UU6733 – “Corruption Reforms VS Currency Reform” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

WOW ! Just soooo much news from Iraq again. I can hardly keep up with it.

We are now seeing these reform laws we have waited for so long. These past couple weeks have been amazing and, as I told you, the next couple weeks could be even more amazing, if that could be possible.

Tic Toc Dr Abadi, Mid September is almost here.

So today I sit high on the perch of a large stone boulder, me feet dangling with my computer on my lap. I write this heartfelt news as I truly see the light at the end of the tunnel in the RV saga. I have written hundreds of these news letters in te past  and I know now my days are numbered and I will not be with you much longer as I know the purpose of my news letters will end shortly.

I say this today since, for the first time, I see the progress I have been told SHOULD and MUST happen to get us to the completion of the currency reforms we all wait for and desire. We know this will get us all to the bank. I have been trying to explain this plan to all you dinarians over the last many months and now you see truly what mnt goat has been telling you.

However there is a stronger, a more spiritual side to the ending of this RV saga. Since this light at the end of the tunnel is the end of the corruption, the end of Maliki and the Iranian influence in Iraq. It is the end of many of the leaches, who were bent of bringing the country of Iraq down while they filled their pockets with loot, causing death and despair to countless of civilian citizens in the process. Yes – we can now see an end to these days and a new light for the people of Iraq.

This is really my message today. A message of HOPE and great JOY.

So I need to begin today’s news letter with a couple paragraphs from Osama al Sharif’s article
Published — Wednesday 26 August 2015, in the Arab News.

I did not include the entire article since today’s news letter is already is very, very  long and it is enough to read. Like so many  of my long news letters, please print it out, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee and relax in you favorite arm chair. You are going to be here for a while.

No – I am not going to give you a quick date and a rate since you caneasily get this from these other so called intel “gurus” you trust and admire so much.. So go to them and ask for their date and rate and “exchange procedures”. Go to their Q & A and ask them about Vegas. This news is not for you since we seek truth here and real intel.

However for today I tried to slice out the important parts of this article and I hope you can now understand more clearly just what is going on in Iraq. This is my purpose. As you will see it has been a power struggle and now has many faces. It started just prior the 2014 elections but it has been stirring for the last 4 years of the Maliki administration. One side is political, another face is economic and yet another is security.

There are the good Sheites (Abadi patriots) and the other side is the Maliki Sheites (Iranian backed). Yes –Maliki still holds much power and this is why he is still around. There are also the Kurds and the Sunnis who seem to be joining Abadi by the thousands more and more each and every day as these reforms take shape. Everything is changing and the speed is now on warp drive.

But kindly read what I have included below since it explains it all in more detail. Thanks.

Piece of Article below:

Al-Abadi was almost certainly Al-Maliki’s choice it the 2014 elections. Both belong to the pro-Iran Al-Dawa party, which is headed by Al-Maliki. The latter had hoped to continue to run things after he was appointed vice president. Even after his ouster he still controls 93 seats in the parliament.

But Al-Abadi soon realized that Iraq was on the brink of collapse as a result of sectarian divisions, rampant corruption, failing public services, poor relations between Irbil and Baghdad, ill-trained army and the looming threat by Daesh. For him to rally the Iraqi people behind him he had to demolish Al-Maliki’s legacy of corruption and sectarianism. The public protests provided him with an opportunity.

But Al-Abadi must brace himself for a backlash, especially from influential behind-the-scene players. The question is can he carry out his reforms agenda to the end? The fact that religious Shiite parties are divided may help him in the short run. He has the backing of Al Sistani and the charismatic cleric, Muqtada Al Sadr, among others. But the biggest challenge will be to restructure the judiciary if his pledge to hunt down and prosecute corrupt officials is to be taken seriously.

Al-Maliki is already fighting back. He has important influence over the Shiite militias, the Popular Mobilization, who are supporting the army’s campaign to liberate Al-Ramadi and Fallujah in Al-Anbar province from Daesh militants. The militias have been accused of committing atrocities against the Sunnis and are being led by Iranian advisers.

For Al-Abadi to succeed he must first win the confrontation between pro-Iran factions, under Al-Maliki, and the nationalist flank that is supported by the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council and the Sadri movement and backed by Shiite clerical authorities in Najaf. The outcome of this showdown could determine the future and integrity of Iraq.

Article Ends

Today’s News

Today is Friday August 28th and still we have no news of an RV, nor will there be a window for one at least until mid September when they hold the PTB hold the next review of Dr Abadi’s progress, as was planned for in the last Paris Conference in June. I am not saying an RV in mid September so please do not put words in my mouth.

But I will say there is just so much progress being made in Iraq I hardly know where to start telling you about it today. This is very apparent by all the news articles I bring to you today. Don’t want to read the articles? Then how will you know what is truly going on in Iraq. Oh- you have a secret government contact. Really? He is bringing you all the news you need and its going to RV this weekend. Really? So tell the news then and why you feel it going to RV this weekend.

Many of you might think some of this news is gloomy but then again is the glass half full or half empty?

I tend to look at it this way – We had to bear the Maliki gloom and doom, the stalling and procrastination over the last eight years of the Maliki administration. There were days when only a third of the members of parliament showed up for a session. Now at least someone (the new prime minister Abadi ) is shaking things up and the status quo has definitely been changed. The pendulum is swinging in the other direction now and Iraq now has much more momentum in the right direction.

How long will it take to get to the end of these reforms? At least long enough for them to complete the currency reforms we are waiting for. Who knows for sure but we do know this week they have told us they would like to put the dinar on a currency float and at least are considering it seriously with all the pros and cons of the subject matter. WOW !

They are also telling us that money laundering and corruption in regards to the currency float is the major obstacle. WOW !

They have passed the Parties Law this week (amazing! ) and they are  pushing aggressively towards the Judicial Reforms next week, the National Guard Law (maybe tomorrow). We know by passing the Parties law anyone alleged of criminal activity (or under investigation) can no longer hold office or receive immunity. This is HUGE for insuring the downturn of Maliki.

I personally feel once we get these other laws passed we will see the Federation Council announced and the official announcement of Dr Allawi as the president of it. You see there will then be 4 presidents residing in Iraq. We are seeing right before our eyes this new government take shape.

We heard about this money laundering years ago too and so on the surface this is nothing new to us. Supposedly Dr Shabibi maintained a steady dinar value and found ways to stabilize the currency, fighting the laundering was part of the process. But it was always an ongoing battle. When he sucked in the 3 zero notes he seemed to be able to control it but this problem  keeps resurfacing. Why?

But this time it is different. A new spin is being taken to the anti-corruption process of money laundering. There is now support from the government (GOI) this time. How is this any different from the past?

Well in the past the CBI could not get any support from the Maliki administration to combat money laundering.Why? BECAUSE IT WAS HIS PEOPLE DOING THE MONEY LAUNDERING! He stood to make billions.

This week the CBI is also telling us there is plans for a near future bond drive, that will be issued to raise capital for the economic crisis and try to balance the budget. Iraq needs funds in local currency and not in hard currency, so the central bank is preparing to launch bonds in local currency for sale in order to strengthen the local currency.

These are NOT international bonds but are to be sold within country only meaning “nationally” sold bonds. So don’t get carried away and put on your RV glasses as of yet.

How will the Iraq citizens pay for these bonds? They will pay for them using the large 3 zero notes, thus the CBI will suck in yet more of the provisional currency. The CBI told us they have a surplus of foreign currency (US dollars) so they will pay out the premiums on the bonds in US dollars. What other foreign currency does the CBI have in surplus? What other foreign currency do they dare introduce to the Iraqi citizens?

US Dollars of course is the only logical choice since they country is all but re-dollarized once again anyhow.

This is good since then eventually, when the lower denominations come out, they can exchange the US dollars (now almost 80-90% of Iraq currency) for the lower denominations, thus flooding Iraq with hard Iraqi lowe denom dinars with higher revalued currency (when the timing is ready).

Since money laundering is ramped for the old 3 zero note dinars, the CBI is telling us this will get yet even more of these large 3 zero notes off the streets, out of corrupt hands and back to the CBI. A win win for the country of Iraq in the process of currency reform. Thus will also help eliminate or lessen the money laundering of the dinar. They have done this tactic in the past too and it always seems to work.

But they also need now to clean up the cause of the corruption or it will only begin again once the new lower denoms are out on the streets and is traded INTERNATIONALLY. This would be a HUGE problem. So do you see how this combating money laundering is yet another one of Abadi’s reforms but not just a tactic for the CBI but also now a GOI reform since this time they want to clean up also the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. No temporary fixes.

This time they also expect the CBI’s plan to clean up the money laundering it to work but there is a difference spin in it. The difference now comes since they know the ROOT CAUSE, the  three ring leaders (referred to as the “three whales” or “kings of the market”) of the money laundering. Oh no! They are actually political figures? Does this surprise you?

Abadi is going after these three political figures on money laundering charges. Will Iran like this? Will this also shake up Iran? Maybe this will lessen the continuance of these corrupt practices when they are prosecuted and used as an example. This money laundering HAS TO STOP.  Iranian influence HAS TO STOP.

So why is money laundering so important all of a sudden?
Do they want billions of dinar going into the wrong hands when the value increases?  Is the RV then dependent on this part of currency reform?  Do you get my point?

Are the reforms then important? Are you kidding me? YES, YES and YES again…..I rest my case….

So can we all now agree to stop this frugal argument between intel providers in our community once and for all and at least come to mutual agreement on this subject matter?


So here are the many articles today on all of these topics I have just talked about above in my summary for you. I included them for all those bozo the clown intel gurus who seem to call me crazy and a liar. Read them for yourselves since they are not my words but the words coming from Iraq itself.  No RV hype, just the facts. Plain and simple !

Article Follows:

How a Currency Crisis in Iraq Risks Fight Against Islamic State (Bloomberg)

Falling oil price is reducing revenue used to fund military.

Dollar reserves have tumbled 20 percent as dinar weakens.

Any currency crisis usually comes with dire consequences for a country, and the threat of one in Iraq shows how the impact can go beyond the economy and markets.

A foreign-exchange crunch because of a drop in oil prices could force a devaluation of the dinar and risk making the fight against Islamic State militants even tougher. The nation, currently OPEC’s biggest producer after Saudi Arabia, is dependent on oil revenue to fund its operations on the battlefield and quell growing unrest over the economy.

Iraq’s Looming Dollar Shortage
Dollar reserves tumbled about 20 percent to $59 billion as of July 23 since the fighting escalated a year before, and the losses are accelerating. In the first 25 days of August, the central bank sold $4.6 billion of currency to keep the dinar at a pegged rate, a daily outflow of about $184 million, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

“Iraq’s perfect storm means the country will continue to lose reserves until the government of Iraq decides to devalue the dinar,” said Frank Gunter, author of “The Political Economy of Iraq.” The currency could weaken as much as 20 percent over the next year, he said

Global Wave
It raises the prospect of Iraq joining other developing nations in a new wave of devaluations as emerging markets take a hammering this month, led by China. The Iraqi dinar is one of those most at risk in the Middle East from that happening, though the current exchange-rate regime is likely to remain, according to research published on Tuesday by Emirates NBD, the biggest bank in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia’s central bank this week said it’s committed to the riyal’s dollar peg, the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television reported, amid speculation the country would devalue its currency after the plunge in oil prices.

In Iraq, market forces are complicating Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s efforts to win back territory from Islamic State. Military success has been piecemeal as the government has struggled to enlist support from mainly Sunni communities in parts of the country ravaged by attacks.

The U.S. and its allies have sent arms to the Kurds in northern Iraq and PresidentBarack Obama’s administration plans to spend another $700 million in 2016 on support for the military. The government in Baghdad, though, pays for the bulk of the operations from its budget since the Americans pulled out their troops in 2011.

Selling Dollars
A collapse in the value of the dinar would raise the cost of living for Iraqis already protesting against government corruption, power cuts and water shortages.

“The policy now is to meet the demand for dollars,” Waleed Eedi, a director general at the Central Bank of Iraq, said by telephone on Monday. The reserves won’t be depleted because of oil sales and the dinar won’t devalue, he said.

The Iraqi central bank’s fixes the dinar’s exchange rate at 1,166 per dollar and there’s pressure on the peg. As a result, Iraq’s foreign-currency reserves may drop to about $45 billion by the end of 2016, according to Exotix Partners LLP, a London-based investment firm specializing in frontier markets.

“The authorities will try to hold on to the peg as long as possible, but may be forced to devalue if pressures continue,” said Jakob Christensen, a director at Exotix.

Few Choices
The central bank has so far resisted government pressure to print money to meet an estimated $30 billion budget deficit. It announced plans for a $6 billion bond program last week, which follows about $1.2 billion from the International Monetary Fund, though neither is big enough to plug the shortfall.

Iraq’s Oil Economy
That leaves the Finance Ministry with few easy choices. The government is seeking to cut spending and tackle corruption. Other options include borrowing domestically from public banks or even forcing the central bank to buy dollar-denominated bonds from the Finance Ministry, said Gunter.

“Iraq will be able to finance its 2015 deficit, but if the battle against Islamic State and low oil prices continues, Iraq will then hit a wall,” he said.

Article Ends

Article Begins:


by Basil Abbas Khudair
Tuesday 0.25 August 0.2015

After the application of monetary policy to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar prices, which began since 2004, and so today and led by the Central Bank of Iraq, and defended by experts International Sinan Shabib (article from the post of Governor of the Bank) and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Economic Adviser currently the Council of Ministers), and cost Iraq more than $ 300 billion, has become the Iraqi currency (the dinar)

Currency compete in many countries, including the Lebanese pound and the Somali shilling and condoms Mauritanian lunar franc (Comoros) and the Yemeni rial, because the exchange rate against the dollar, we have the best of these currencies, the Iraqi Vdinar equivalent to $ 0.0009 while the equivalent lira in Lebanon (for example) .00066, so the US dollar equivalent of 1146 dinars in Iraq (except for commission of the Central Bank)

In Lebanon, the US dollar equivalent of 1,500 pounds, and because
Lebanon is a country in non-oil is not the right comparison between the two, it is justice that compare the Iraq oil-producing Arab countries regarding exchange rates, In Kuwait, the equivalent of the Kuwaiti dinar to $ 3.42 (Kuwaiti dinar equivalent of nearly 5,000 Iraqi dinars) as equivalent to the Bahraini dinar to $ 2.66 in the Sultanate of Oman equivalent riyal to $ 2.6, while in Jordan, the dinar equivalent of $ 1.41, and in the Libya Vdinar have the equivalent of $ 0.73.

Might ask anybody, how could Kuwait occupied by the former regime and lost everything to restore prestige to the dinar (who was in a competitive race with the Iraqi dinar so that overcomes one over the other little difference to the very beginning of the eighties of the last century), and how Jordan was able to maintain fixed exchange rates

Several years ago, a sink indebtedness and the aid-dependent and does not involve the fortunes of the oil it imports crude oil from Iraq, although it adjoins (Israel) have fought many wars and has a constant threat because of unwanted neighbor?

And how withstood the Libyan dinar after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime and the proliferation of militias and tribal divisions? And although we have the part of the answers to these and other questions, we Snhjb our answers because they may pose views on the subject, it is needed is not a number of opinions, but a detailed and clear facts, facts and numbers and names answers, a subject must Taatkvlh neutral parties and should preferably be international in order to be referred to eliminate Iraqi when you confirm the existence of suspicions of corruption, subject of such importance should be subject to review and investigation and audit and accountability and that does not pass unnoticed, because it relates to the wealth of Iraq during more than 12 years and some are wasted and ran away without the benefit of the country and reflected on sustainable development but poorly too.

It goes from our compatriots to any country in the world impressed due to witnessing the progress and services, while we Nckoa all of the deficiencies and shortcomings in most aspects, despite the annual Mdjulatna of oil revenues alone may draw five times or more of balancing those countries, oddly enough The demonstrations, which the country is currently witnessing sometimes focus on topics very much simpler than the economic problems experienced by Iraq,

The country is on the verge of a real setbacks when the price of a barrel of oil up to $ 30 or less, because the state will be insolvent in its affairs management may be forced to enter the enormous indebtedness guaranteed Oil or national sovereignty, and can pass such topics easily as long as the salaries paid Bmeidha or after a delay for a limited number of days, and still wound is bleeding in the area of selling the dollar in the Iraqi Central Bank auction, Valambiet up to $ 250 million a day and sales of oil does not exceed 4 million barrels per day with an average price of 40 dollars per barrel, which means that daily oil revenues are less than sales, and what baffles if oil revenues up to $ 160 million a day, so how can the auction sells $ 250 million a day and where to go these sales? It’s a complicated question is asked constantly convincing answer but did not get it after the citizen.

Despite the tremendous sales of the dollar (former and current), which estimated value of the current chairman of the Finance Committee in the Parliament, Dr. Ahmad Chalabi of more than $ 300 billion, the real exchange rate of the citizen is the price of 1230 dinars per dollar, which means that efforts to stabilize the exchange rate policy in order not to hurt citizen of the volatility of exchange rates is real, Valtzbzb brought the price to 1480 dinars per dollar did not fall into what it is until after the Federal Court approval to repeal the Council of Ministers of the amendments to the House of Representatives on some budget 2015 materials including setting the exchange no more than $ 75 million a day , also suggesting that the absence of any port can citizen on the dollar gets it at the price of the central bank when his desire or having to travel outside of Iraq for the purpose of (the Hajj, Umrah, treatment, tourism, etc.), and are resorting to
banking that choose Offices exchange rates outside the mainstream at the central bank prices, it was really strange to think that the Iraqi Central Bank is a tool to manage the money and the economy, even though he was on monetary policy because the economic and financial policies must be developed and managed stakeholders out, as that of unjust watching on bank sales Central without creating a convenient way for the delivery of the dollar to the citizen, because it is the legitimate right and not a share of (thieves).

Article Begins:

Baghdad – where the Commission on Investment and Economy, parliamentary deputies, the Council’s intention to pass a bill [amending] the draft investment law during its next Monday meeting.

The Committee member Abdul Salam al-Maliki, in a statement received by all Iraq [where], a copy of the ‘experience of Iraq during the previous phase pointed clearly to the importance of the development of the investment to support Iraqi reality economic, transition to multiple funding sources rather than relying on a single source of oil imports.’

He added that the investment law amended version will represent true breakthrough in investment through the development of reality in Iraq through the provision of necessary mechanisms to support foreign investor incentive and provide facilities for him through the cancellation of red tape and restrictions that have made has also reluctant to invest in Iraq with useful work to provide ports New Iraqi youth and growth and construction in the country).

al-Maliki confirmed (there is consensus on the need to pass parliamentary investment law in parliament’s session scheduled on Monday next week, As such step that made great achievement in addition to the achievements of the parliament in general and the Committee on the economy and investment, in particular, after great efforts and workshops and interviews with experts and specialists in this area to produce a draft law on free from defects and the service of the country most investment levels.’
The Committee discussed the parliamentary economy on the sixth of August, with the national investment managers and heads of ministries and institutions of the State investment in all recent amendments to the law on investment.

The deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, Hareth al-Harthi, confirmed on 20 March last year, the amendment to the law on investment will be in investors’ service, the elimination of red tape followed in state departments dealing with investors.

Article Ends

Article Follows:



With the continued erosion of oil prices and talk about the steepest drop in the coming days, the disaster looming on the horizon for the Iraqi economy battered, Will lead to the entry of the country in economic trouble may be difficult to predict future Banekasath.

As mentioned in a previous article, that the economic crisis experienced by Iraq produced a number of crises that had an impact on the lives of Iraqi citizens, especially the crisis staff salaries delayed and disrupted thousands of vital projects on level of infrastructure, not to mention the benefits and obligations of other companies. In short, it is the stage could call it difficult labor phase.

and foreshadowing the current reality of the Iraqi economy is very difficult circumstance would pay more crises especially with rampant corruption apparently was or secret, and classified Iraq as part of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International, which stretched budgets General of the State. Today is the fear of resorting to reduce salaries to reduce expenses, which will be held the economic and social landscape of the country.

some reports indicate that the Iraqi government may resort to the liberalization of the dinar which will not solve the financial problem in the country, but would have disastrous effects on Iraqi citizen in the first place. On the other hand, the flotation is the port for speculators in the market to carry out money laundering and manipulation auction currency within the central bank.

What do we mean the currency float Floating?
First has to be to make it clear the concept of floating currency and what are the repercussions on the lives of the citizen and the country in general to understand the consequences of such a hold on life citizen.
We mean the currency float is to let the exchange rate of a currency floating rise and fall with demand and supply in the money market, and the introduction of waves Balaattabarmistoy liberation of the national economy, and the adequacy of its performance, and flexibility of its production apparatus.
In order to understand more of the process of flotation, the Central Bank of the State to leave the exchange currency in local currency rate ( Iraqi dinar and foreign) such as (the dollar) is determined dinar according to the trends of demand and supply on the dollar, if the demand for the dollar in the foreign exchange market has increased (dollar market), the dollar exchange rate tends to rise, and if the demand for the dollar has fallen, the dismissal rate tends downward.

It is the risk of this process that it opens the door to money laundering and diversion of corrupt money from the Iraqi dinar to the free currency in order to smuggle them out operations.

A study that Iraq is seeking to edit the national currency, which is considered, according to the experts that the float of the dinar in the interest of Treasury but on the other hand the tragedy of the lives of the Iraqi citizens that lack of oversight contributed to the presence of many corrupt and financial mafias, who took advantage of the situation in the country, whether political or security or economic, to achieve a very huge financial gains due to the absence of official censorship institutions.

Here we highlight the speculators are manipulating currency market known as the “three whales” or so-called some of the title of “the kings of the market” illusion of senior corrupt who Aguetatwa funds Iraqis and resources of the country:

• Hassan Nasser Jafar and who stands behind a bank across Iraq, one of the defendants subject of an auction of foreign currency and buy dollars from the central bank, has the exchange of Baghdad in Amman and has suspicious activities in this regard, according to a government report released in July this year, Nasser has several transform informal offices sell money orders out of Iraq illegally and outside the scope of the Iraqi Central Bank Law , leading to negative effects resulting from money laundering operations.
• Hamad al-Moussawi Bank Huda director, a senior accused of money laundering Foreign remittances, and manipulation auction sale currency.
• Ali Ghulam, executive director of the Bank of the Middle East, and accused of fraud and accused of trespassing on public money , and the owner of lists of import counterfeit and transaction banking suspicious.

These three names, and many others are still Tlhoa money Iraqis, because of their relationships with lobbies within the government of politicians and senior civil servants, which contributed to the continuing work of these whales in spite of reports and cases detected exceeding the public money.
And here we must refer to the Iraqi authorities claim to hold accountable those people, and return the stolen money to the Treasury, it is part of its efforts to prevent the fall of the country into the quagmire of bankruptcy and economic collapse.

In conclusion, we should offer a number of comments that could contribute to stop the bleeding Iraqi economy in general and the banking system in particular, as follows:
1. Prosecution of traffickers and corrupt public money who Aguetatwa Iraqi funds and be enormous wealth for themselves.
2. Iraq today is an urgent need to reform the banking system and on the head of the Central Bank and the banking correct policies.
3. Stop interference in the bank’s policy by the executive, legislative and other institutions authorities whether it be directly or indirectly.
4. for sale. Addressing the process of money laundering and economic crime and the smuggling of hard currency from Iraq, and know where the money that is dollar-buying by the source..
5. The establishment of an economic court with an independent authority concerned with the economic and criminal side, through the eyes brought before arising from the application of the laws relating to crimes of bankruptcy and supervision away from the interference of official figures and politicians suits.
6. Contribute to resolving a large part of the financial problem experienced by the country due to low oil prices, through the diversification of sources of income.
7. Compensate the poor class in society and affected by the manipulation mafias money at the price of the dollar by the influential central bank previously.
Iraq today is going through the most severe historical stages and the economy today is cracking horribly and talk about future plans is a form of wasting time, the need today is an urgent because each official and the national citizen turn to save the country from the clutches of traffickers and corrupt public money who pose a threat to the country for at least the level of terrorism that has ravaged the country.

Article Ends

Article Begins:

Thursday 27 August 2015 | 12:21 evening

BAGHDAD / … stressed the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Thursday, to discuss money laundering and query those “competent” on currency smuggling and abroad to fill the gaps Amaknyh law to prevent their diversion.

The committee member said Massoud Rostam for “Eye Iraq News,” “The parliamentary Finance Committee discussed by hosting the central bank governor and director of the bank’s anti-money laundering and Office of Financial Supervision and the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Director of money laundering intelligence to a money laundering law.”

Rustam said, “The committee inquired of the parties the possibility of recovery of funds smuggled abroad and fight hard currency laundering,” pointing out that “On inquiry was about action taken on the money that fled during the past years.”

He pointed out, there are many doubts about the smuggled money and those who had smuggled, “noting,” There are steps to bridge the gaps in the central bank to prevent the smuggling of money “.anthy / 3

Article Ends


Special scales News – Detection of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, on Thursday, opening a new file on corruption “traders” are fleeing the hard currency “dollar” abroad by buying goods at low prices, confirming the involvement of senior officials in that case.

He said the fact that L / scales News /, that “the issue of a new corruption ensured Parliamentary Integrity Commission investigated a” hard currency drain “out of the country by” traders “are standing behind senior officials in the state.”

He added that “this process is done by some traders who derail the hard currency” dollar “of the country through the purchase of goods and goods very low prices worth,” stressing that “Akhbarat from private sources and arrived at the committee of parliamentary integrity on the work of these traders.”

He noted that “the prices of those goods do not compare the money that is taken out of the country under the pretext of import,” explaining that “this process is to cover currency smuggling behind them senior officials process.”

He stressed, “The Parliamentary Integrity initiated an investigation into the case and made reservations on their information until they reached to uncover the truth,” pointing out that “the operation orchestrated by politicians, traders and dismantle their symbols.”

He warned a member of the Federation of Iraqi forces and former governor of Diyala province Humairi Omar, on Thursday, of “the continuation of the local currency smuggling, stressing that the local currency continued to flow out of Iraq would lead to the collapse of the local economy.”

The Commission on the economy and investment representative, that “the proportion of smuggling hard currency abroad began less thanks to the measures taken by the central bank, based on the difficulty of controlling the phenomenon of money laundering in the country because they take place in different ways.” Ended / 29 / d 24

Article Ends

Article Begins:


Long-Presse / Baghdad
An informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, for the last willing to put up bonds for sale in the local currency, while pointing to a surplus of foreign currency in the country. The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), that “Iraq needs funds in local currency and not in hard currency, so the central bank is preparing to launch bonds in local currency for sale in order to strengthen the local currency.” The source, who asked not to be named, said “bonds that will be put forward will be available to all citizens and the various classes in order to take advantage of it will be local and national,” noting that “the mechanism of sale will be announced in the near future.” The source continued that “there is a surplus in foreign currency in the country and, therefore, he went to the Central Bank to sell bonds in the national local currency away from the dollar selling.”

The Central Bank of Iraq announced earlier, to take the necessary measures to support liquidity in the banking system, and decided to facilitate the procedures for the sale of foreign currency “to sustain the exchange rate.”
The Central Bank of Iraq, said in (the 18th of January 2015), that the financial reserves of Iraq is equivalent to one and half times the weakness of the currency bloc, returned as “best rates” in the countries of the world, and as he emphasized that Iraqi financial institutions are “unable” to cover the fiscal deficit, he stressed the need to reconsider the structure of the budget and spending and to diversify sources of income and achieve the investment more broadly to address the decline in oil prices. SOURCE

Article Ends

Update: Ongoing Reform Laws

Many have said that I am exaggerating the need for completion of the reforms in Iraq. Really?

Some intel “gurus” are filling your heads with the notion that all the reforms are now done. Really?

Oh – What planet do they come from? Do you know anything about what is happening in Iraq or are they still just being subservient to those telling them what to  pump to you?  You know who I mean.

Well below are two articles for your reading pleasure just in case any of you doubted or still doubt mnt goat’s sanity on this subject matter. Please see them below.

When I tell you about these reforms I am also following a plan given to me that Iraq is using to rebuilt Iraq from the disasterous days of the Maliki administration. I am slowly rolling out this plan to you as we see it unfold.

Yes- it is a mess and the new prime Minister Abadi is working desperately to maintain solvency and avoid a huge economic blowout that could lead to major political instability. He is doing this through the recently seen corruption reforms and the ongoing planned reforms (reform laws) he has coming out in subsequent weeks ahead.

At this point we can expect to see much more shaking up and exposure of the political leaders in this area of concern namely those involved in money laundering and corruption. Stay tuned this is going and its going to get very rough before it gets any better. I am told they hope to achieve much and at the end, (hopefully by mid September timeframe), they will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for coming out of this crisis.

Article #1 Begins:

Jubouri restore the National Guard, but the terms of the law ..?
18:15 08/27/2015

MP for the Alliance of Iraqi strongman Mohamed Karbouli, Thursday, that the law on political parties will prevent the existence of any political party with a military wing or the use of public money, among the parliament speaker Salim al will return the National Guard to the government law if it is passed in the parliament session on Saturday.

Karbouli said, “The political forces managed to pass a law on political parties, which will save the political process and reduce the dominance of the major parties and the number of parties,” explaining that “the 2014 elections saw the participation of about 530 party.”

Karbouli “The highlights of the law is the lack of any political party have a military wing, and the absence of any party may use public money or money houses of worship.”

And between Karbouli that “there is a dispute and one visions between the political blocs and the lack of trust between them concerning the interpretation of are the sons of Iraq and are the sons of the provinces has led to the postponement of the National Guard Law”, stressing that “the law will be passed in the Saturday session because the speaker of parliament in the absence of a pass will be forced returned to the government to act and how to create it by Abadi reforms. ”

The House of Representatives voted, during its 16th, which was held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 220 deputies, a majority of votes on the draft law on political parties.

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri revealed, in (June 15, 2015), about the presence of three held hinder the adoption of the Law of the National Guard, as he emphasized that the law reached the stage of voting.


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BAGHDAD – scales News – Independent High Electoral Commission welcomed Thursday, legislation Political Parties and Organizations Act by the House of Representatives.

A member of the Board of Commissioners and spokesman of the Commission on behalf of Mekdad Sharifi said in a statement the UNHCR received / scales News /, a copy of it, that “the Electoral Commission welcomes the enactment of the law of parties, which is a win-win situation no matter how the democratic process gains in Iraq and a victory her it represents a real breakthrough for the organization of parties point Political in the country and thus contribute to the support of UNHCR’s work during the elections. ”

The statement added, “The Commission has cooperated significantly with the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives and held several meetings resulted in a set of important notes, which represents recording mode parties and its work on the right track process, which is a good omen for political action,” he underlined that “the observations that have been sent to House of Representatives has been studied in detail of the legal and practical aspects after trials and experience gained by the Commission. ”

He said Sharifi that the “law of parties is a cornerstone of the pillars of the democratic process and in line with the achievement of the goals by the looks of the Iraqi people and that the notes sent by the Commission formed a light point in the discussions that took place to come out of law form that meets the ambitions after previously been approved registration authority of law defunct Coalition Provisional No. 97 of 2004 and private bodies, political parties and the law. ”

“The Commission has worked to set up a number of seminars and open discussions as well as a number of important articles to some members of the Board of Commissioners were published in newspapers and websites to inform citizens and officials to the observations that are discussed and which were the pillars of the law” .anthy 29/9 P

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MP of parliament confirms intention to pass Investment law on Monday! 8/31/15 

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Maliki Update

Many have emailed me about the article below and asked me if Maliki will get immunity back and prevent his prosecution (since they are about to hold his trial).

First let me say Maliki knows if he stands trial he will be convicted and his sentence will be death by hanging.
He will suffer the same fate as Saddam. So his intentions now are to delay the inevitable in the hope of gaining time to figure a way out of this mess he has gotten himself into.

All I can say is that this (article below)  is a strategic political move by Maliki and will backfire on him. I can already see the next move by Abadi but I will not spoil the ending or the fun for you.

I do not know how Abadi or Jubouri will work it out but I do know if they will able to formally charge Maliki for his crimes in time since he can not sit as a parliament members due to this nature of his criminal status, if he is formally charged.

So will they rush his case to the courts and get the formal indictment on time as needed? Is there some other trick in the game of chess that Abadi will play out? Remember there is also the international INTERPOL right on his heals who would luv to get him too. So who will get him first?

Is this interesting or what?

We all know the end to this game of chess. Maliki will get destroyed (checkmate) in the end since it is just a matter of time and how the game finally ends. Let’s watch and see how the pawns, rooks and nights are moved around the board…lol….

I luv the game of chess and no one in my family or my close friends can beat me…. I also luv this kind of drama…..

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By mostafa emed
25/08/2015 02:31 |

Brother – Baghdad
Ft MP for the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, his resignation from the membership of the House of Representatives.

According to a parliamentary source said, “Sinead submitted his resignation to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to display for a vote.”

It is said that Sinead, who has not won in the last parliamentary elections in 2014 has served as a substitute for the parliamentary seat of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who was named as Vice President of the Republic in the current government.

It is likely that the resignation of Sinead be a prelude to re-seat parliament to al-Maliki after limbering included government office in addition to the pursuit of obtaining the legal immunity as deputy charged after him in the fall of the city of Mosul, according to the report of the special parliamentary committee to investigate the events and transmit the report to the judiciary.

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Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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