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Today’s News

Today is Monday August 17th and still we have no news of an RV ad will not see any RV window at least for a few weeks or more.  I can positively, irrevocably and in my hearts of hearts (LOL) tell you here will be not even be a chance of an RV until at least mid September timeframe.  I do not care what other “gurus” are telling you to hype you up again. It is impossible to significantly increase the IQD currency prior to this date. No- I am not predicting a date and I simply said we might be in a good window at that time but let’s wait and see what happens between now and then.

So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised.

I also want to remind everyone that I told you the cuts in salaries has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the RV and everything to do with just saving money and trying to balance the budget. These cuts were also to standardize government employee salaries to a fair pay scale ridding Iraq of favoritism and unnecessary perks.

Today we heard announcements that parliament’s salaries were in fact being paid out and NOT CUT and so all you guru’s were wrong once again…….too bad ! Again all the hype for nothing.

Let’s get on with today’s news.
As expected the council of ministers said in a recent article they would have ready to pass along a second set of reforms to parliament for review and implementation by Tuesday 8/18of this week. I know the translation of the article is not the greatest as we read it. It does appear however they are talking about a recap of the reforms set in motion over a year ago and the various timelines associated with them. So I am thinking Abadi might be targeting the laws necessary to fully fulfill the Reconciliation Reforms next? Just my guess. What do you think? We will find out more later this week. Article follows.

Article Begins:



Sunday, Hadithi press office- A spokesman for Prime Minister Abadi, A second reform package during the cabinet meeting the next Tuesday.

The newborn’s “Eye Iraq News”, “The first reform package decisions different in the time limit Some paragraphs accomplish in a week and some period of a month or two and some did not specify a time limit for its implementation,” noting that “the question of the owners of salaries of special grades can not be determined ceiling specified time and es pecially that in Iraq more than four thousand private degree employees. ”
He stressed that “al-Abadi was determined to launch a second package will not be the last, but there are other package, especially after the reform that was supported Ajraeth by the legislature,” noting that it “expects that the prime minister called a second package during the Cabinet meeting to be held next Tuesday.”

The House resentatives votrr, last Tuesday, the reforms made by the prime minister Haider al-Abadi package, and the package of parliamentary reforms submitted by the President of Parliament, Salim al.Ended

Article Ends

Another article telling us of some news of clean up still from the first set of reforms is the reduction in personnel in his own council of ministers (or cabinet) from 33 to 22. So he dismissed 10 ministers.

Next we see Abadi announcing he eliminated 4 of the ministries (thus dismissed 4 ministers) and combined 8 other ministries into others (thus dismissing another 8 ministers).

He also dismissed the vice (or deputy) prime minister and eliminated its position.

He is telling us also for this action he does not need parliamentary approval since his power for this action comes from Article 78 of the Iraqi constitution. So the results are immediate.

This is all very good news and expected since the IMF has told them to streamline their government to work towards meeting their budget. It is all work taken to get Iraq out of this financial crisis.

There is not going to be any RV until this financial crisis is over. The RV, it is felt, is not the solution to the financial crisis and would only make things worst and might encourage ramped corruption unless these issues are addressed prior. Remember the RV is a product of the process and NOT THE SOLUTION !

Article Begins:


Tomorrow Press
20:32 08/16/2015

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Prime Minister decided Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, the abolition of four ministries and the integration of the other eight, in addition to reducing the number of cabinet members to 22 members instead of 33 members.

Abadi’s press office said in a statement received “tomorrow Press,” that “based on the requirements of the public interest and based on Article 78 of the Constitution and the delegation of the House of Representatives, on behalf of the people we have decided to cancel the posts of Vice Prime Minister.”

The name of the people we have decided to reduce the number of members of the Council of” Ministers to be 22 members in addition to the Prime Minister rather than the 33 members.”

Office and he said he “decided to cancel the ministerial positions for the following ministries: the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of State for Women’s Affairs, Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of State.”

He pointed out that he “decided to restructure the following ministries: the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the integration of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, and the integration of the Ministry of Municipalities, Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the integration of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture.”

Office and pointed out that “the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers shall take the necessary measures to implement the provisions of the above procedures,” stressing that “this thing is implemented from the date of issue.”

Decentralization is Completed

So weeks ago we heard news that 8 of the ministries were having difficulties transferring the needed data down to the provinces from the Baghdad government ministries. We also know that there was a constitutional deadline looming that of August 5th.  Did Iraq make this deadline? I think they were a little late but very close. It is completed.

This article today is telling us they completed this effort and are now beginning to launch the funding down to the provinces to support this decentralized effort much as the USA Federal Government funds state projects when dictated down to the state level. They would not be funding it if it was not completed.

Opps – looks like they forget to budget in some of these expenditures into the 2015 budget and plan to find the funding in the coming days.

So this is all good news because it is another item in the constitution that had to be fulfilled prior to any RV happening. Remember I told you the UN and the USA needs FULL implementation of the Iraq constitution prior to any RV (significant change in the value of their currency).

We have been waiting for this effort for almost 4 years to be completed.

Yes – the glass is half full ! I am very happy for Iraq.

Article follows:



Parliamentary Finance Committee said that the Ministry of Finance began to launch investment financial allocations in the budget of 2015 for the provinces and ministries Law.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: parliamentary Finance Committee said that the Ministry of Finance began to launch investment of financial allocations in the budget of 2015 for the provinces and ministries law after months-long halt due to the appeal made by the Council of Ministers on the law.

The Ministry of Water Resources last week that the Ministry of Finance has not launched investment allocations in the budget of 2015, which caused major problems with the private and public sector companies and foreign companies contracted.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad, said that the delays which occurred in the launch allocated to the provinces and ministries money was because of the appeal which was submitted on the budget by the Council of Ministers and Central Bank of the project, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance was unable to launch allocated money to the provinces and ministries until mid-July date.

Ahmed added that the Ministry of Finance will be launched during the financial allocations for the investment side of the provinces and ministries coming days, according to the budget law.

Baghdad has seen demonstrations in several provinces and continuous staff of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals state-owned companies and other ministries are demanding the government launch of overdue salaries for several months because of lack of financial approval for disbursement.

Article Ends

I also want to tell everyone now there seems to be a “brainwashing” by the intel Gurus to justify their own insanity when it comes to providing you up- to- date information concerning the Iraqi currency reform. I will tell you one more time THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GCR! (global currency reset). When the IQD increases in value there may be other currencies also adjusting but this happens each and every day. This is nothing new. All their information seems to be predicated on a GCR. One lie feeds another.

Also there is no “Conspiracy” to bring in a NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM” as many people seem to believe is going to happen when the GCR happens at a flick of a switch. Ridiculous again !

Folks there is a new financial system in play ALREADY and as times change the financial system must also get upgraded to compensate for these changes. Have you not been reading or listening to the news over these last 4 years? What do you think it was all about if not major global financial reforms? I tell you these reforms are already in play.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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