and understand by now. This is not a trick to deceive us since they do not give a hoot whether we know or not. In fact they prefer we know the true facts, if knowing anything. These articles are not intended for us as investors but for the average Iraqi citizen.

Article 2 is telling us yet even more about these National cars and what the hold up is specifically in the Kirkuk region. So we can see they are struggling and trying to work around the terrorists as much as possible but the terrorists ISIS are still a thorn in their side.

I quote from article 2 presented below- “ “The completion of transactions displaced stop was the result of hot areas of the province to surround and fear of infiltration and to preserve the security of Kirkuk”.

Article 1 Follows:

Special scales News

A commission of economy and investment representative, Wednesday, for the new currency launch of the 50 class thousand dinars to the Iraqi market during the current month.

He said committee member Najiba Najib’s / scales News / “The central bank will present the new category of coin fifty thousand dinars to the Iraqi market during the current month after the completion of all their actions.”

Najib added that “the other category of 100 000 dinars will go after the launch of the 50 category Alaracqa thousand dinars in the market for a while Alasthoudarat and procedures for that category is complete and make sure of their advantages and disadvantages.”

This “revealed the Central Bank of Iraq, his request to wait for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars, noting that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category of the local currency will be the end of this year” .anthy / 29 / d 24

Article 1 Ends

Article 2 Follows:


Kirkuk / NINA:

The director of the Directorate of Nationality in Kirkuk, Brigadier General Adnan Ali Hamadi that the security incidents in June 2014 and lower the general budget halted a number of projects such as the unified national card project and the opening of the new building of the Directorate of the ePassport.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / The completion of transactions displaced stop was the result of hot areas of the province to surround and fear of infiltration and to preserve the security of Kirkuk.

He explained that the lack of existing staff in the six circles Directorate as well as small Directorate place are the most important obstacles faced by the Directorate in the performance and completion of transactions of the citizens.

With regard to dealing with the displaced in Kirkuk after the June events of 2014, stated that: “In the beginning cooperated with the displaced to maximum cooperation and then came to us the direction of the governor of Kirkuk and the us Department of Immigration to stop the completion of the displaced transactions because the province is surrounded by hot areas and fear of infiltration and to preserve the security of the city. ”

Article 2 Ends

[Other Key Dates]

There are two other important key dates to keep in mind.

This resignation is being driven by the alleged crimes of genocide and corruption and treason. They can’t afford to have someone in such a high government position and being investigated for these crimes.

So tomorrow is July 8th , the date when Iraqi president Masum has asked Maliki to make a decision as to his resignation. Let’s see how this plays out. Of course my opinion is he will not resign from the VP position and will be forced out.

This resignation will be the easy course of action for us and I and my family will be cheering all the way from Europe. I am sure you will hear us in USA….lol….

The other key date is August 6th. This may seem far off but time seems to creep up on us.

Why is this date significant?

It is significant because the GOI has told us that this is the deadline to completing the decentralization effort down to the provinces. This means the transfer of the ministry powers and the setting up of the National Guard units needed for provincial security. Both need the final passing of some laws. So now we see an outside window for the completion of these laws.

This is all coming together very nicely. If you knew only half of what I know you too would be very happy.

I hope  to be able to tell you soon that there is an RV window. I can truly see one in the near future.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat

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