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Hello Everyone,

First I need to clarify one point someone spoke of in a forum. They said that the new 50k notes were already for sale on ebay so they would then have to already be launched in Iraq. Really?

I think this person better go back and recheck again before they go of half cocked and make some stupid statements like this one. Common sense must prevail. If you know the basis for these notes and how Iraq intends to use them you should automatically know they will never be sold in the auctions and end up on ebay, especially not at this time, nor could they. So please rethink before you talk, think! I have included, once again, an explanation of these new notes today and how they are to be used.

There is a lot of negativity in what process is about to begin very shortly. Be careful who you listen to.  We are about to enter the most critical period EVER in this entire investment period. I will explain it all in today’s news letter. But make sure you read the entire news letter. Many of you go off half cocked after only skimming the news and do not really absorb what is being said and the tone of how I say it. It is being all done intentionally. Then later you have so many questions and usually the answers have all been given to you only you want to spoon fed- you are lazy. Instead no babies here and I refuse to spoon feed anyone. We are all adults, we are all grown up. Take responsibility for educating yourselves.

All the info you need going forward has been revealed to you today as I am told it is time to tell you now. NOW is the time to tell you…hint…….hint…

I am only here to help you. I have no gimmicks, no forums, no donations, no products to sell you, no advertisement commissions. Only thing I offer you is – NO Hype, NO Rumors and all just FACTS all the time.

This is my only goal and mission.

Today’s News

Today is Monday November 16th.  What? – Still No RV……lol….lol….

Seems everyone was fooled once again with all this misinformation about an immanent RV over this past weekend. Now it’s wind’em up, hype’em up for next weekend time…..lol…

Update: Needed Reform Laws

So in my news letter dated 11/9 (LINK),  I gave you a laundry list of reform laws and what is left to accomplish (if you needed a laundry list). I gave you the following list below. Now let’s see where we stand today.

-Amnesty law – second reading completed, 14 point of contention need to be resolved.

-Mandates of the three presidencies (second reading was completed on 11/12)

-Accountability and Justice law  TBD ( suspect this will happen in the next couple weeks, we await in anticipation)

-Final announcement of the Federation Council law TBD (again we await in anticipation)

-Final report card and unity meeting for the mandate for Reconciliation called the “Reconciliation Conference” in articles they told us they were targeting to conduct this conference in mid December. Targets usually mean just that and can be moved forward or back depending on progress. Why did the pick mid Dec? Take a look at all these other dates of planned activities concerning currency reforms.

-Dealing with Maliki and the Iranian influence – See article below. The question is – will Abadi still want to prosecute Maliki and his goons within Iraq or release him to the ICC?

Article Begins


International Criminal Court’s decision to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his aides to court on charges of genocide:

International Criminal Court decided to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a group of his senior aides to court on charges of genocide. Mr. Mohammed Al-Kaabi spokesman for the Court for the Middle East said that one of the associates of al-Maliki, who Torteurahalthm to court Gen. Farouk al-Araji, director of al-Maliki’s military office and Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, commander of ground forces and Saadoun al-Dulaimi, the defense minister and the agency, Adnan al-Asadi senior agent Interior Ministry and intelligence chief Zuhair Gharbaoui team Qassim Atta, director of operations at the intelligence service and the team called Hgati head of the anti-terrorism device. He revealed that the Court now has complete files crimes committed by al-Maliki and his aides, including the genocide in Anbar and Kirkuk and the blatant violation of human rights and to follow the brutal methods of torture and violation of freedoms of citizens and contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

Article Ends

Update: Currency Reform

I have said that only when you see these events (golden nuggets) could there be a strong indication of an upcoming RV window of opportunity. Such signs as news of launching the new 50k or 100k notes, articles about increasing the value of the dinar, distributing the lower denominations and coins, news of going international, deleting the zeros, putting the currency on a float vs fix regime, re-launching the tariffs, etc.

So now we see that almost all of these events that I mention they have begun to address in some form or fashion over the last 2 weeks. This was all amazing news and all in such a short time period too. You know what let me tell you a secret- IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER!

Are you now convinced they are working hard on trying to figure out what to do with the currency?  We can see something is about to happen in the not so distant future. There are many reasons why they are pushing so hard for a December timeframe.

But we need to look at the timeframe once again and know why Mnt Goat is saying December. So let’s do that then.

So first the logical question to ask is this – Did Iraq give us any timeframes for launching any of these projects that affect currency reform?

I included a summary below from our 2 weeks of reporting.

So after reading this entire news letter today you be the judge when the RV might have a probably timeframe to occur.

1.    launching of the new 50k notes –articles told us the CBI issued these notes to the banks already and they plan to launch the use of them beginning in early Dec 2015. Wow- Just weeks away!

2.    launching of the new 100k notes – article told us the CBI will issue these notes to the banks in early 2016 sometime. I will explain this to you too as to why they are doing these later.

3.    resuming the “project to delete the zeros” –  in March 2015, the CBI told us this project was postponed until early 2016. This was due to ISIS attack. We have not yet heard any definitive timeframe to resume, however there has been amazing discussions about this project in recent articles from economists and financial experts advising Abadi and the finance ministry on what to do. I suspect they will be telling us shortly what they have decided to do.


I now believe this project is being moved up from 2016 into 2015. We wait and watch.

4.    distributing the new lower denominations and coins – no definitive date on this yet however the CBI has told us these notes and coins are at the banks and ready to go. We also know the last shipment from the USA has arrived and many banks in provinces formerly held by ISIS now have these notes. There is a plan to deliver them to Mosul and surrounding regions too once free of ISIS. They are targeting this by the end of November. Then this project will be completed. They must launch these lower denoms when they begin launching the 50k notes. They are interconnected events.

5.    deciding the currency regime for the new IQD – articles told us the best solution is a ‘float’ regime.
I presented an article to you on this topic already as proof. Did you read it?                                https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/scr/2015/cr15235.pdf

6.    re-launching the Customs and Tariffs – in articles they have told us they plan to do this in early Dec 2015. Coincidental this is the same timeframe as the launching of the 50k notes?

7.    re-launching of the Sovereign Bonds – we know the first launching was disastrous as the premium Iraq had to payout on the bonds was around 20% due to the low risk of a low sovereign credit rating. How can you make any money this way?  So they decided they would cancel this current bond drive at the end of November. They also told us they plan to resume the bond drive in early 2016. Why would they do this unless they plan to upgrade Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s credit rating to reduce their payout yet stay competitive?

8.    Completion of the 2016 Budget – in articles they told us the first reading was conducted last week and the second reading is planned for today, Monday 11/16. They also said they plan to vote on the budget on Thursday is all goes well. There is also a “basket” of laws coinciding with the budget they also plan to address on Thursday. They did not tell us what these other laws were. Could they be some other golden nuggets we have been waiting for? Do they plan to begin the new year with a new currency? We will wait and see.

More Recent Golden Nuggets

So we heard news last week that the CBI fully intends to rollout the new 50K notes in early next month (December). We know that they need a significant increase in the dinar value to force the launching of the lower denominations at or about the same time. Why?

Lots of questions everyone is asking about these 50k and 100k notes. So let’s look at what is going on here. Why would Iraq have to RV on or about the time of  launching these new 50k notes? First let me say they do not have to RV but just increase the value of the dinar significantly from the 1166 rate so right off from the start this is where people are getting very confused about coming out at a low rate. Again –when this happens THIS IS NOT THE RV. Read more…

Lots of reasons for the 50k notes.
So let’s explore these reasons today and see if I can assist you in understanding what is about to happen and how it will all transpire. Also please read article below on this topic for more explanation.

1) First let us remember that we have positive factual evidence that the CBI began the RV process back in 2012. This is not rumor or conjecture it is FACT!

2) Second we know that prior to 2012 RV timeframe, the CBI started the project to suck in the 3 zero notes off the streets of Iraq. At this time they reported that nearly 75% of them were collected. This is FACT!

3) Third we know they have not and will not distribute anymore of the 3 zero notes since 2012 and we know the CBI has let more US dollars back into the Iraq economy to supplement the currency shortage. So Iraq is running mostly off of US dollars today. There is a ratio of US dollars to dinar being allowed by the IMF. They are being lenient and cooperative in the CBI plan but they have already told Iraq to correct this situation since the ratio of US dollars to dinar is not proportionate as allowed since Iraq will stay using the dinar.

Then we know (cause we read articles on it) earlier in 2014 a law was passed prohibiting using US Dollars   but again the IMF overlooks this imbalance in currencies for the time being. We know that since 2012,  the CBI in cooperation with the banks, has run many programs to sucker in yet more of the 3 zero notes out of circulation. Many thought then that these programs were the RV and Mnt Goat to keep stepping in to help correct all this RV nonsense. Some still continue this nonsense for every weekend even though I try desperately to help then to avoid all this unnecessary hype and rumors. The CBI reports now up to 80-90% now are gone.

4)Fourth we must go back in history as they recently told us that the project for the 50k and 100kk notes goes back to 2006 thus it is not new and has been planned all along. Next they told us recently the connection with the “project to delete the zeros” in that the one of the reasons for now launching the 50k notes is to attempt to suck up the remaining 10-20% of the 3 zero notes out of circulation and force the lower denominations to be launched. Why would this force the lower denominations to be launched?

5) Fifth we know that (as I just told you above too) that there is a ratio of allowed dinar to US dollars. So since the 50k notes will suck up yet more or these notes, the void gets larger and thus the ratio of US dollars increasing which will grossly violate the IMF restrictions  on the use of the US dollar. So this is the time when the pressure is exerted on the CBI to do something. So they only thing they will be able to do is launch the lower denoms to offset the ratio thus satisfying the IMF.  So have you heard about a CBI MECHANISM to launch to lower denoms?  Did you ever wonder what the hell this mechanism could be? Well this is it.

Of course the CBI just doesn’t give out FREE money so the local banks will have to collect in the 3 zero notes and use them to pay the CBI for the 50 notes. To prime the pump the banks would buy these 50k notes using the an I.O.U. They CAN NOT initially us US dollars to purchase them. Later post RV they can. Initially the CBI wants for force the collection of the last of the 3 zero notes and later force the collection of  the US dollar. The local banks are the instrument/tool to do this. Nice strategy is it not? But remember the liquidity problem,  so this all has to be done in a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME and can not continue long. They need cash in the banks to loan out. This MUST happen suddenly and briefly. The timing has to be perfect.

For instance: they would give the CBI any combination of the 5k, 10k or 25k notes for a new 50k. (5 x 5K = 50k) or (2 x 25k = 50k) or (10k +10k + 25k + 5k = 50k) just as examples.

So the banks must come up with a plan as to how to sucker the people to turn in the last of their dinar. How will they do this? They must pop out a rate of the dinar (3 zero notes) higher than the US dollar. So the 1166 rate will suddenly and unexpectedly shock everyone one day and go way up to probably around 90 cents to just over $1.00 on a float. This is not yet the RV. This is not yet international. So keep this in mind. This is VERY IMPORTANT. This is where many will get very confused in the process. But you know better now since yo have faithfully been reading and keeping up with this RV saga with Mnt Goat.

You may not even hear about this sudden process too much. This will be the waiting period for us and we will all be very anxious. The rate will not yet be on the exchanges. This is purely another “sucker” rate. They will run this campaign for 4-5 days (or as long as they need it) then pop out the full RV about $4.00 + rate.

Meanwhile the new RV rate $4.00+ will be at the banks and I am hearing the US treasury may even begin exchanging to internet dinar holders and anyone knowledgeable of this process much early before the official RV going to the exchanges. Thus begin this process when Iraq first gets the 90-$1.00 rate. Everyone else will get the news when it is announced and they go into the banks when it does get posted on the exchanges. They will be surprised at such a high rate offered since they would already have heard of only a 90-$1.00 rate in Iraq. Many will be very confused. But you should not be confused since you know now what to fully expect.
So what do you do? For me I am going after the highest rate possible and will wait until I am called to the bank for the $4.00+ rate. But I warn you ***** CAUTION***** there will be charlatans and scammers everywhere trying to exchange your dinar for the 90-$1.00 rate so be careful and know there is a much better rate offered at the banks even though it may not yet be on the official currency exchanges.

So in the long run what will the Iraq banks do with these 50k notes once they have purchased them from the CBI?

There is a mandate from the CBI to banks that they will use these new 50k and 100k notes for very large inter-banking and commercial transactions since once they collect all the large old 3 zero notes they will no longer have the very large 3 zero notes for this purpose( 5k, 10k 25k). The 50k notes will coincide indefinitely with the new lower denominations ($5, $10, $20, $200, etc) in circulation as the new Iraq currency going forward.

I also want to point out in the article below we have most of the evidence of this plan I just talked about above. It talks about the 50k notes and with it (in the same breath) talked about the “project to delete the zeros” and the postponement of it in 2012. In this article they tell us this project of the 50k and 100k notes goes back to 2006 and so it too must have been ready back in 2012 to launch but it was held up. This seems like a very good summary to me. Why did we then hear that they were just printing these notes now if they could have launched the project in 2012? How could the notes have been ready in 2012? Let’s do a time warp back in history.

This is not really that big of a puzzle to solve if you had been paying attention to this RV saga as long as I have. I come to help everyone understand the puzzle but many simply do not want to listen. Will you listen?

Way back in the year 2011ish they told us they would have to re-design these notes to have Kurdistan representation on them. Back then they even told us this would be done in 2015 but we did not fully understand what the hell they meant since surely, we thought, they would not wait this long to RV. So now this year we witnessed this being completed and we read articles on it.

Here is what they also told us about these 50k notes and its association with the project to delete the zeros and I quote from the article – “And a project to delete the zeros and repair system of cash payments, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said, he has seen bickering prevented obtaining the support and recognition of the Council of Ministers in 2012”.

This is again another indication of their intent to continue the project to delete the zeros (and RV their currency) in close proximity to launching these 50k notes way back in 2012. So now they have decided to go forward once again.

I know this was a lot to read just for me to make my point and prove to you the connection between the launching of the 50k notes and the RV and the entire process. But it is a process and if you want to truly understand it… then go read my above explanation. There is absolutely no one else who has explained it or can explain it in this much detail to you because no one has the friends at the levels I do.

But even getting this plan first hand from verbal contacts it still does not make much sense until you can associate it with what Iraq is now doing. This takes being able to read the articles and make sense of them. It means remembering past events and associating them with today’s articles. Remember “it’s not so much what they say but what they do” and this is the context of this saying. But this saying does not mean you ignore the articles and you are simply ignorant if you do and you will never figure this out if you do.

Also most are simply much too LAZY to read the articles and make all the connections to what is now happening in IRAQ (and told to us in the news) to even begin to see the big picture of this puzzle. Many have asked me for the overall plan. Well I just gave it to you. NO Hype, No Rumors and just the FACTS.

Many just get dribbles and drabs of intel and they have all they need to put it together only if they would get their  noses into the articles and READ,, READ,, READ !

Article Begins


Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that Iraq needs a central bank issuing cash paper of 50 thousand dinars category, to shorten the transaction, given that the country is dealing cash payments and no credit cards in circulation in the West Kalveza CARD or MasterCard and other cards and instruments.

And Saleh, in an exclusive interview with Radio tow, that the issuance of the largest category of cash, is a financial project put forward since 2006 at the Economic Commission (in the cabinet), which is currently equivalent to about $ 46 (depending on the exchange rate), explaining that the major Iraqi currency accounted for 90% of banknotes, so the issuance of 50 thousand class will strengthen those currencies and contributes to the shortcut transactions.

And a project to delete the zeros and repair system of cash payments, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said, he has seen bickering prevented obtaining the support and recognition of the Council of Ministers in 2012.

He believed that the new currency version of the 50 dinars category, will reduce the cash currency carry on the citizen, as it reduces the count sorting and storage operations in the banks and therefore the consequent cost private said it was “very high”, adding that it would push for raising the efficiency of the system of cash payments .

Saleh expressed surprise at the criticism directed some resolution version of this new category, and called on them to not to dwell in the affairs is not their specialty, and expected formally awarded within the circulation and salaries early next year.

Article Ends

Folks it is really that simple. These notes now are in the vaults at the banks but not yet being able to use them until the CBI gives them the go ahead. They have been instructed as to how to use and when.  They are telling us they plan to launch these what I just described to you above in early December. So now based on everything I just told you – When DO YOU THINK  the RV might occur?

So I hope we clarified this topic of the 50k notes once and for all and gave you some more insight on how they plan use them in the overall BIG picture?

Why are they waiting till 2016 to launch the now 100k notes?
They do not want to put these notes in circulation as of yet until the economy is running smoothly. As the need arises they will launch them but the process and intent at this time will be much different. First the intent in 2016 will be to collect as much of the US dollar as possible out of circulation and back to the CBI. So the banks will pay for these by using US dollars on-demand from the CBI. Secondly there will be a need for them as the economy grows and the value and volume of transactions increases.

Next I am presenting an article on the activation of the Tariffs once again. This is really the GOLDEN NUGGET of today.

Remember I told you this is another one of those GOLDEN NUGGETS to look for in the future. Well here it is. Amazed? You should not be since Mnt Goat told you to look for it. So in this past the launching of the tariffs was a flop and now we see them try this again. They will make damn sure it will be fully successful this time. The only way it has a chance of success is to RV the currency first. Why RV first?

Like I told you in prior news letters they can not correctly calculate the rates to charge for the tariffs manually and need to tie into the automated IMF system, which they have told us they already installed and linked to. The IQD rate must be on the GLOBAL exchanges worldwide. This system does auto payments and billing. It is a state of the art system and with the amount of flow of goods into and out of Iraq it would nearly impossible to prevent corruption and maintain any sense of order, tracking and billing in this process.

So bottom line is in the article below they are coming right out and telling us and I quote from the article – “the activation of the customs tariff law the middle of next month”.  Why in the middle of next month then?

I JUST TOLD YOU! ARE YOU LISTENING? They will be activating the RV at this same time !

All these events are INTERCONNECTED leading towards one event, the RV…GET IT ?

Article Begins


Special – scales News

Said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Saturday, that the activation of the customs tariff law the middle of next month to protect the consumer, while stressing the importance of activating the role of the state industrial projects and private sector projects will contribute to raising the Iraqi economy.

Said Antoine L / scales News /, that “calls for the development of the industrial sector for the purpose of dispensing with foreign imports and the formation of labor and the provision of local goods in the markets serve Iraq’s economy and the private sector”, stressing that it “needs to be legislation and laws, including the activation of customs tariff law.”

He added that “the middle of next month, there will be enabled to customs tariff law to protect the consumer,” noting that “there are those who try to block the activation of local industry and are taking advantage of the delay of the new changes and development of the country’s process.”

And called on the government to “expedite the rebuilding local industry and the granting of loans to the private all kinds for the sector to move up important level and provides jobs for the unemployed,” adding that “local industries significantly contribute to the lifting of Iraq’s economy, especially as the activation of the role of the industrial state and the private sector projects the economy will grow more than 15 % GDP of the industrial sector “.

Article Ends

Update: Reforming the CBI

I have not given you an update on the cleaning up of the CBI for a long time. We know this is necessary going forward into 2016 in running the economy. Abadi will not let a proxy governor run the CBI with Shiete dominated policies from Iran, as Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail seems to want to do. So here  is yet another attempt by Abadi to bring down the current proxy governor assigned by Maliki to run the CBI. Abadi is playing dirtly now the same legal trick Maliki played to get Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail installed at temporary proxy governor will also get him dismissed. Don’t believe me? Wait and see how it all plays out. Dr Shabibi will be coming back and it will be announced his return as the full time governor of the CBI.

Article Begins



Dr. Haider Abadi instructed the governor of the CBI to open an urgent investigation the disappearance of $ 10 billion of central bank reserves under the previous government.  Al «morning» from a senior government source, who asked not to be identified, said that «the prime minister instructed the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords to open an immediate investigation into the disappearance of 10 billion dollars from the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of $ 67 billion and decline to $ 58 billion without giving reasons at a time when the Iraqi financial market and dollar exchange rates are stable at the time.

The source confirmed that the Prime Minister expressed his commitment to comprehensive reform and the fight against corruption, according to a recent statement issued announced the issuance of new packages, respectively, as the face of open past and current files of corruption under the supervision of a higher committee to activate the principle of  reforms.

Abadi also pledged, in his statement, to hold accountable corrupt and bring them to the judiciary and to recover the people’s money at home and abroad, calling on the judiciary to the adoption of well-known judges of integrity to investigate and prosecute corrupt.

He said that opening the files of corruption is an important part of correct government course of action which is made parallel to make decisions to improve the financial and political level, and that is consistent with the higher good reference calls and a wave of demonstrations in Baghdad and a number of pro-reform and tackle corruption in the country that led to the lack of services institutions provincial measures.

He pointed out that al-Abadi source of difficulty in the implementation of the decisions and the package of reforms, calling it «a difficult task in light of the challenges faced by the country», hinting that there are parties «unnamed», he seeks to thwart his steps and try to question his ability to reform an undeclared categories feared damage which may cause its interests as a result of decisions taken recently, however, the prime minister stressed his commitment to the reform process and that he would not preclude the implementation of any party but to the Constitution and the law.

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS
Article Begins


From the United Nations!!
It expressed the United Nations, welcomed the liberalization of Sinjar, west of Mosul and the expulsion of the terrorist organization Daash him, noting that THAT TERRORISM DAYS IN IRAQ ARE NUMBERED!

Deputy Special Envoy of the United Nations Georgi Posten in a press release on Sunday, said he “welcomes the liberalization of Sinjar areas leg out at the hands of Kurdish Peshmerga forces, adding that” the achievements of the anti-Iraqi forces to Daash confirms that terrorism days in Iraq are numbered. “
Article Ends

Let’s now keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS-

“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen “

All these prayers seem to be working.

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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