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In past news letters I talked about the Paris Conference that was held in June of this year and the evaluation of the actions taken by Abadi’s government so far. The results were favorable but there was still much work to do in the area of the reforms mainly in the area of completing the Reconciliation/ unity reforms and others such as the National Guard law, Amnesty, Judicial / Court reforms, Parties Law,  Decentralization, Federation Council, etc, and how I said these were the most controversial of all the reforms.

There was also other needed items on the list too like Tariffs, Investment laws and Banking laws. Much of this we are hearing is scheduled for future parliamentary sessions close at hand, some next week. .

These remaining reforms are difficult to implement since they are so interconnected with all the corruption and political leaders who don’t want the changes.

But Abadi gets his power from the people, since power puts increasing pressure on parliament to accept these needed reforms.

So today I believe Abadi has a new target – that of the Judiciary and Court System of Iraq. We will talk mostly about this aspect today. Hope this is okay for all your dinarians since this is very, very  important at the point we are now at.

Abadi must deal with the judiciary now in order to get some of these other laws passed and properly deal with much of the corruption. So how do you judiciously deal with corruption in your ministries if the court system itself is corrupt?

Do you see now what I mean when I say this mess in Iraq had to be sorted out by Abadi and priorities placed, a plan was designed. What is happening is not just coincidental.

He is taking on one bite at a time and being cautious. He now has support (and continues) to have support of the citizens in this work that lays ahead. There is also another problem too as the parliament needs a major shaking up. I expect news of this too any day now. But his will be Jubouri’s job with pressure again from the protestors and crowds on the streets.

The news of today is all Wunderbar !

From it we get a great viewpoint as to Abadi’s next step and where he is going with all this. We know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be no RV without Amnesty and other laws. This is given facts to us. So to get these needed laws implemented Abadi must clean up the crocked judiciary system (as well as his ministers).

But Abadi’s work doesn’t stop here with the judicial and I do not want you to think Abadi is single threading his efforts. In fact it is just the opposite as this guy is multi tasking in many directions and is hard to keep up with him. But some of us know the long term goals and plan and so as we read articles and news briefs it becomes more and more apparent of his next steps. It is almost predictable.

Many of you were shocked at the latest reforms this past weekend by sacking of many of his ministers. I do not understand why you where so shocked. This was all expected. I am trying to constantly tell you what to expect next, as I am today too in this news letter.

So I need to continue now with today’s topic. So let’s look at the judiciary and see what he is doing in this area.

Today’s News

Today is Saturday August 15th and still we have no news of an RV.

There are some intel “gurus” still being persistent on telling you this is our weekend or we should see it by Monday. Really! Folks I am beginning to believe that, in light of everything that has happened this past week, that these “gurus” are either simply nuts or they have another hidden agenda as to why they feel they have to keep you  in a state of hype.

The reality is they know darn well now that their contacts are sending them misleading information. Not only have I told them to be careful over and over again but also this past week was more evidence, enough that it is glaring them in the face that these reforms MUST BE COMPLETED or there will be no RV. So what is there problem? What is their real agenda?

So we know that in this Paris Conference, held last June, the UN and the USA basically said to Iraq that they need to clean up their court system (as well as institute many reforms I will not be talking about today)

So what happened recently to tell us Abadi is targeting the judiciary?

Out pops the resignation of Medhat al-Mahmoud. This judge was bought and paid for by Maliki to decide cases. Some of us watched many of these bad decisions over the years and wondered just what was going on. How could Iraq be so corrupt? One in particular that comes to mind was how the 2014 elections were run and how long it took for any results to be publicized.

We heard way back years ago that Mahmoud was beyond the constitutional age limit for his position as a judge to be residing as the chairman of the supreme judicial council. So why didn’t they just sack this guy years ago? They had a constitutional basis to do it. But who would have to ultimately decide the case? – Mahmoud himself so you know this was not going to happen. Do you remember articles on  this topic?

It is not that easy and anyone who approached this idea was also met with contempt by Maliki. Remember many of those they apposed him openly ended up dead, in the hospital or in prison. So it was not that simple.

But now the tide has turned. A new prime minister willing to make the necessary changes. Abadi has gotten momentum from the protestors and so it is time now to move forward on these judicial reforms and we should all be jumping up and down with joy. We have waited soooo long for this to happen.
Gott segnen das irakische Volk.
Article Follows:


News of the resignation, “Medhat al-Mahmoud,” Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council

Palm-sources and satellite channels in a flash revealed the resignation of the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court judge in Iraq, “Medhat al-Mahmoud” from office.

The Iraqi “Baghdad” channel which broadcasts from Cairo, said head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq judge “Medhat al-Mahmoud,” resigned from his post for reasons not disclosed by asserting that the demonstrations in the Iraqi street, causing the resignation of many corrupt in senior positions and presidencies.

This and that “Medhat al-Mahmoud,” the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq was born in 1922 in Baghdad’s Rusafa locality of aluminum Sbabig area.

He completed his primary and secondary school in Baghdad, and graduated from the Faculty of Law degree (honor) in 1958 for the academic year 1959 and practiced law after graduation in the Faculty of Law and served as an officer in the Iraqi army reserve

And it has passed a number of legal and judicial as well as courses outside Iraq appointed supervisor of the Ministry of Justice and Ozzara- 12 / June / 2003.

This did not allow for “news agency palm” confirm the news but said the channel “Baghdadi” satellite, which broadcasts from Cairo and Newsflash revealed the resignation of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq judge “Medhat al-Mahmoud,” In the case confirm We bring you news health news.


Article Ends

There is more….

Hang on there is another article dealing with Abadi’s efforts to reform the judicial system. I included this article too because it gives us all a flavor of just where Abadi intends to go with these judicial reforms and WHY he is making these moves NOW. Why not a month ago? Why not 6 months ago? Not a year from now, but NOW.

Yesterday Abadi called for the judiciary to undertake “drastic” reforms  to fight corruption. This action was  announced in response to weeks of protests and demonstrations. Abadi is getting his power from the people.

So if you don’t believe me as to why Abadi is NOW taking these measures of judicial reforms. These are his words not mine) and I quote-

“The wide reforms I called for require a just and impartial and firm judiciary to support these reforms,” Abadi said. These are his words not mine. Do you believe me now?

So are we going to have an RV this weekend?  Excuse me but,,,,,I don’t think so!

Let us also see what Sistani said in remarks delivered by his representative Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai on this subject and I quote –

“We would like to point out that one of the most important requirements of the reform process… is reforming the judiciary, as it is an important pillar in completing the package of reforms, and there cannot be true reform without it,” So these are Sistani’s words on this subject not mine, not rumor, no hype.

Do you not think this is also important for the UN and the USA? They are about to significantly revalue the Iraqi  currency and drop tens of billions of investment money in their lap.

And how about the global investors? How are they going to be treated when disputes arise in Iraq? Can they rely on a fair, independent and transparent court system to hear their case and to make a sound judgment? The legal climate must be changed if they expect all these investors to come flocking into Iraq. They must prepare a legal climate conducive for it.

So now do you see why I am asking you to read the article below and why it is sooo important in the progression of the plan to get us our RV.

All these reforms I have referred to for so long must be implemented and so these judicial reforms are a STEPPING STONE, a very important stepping stone to this end game to get all these reform done. In the recent past news letters told you that the reform laws had been stalled. I told you why. I also told you the ones that were the most controversial.

So now Abadi is hitting these areas that are the cause of the delays. He is attempting to rid of these obstacles  and stalling. We all know what these areas are – corruption, sectarianism, favoritism and plain laziness.

What the heck else is he doing if not trying to change the climate in order to get these reforms done by ceasing the opportunity with the protestors. Did you not read the many articles on the stalling of the reforms effort?

Why are the people protesting if  everything is fine and they are going to RV? Help me out here cause I don’t get the insanity of these other “gurus”. If you don’t believe me then you tell me what these recent reforms are all about. I would luv to hear your views and see your evidence. Remember no rumors. I only want facts and sound evidence.

Article Follows:


AUGUST 14, 2015

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for the judiciary to undertake “drastic” reforms to allow it to fight corruption, after the country’s top Shiite cleric said such measures were required.

BAGHDAD: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on Friday (Aug 14) for the judiciary to undertake “drastic” reforms to allow it to fight corruption, after the country’s top Shiite cleric said such measures were required.

Abadi announced a reform programme in response to weeks of protests and to a call from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani for drastic change, and said judicial reforms requested by the cleric were needed to carry the measures out.

Calls for change by Sistani, who is revered by millions, have shielded as well as influenced Abadi’s efforts, as it is politically risky for rival Shiite politicians to publicly oppose measures called for by the top cleric. And the demonstrations – which continued on Friday, with thousands of people turning out in Baghdad and the south – also serve as an impetus for change.

Abadi called Friday for “the judicial authority to undertake a series of drastic measures to guarantee judicial prestige and independence and allow it to fight corruption,” his office said.

He said such measures are necessary for implementing his proposed reforms, which are aimed at curbing corruption, streamlining the government and improving services.

“The wide reforms I called for require a just and impartial and firm judiciary to support these reforms,” Abadi said.


Earlier Friday, Sistani welcomed Abadi’s proposed reforms but said more were required.

“We appreciate that, and hope that these decisions are implemented in the near future,” Sistani said in remarks delivered by his representative Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai. “We would like to point out that one of the most important requirements of the reform process… is reforming the judiciary, as it is an important pillar in completing the package of reforms, and there cannot be true reform without it,” he said.

Amid a major heatwave that has seen temperatures top 50 degrees Celsius, protesters railed for weeks against corruption and the poor quality of services, especially power outages that leave just a few hours of government-supplied electricity per day.

On Friday, thousands of people turned out for a festive demonstration in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, expressing support for Abadi’s reform drive while calling on him to do more.

The demonstrators waved Iraqi flags and criticised most politicians, while praising Abadi. They chanted slogans including “Out, out, you are all thieves,” and “No promises, no guarantees, we want the dissolution of the parliament.”

But of Abadi, they said: “Oh Haider, march, march, we are all with you in Tahrir.”

Some carried pictures of the premier with the text “All the people are with you.”


“Abadi gets his power from the people, and now he has wide acceptance from us, and he has the support of the Marjaiya (Shiite religious leadership),” said activist Mohammed Jabbar. “He does not have any excuse; he should implement the reforms.”

“The first reforms are acceptable, but we want more. We want to try the corrupt and get back the Iraqi money that was wasted,” he said, also calling for the reform of the judiciary.

Other demonstrators demanded changes including a government of technocrats, and for all the current ministers to be sacked.

Thousands of people also took part in demonstrations in various cities in Iraq’s Shiite south on Friday. The demands of the protesters were given a boost last week when Sistani called for Abadi to take “drastic measures” against corruption, saying the “minor steps” he had announced were not enough.

Abadi rolled out his reform programme two days later.

Various parties and politicians have sought to align themselves with the protesters in order to benefit from the movement and mitigate the risk to themselves. But even with popular support for change, the entrenched nature of corruption and the fact that parties across the political spectrum benefit from it will make any efforts extremely difficult.

Abadi warned Wednesday that the reform process “will not be easy; it will be painful,” and that corrupt individuals would seek to impede change.

Article Ends

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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