UU6715 – “5 Key Events“  by Mnt Goat

Grüße aus Bayern,

The news is a continuing saga about the Iraq dinar revaluation. If you have not done so already please read my news letter from 7/7 since this is yet more news on this topic.

I know I must sound like a broken record once again but I can assure you, until there is the needed physical security and political stability in Iraq there will be no currency revaluation.

So if I could summarize any events that I would now we watching for, these are the events I describe today in this news letter.  Through these events they might even give us some clear clues as to how close we really are to the currency reform in Iraq.

[Today’s News]

Today is Saturday July 11th and still no RV.  Everything is progressing forward. I need everyone to stay focused on these events I am describing to you today. We can not give up hope on this situation in Iraq. There is simply way too much PTB interests in this region for them to give up and run.

Are we going to see an RV this weekend? I can absolutely, positively tell you there will be NO ANNOUNCEMENT of an RV this weekend or in the coming week. Sorry!

I say this not because I am thinking it but because I know it for a fact.  Like I have said many times, I know that a three letter agency is using these sources of information (forums and conference calls) to pass misinformation to everyone. They are now doing this constantly to discredit those that are gullible (and dumb) enough to pass it along to you. Can you now see through this web of constant deception?

So if not this week then when will the RV happen?

How many times must I tell you. The RV will happen as a by-product of the situation in Iraq. When they have ENOUGH political and security stabilization they will chose to pull the trigger on the RV. From all my sources I am hearing they have NOT yet reached this level but are moving forward rapidly.

No! – the terrorists will NOT have their way. This will not drag this effort on forever. Please read the articles. They are telling us so much.

They may have caused yet another delay in the freedom process for Iraq but the overall plan will inevitably triumph.  Remember too it is not just ISIS in itself but a long history of the Maliki as the ring leader and his band of goons as terrorists in Iraq and assisting in Syria.

As we know the earth evolves. One thing we know for sure is time will change everything. Time is always our friend or our enemy. We too will live today and die some day. Terrorism, just as it once did not exist, will also fade away an once again that era along with it. More peaceful times are ahead.

You see folks this evil, satanic monster erects it ugly head over and over again. This is the challenge of society. This is our challenge as human beings wanting to live in love and prosperity.

So our way of life is constantly being challenged and we must meet that challenge but in the process we must never give up hope.

Just remember all those that were confined in concentration camps in WWII. Some say the survivors were lucky, but in reality they just never gave up on hope and never stopped believing in their dreams of liberation and freedom.

If you read about these victims they will tell you over and over again what truly kept them alive. It was their thoughts, simply their thoughts!  Their thoughts of constantly dreaming not about their situation but about another life of abundance and prosperity. I know this is hard to do when you are knee deep in crap but you must arise to this challenge and stay sane through this entire process.

For if you don’t then what good will this benefit you. You would have wasted…simply wasted al these years. So how will you come out the other side – will it be healthy, wealthy and wise?

Today we don’t give up. We move forward and meet the challenge ahead to combat terrorism. We know that this investment is much more than just an investment or a speculation. It is really about meeting the challenge of fighting global terrorism. We are all now involved in this effort like it or not.

Once again, like fighting Fascism and Nazism during WWII, we are now faced with this new monster, this new challenge  in our generation. Like many who ignored and denied the plight  of the millions of imprisoned Jews will we too, in our generation, ignore the millions of homeless refugees in the middle east?

So now in our challenge to stay focused in this investment. I wanted to keep this news letter today very short.  I have gathered some information on events that I see coming to us in the very near future. These are nothing new to us since I have talked about them many times already.

Let us now look at these five (5) items below.

1) Amnesty is huge as I have told you in many of my news letters and will continue to tell you. Many have said they will not fight the battle for Mosul without Amnesty, they are about to start the battle, so is amnesty now done? Iraq has said a final vote is coming next week.

2) When we hear that those F16s finally being sent over from Arizona USA

3) When Maliki is gone (ICC is about to arrest him, Abadi already told Dowa party to find another candidate for his VP position, Maliki was given to July 8th to resign or take the hard road, its now July 11th. We await for the news.

4) First payout of HCL money to Iraqi citizens (finance ministry said they would do it in the June/July timeframe, it is July 11th already)

5) Completion of the decentralization plan by August 6th (must get the final vote on the Federation Council and get these provincial National Guard units established). Their date not mine.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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