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Hello Everyone,

Meine Kinder now prepare for Sommer Schwimmen Schule and then for daily Kinder’s Schule.

As I hike my usual path in the Alpines I am already beginning to see the signs of fall and smell it in the air. Already? Yes – it is coming shortly but I still cherish these remaining days of warmer weather. Soon however I will be sadden as Meinen  Jugendliche will be gone all day. Each year I get used to having them around again   and so it saddens me to see them grow so fast, yet erfreulich as they are almost now Frauen. I can see close personalities and looks of Meinen Hubby in one of them and myself in the other.

It is almost Oktoberfest season once again and the famalie plans to make a trip to Munich soon. Meine Hubby already is taking much about the bier.

Wow! Another year has almost passed and still no RV.

So this week looks very good. I expect announcements of some of the recent reforms and Reconciliation legislation signed into law. I will explain further below.

Also I suspect this week or in the next couple weeks, we are once again some movement into a fantastic window of opportunity to see a change in the currency value of Iraq. I will also explain this in today’s news letter and why I feel we are at the very near end to this RV saga. Does this mean an RV today or tomorrow?

Read the articles and you tell me.

Today’s News

Today is Monday August 24th and still we have no news of an RV.

Many have said that I am exaggerating the need for completion of the reforms in Iraq. Really?

Some say these reforms do not matter and I am a crazy woman. Some say they do matter but of course they say they are all done only to justify their intel for the last many months.

In response to these allegations I challenged each of these “gurus” then to tell me what the hold up is if in fact it is not the necessity to institute the reforms.  This challenge still holds and yet no one will take it. Do you know why? Does this seem strange to you? Again we go back the misinformation being intentionally or unintentionally given out of Iraq.

Well if you do not know the reason for the hold up then how do you know it not the reforms ? How can you criticize me then? You do not know any better than do you? Is this not contradicting  intel?   Simply put- it is pure illogical reasoning!  Hope everyone gets my point.

Folks the hold up has to be something. There is no mysterious, devious guy behind a curtain with his hands over a trigger keeping this from us. Instead it is a dynamic situation as Iraq meets its commitments for forming a better Iraq by cleaning up the mess from the last 8 years of Maliki… and yes it is a huge mess…..

The USA and the coalitions have dumped trillions into Iraq. There is a plan and they are not about to let it go down the toilet because of another dictatorship take over by yet another terrorists organization. When the USA pulled out of Iraq in December 2011,  to meet its obligations, many politicians (including Maliki) seized the opportunity to chase a FREE FOR ALL in Iraq and literally rape that country in many ways. I ask so where is the patriotism?

So now they have to reverse this process and move ahead on the plan’s path that Iraq should have been following all along until Maliki and his goons grabbed  power from 2010-2014 literally stalled this overall plan.

Who can we blame the most?
I personally blame the USA and it’s lame policies in the middle east during this latest democratic administration. I can’t say any other party would have done any better but I only speak for the support given to the Maliki government  by the USA during his 8 year administration.

Does this seem very strange to you the USA supported this guy almost up to the 2014 Iraqi elections yet outwardly now state policies against Iran as a terrorist state. They knew  Maliki was a puppet dictator for Iran.  So truly is to blame? Could all this waste of time been avoided?  Does it boggle you mind that this has been such a mess?

The 2014 elections are over and we now past mid 2015. Maliki was literally forced out of office. Did you know he tried a forceful coup d’état in June 2014 in an attempt to stay in power? This is really what the ISIS infiltration is all about.

Now many of you are looking at gloom and doom and the fact that you have not yet been to the bank (the glass is half empty). Instead look at the all the progress in just this last year , only 1 year so far for Abadi on mid Sept. (the glass is half full).

So what is the overall plan and how do we gauge when they are completed so they can pop out the currency reforms and complete the project to delete the zeros?


Follow the reforms, follow the reforms ! How many times must I tell you?

Many have doubted my words on this subject matter and I have even presented articles yet you remain stubborn and resistant to ways of change. So today I bring you once again another recent article telling us DIRECTLY why they did these reforms and why the necessity for them. So am I still a liar?

Remember this is THEIR WORDS not mine. No hype just the FACTS.

Article Begins:


Agencies – stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, the need to launch reforms to increase the country’s imports, in conjunction with government reforms launched to reduce costs.

Jubouri said, “The reforms that are launched to reduce costs, so is intended to coincide with it at the same time reforms to increase revenue.”

He added that “expenditure pressure in earnest, must coincide with increased revenues, in which case only can say that the process of reform will come to fruition, either to be limited to one side and another, stand to benefit the desired will not be realized.”

He said al-Jubouri, “Let us previously to the formation of a national mobile phone company which may be output annually from 25 to 30 billion dollars, as we called for the application of the customs tariff for some needs as are those needed by the poor citizen of Alcomerk exception so prices do not rise, especially food, clothing, and at the same time We asked the revitalization of tourism actually increase the price of access attributes (visa) to Iraq All the countries in the world visa price where no less than $ 40, while Iraq is still for $ 10, which is ready to be a tourist country religiously and others and the number of arrivals on the rise If Zaid price visa they will come to fruition is very large. “

Article Ends

Maliki Update
I am hearing the Maliki influence has dwindled to the point that he no longer is any threat to the government. This was assured to us once his position as VP was eliminated. He of course was going to fight back and scramble to reverse the process. His recent visit to Iran was in an attempt to do just that. He had hopes of getting some kind of backing from Iran in this matter. He was basically rejected by Iran and told to go home. But this travel to Iran confirms to us something else too. It confirms his terrorists ties to Iran if you ever doubted this.

Knowing that many terrorists organizations in Iraq stem from Iran (they admit it themselves) then why would a former prime minister of Iraq (a non terrorists state) travel to Iran for  political support against the government of Abadi (of the same DOWA party) or more like it to devise a plan with Iran to try to overthrow it?

He is a desperate man and yet as usual he continues to wear his nice suits and smiles for the camera. There is however not the future fate for him as he will soon not be wearing those $5,000 suits and smiling so much…hint,,hint…

We are now even seeing cartoons and billboards being displayed around Baghdad making fun of him and openly advertising for his ultimate demise. The recent one of a rope around his neck says it all.

Remember he is still very influential with the Iranian militias and they need to break this connection. Is the only way via a death sentence? Can they now even afford to think about letting this mad man continue to have any influence in the middle east any longer? Maybe this has been the problem all along with many of these terrorists. They simply keep letting lose over and over again to create yet more havoc.

We wait for his trial on many charges. This is coming in the weeks ahead.

Article Follows:

Press tour:

Friday, 21 August / August 2015 09:35

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki returned to Iraq coming from Iran in possession of a set of papers that probably will support his position in order to restore its influence in Iraq again.
According to the newspapers issued on Friday, it reports on the initiative of the Yemeni government launched plans to implement Security Council resolution 2216, and the commitment of all parties to this resolution objectively official revealed.

Papers supporting al-Maliki after his visit to Iran

“Middle East” newspaper revealed that former Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, returned from a visit to Iran a range of securities that help him regain his influence in Iraq, including the popular crowd.

Iraqi politician close to the National Alliance, told the newspaper “Middle East” that “Maliki will focus in the coming period to the fall of Mosul report and not to transmit it from the position of vice president, has been sought after for to go to to appeal the Federal Court, on the basis that there is a law regulating this position, and that it must be for Vice President of the Republic and at least one, and that the remaining two positions Ahtlhma Osama Najafi and Iyad Allawi were only for the purposes of satisfaction ”

Iraqi and adds political that “al-Maliki told Haider al-Abadi that the decision to cancel his unconstitutional and Strdh the Federal Court, but Abadi saying only that the Federal his court, a signal of Abadi to that time no longer works for the benefit of everyone after public pressure and the pressure of the religious authority.”

Article Ends

Currency Reform
I now have proof that currency reform is in fact one of the reforms Abadi fully intends to implement VERY soon.

I also have confirmation from the CBI that the IQD is no longer directly pegged to the USD but has been pegged to the SDR now since 2012 when Dr. Shabibi (then acting governor of the CBI) was in the process of the final steps of rolling out the lower denoms and coins. Do you remember back then? Well they are now on track to pick up the pieces and move forward with this once again.

We should expect very soon the use of the lower denominations and the coins. Next we should read articles about the rollout of the new 50,000 notes and the later 100,000 notes in 2016 (if ready).

Part of this effort will also be cleaning house in the CBI including the changeover from the proxy governor Ali al-Alaq to Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi. Remember Shabibi is still the official head of the CBI. Noting has changed. He will simply float back into his position and we will hear about the announcement.

Maliki did not have official capacity to put Ali al-Alaq or Abdul Basit Turki Saeed (for that matter) in this position. Remember there is supposed to be legal independence between the GOI and the CBI. It is the law. The PM has no power over the CBI. So Abadi has to set the CBI straight too in this matter. Yes – he has a lot of cleaning up to do from the former Maliki administration. It is coming very shortly and so mark my words from this news letter.

For some reason many still doubt and challenge me on this topic and tell me it does not matter if DR Shabib returns or not. Maybe to you it does not matter but to Iraq politics it surely does. It also matters in the way of reform completion and this is HOT on Abadi’s reform list.

I have evidence that speaks strongly that corruption must be cleaned out of the current CBI first before we will see any currency reform. In fact this currency reform now includes cleaning up all aspects of safeguarding the wealth of Iraq.  Who’s job is this? It is surely not Abadi’s and so he must walk gently since he has other authorities (outside of Iraq) that need to step in to mandate this clean up.

So what is Abadi waiting for? Why has he already not addressed this issue, many have asked me.

To this I say be reasonable in your request. Rome was not built in a day. Instead remember to look at the glass as half full (all the Abadi as accomplished in only 1 year). Each move he makes is delicate and it is like a chess game. He is not a dictator nor does he have aspirations to operate like one. He is respecting the law and his  lack of his authority over the CBI. If he was to go into the CBI himself and make these changes  would this not be the same lack of respect for the CBI’s independence as done by Maliki? Would it no be looked at as the same illegal acts that Maliki has done?  So he must walk gently and carry a big stick. But I assure you the process is already in play. The men on the chess board are about to be moved around.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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