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Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.mnt_goat_insert_image2

Did you ever hear the phrase “its not over until the fat lady sings” ?

There is a tremendous amount of news from intel providers in USA now all saying we will see the RV the weekend. Is all this hype true?

Today’s News

As you may remember the hold up in getting the first session of parliament scheduled had been getting the list of candidates for prime minister to submit to parliament for a vote. There had been many postponements.

We learned that the State of Law Coalition insisted and still is insisting they are entitled to back Nuri Al-Maliki as candidate for prime minister as their party did obtain the majority votes in the preliminary election results.

They keep using this reasoning but remember that only after the ratified results are announced to they get the final results. The State of Law did not officially win the elections since they did not receive the majority seats in parliament.

When they got into parliament last Tuesday they were instructed then to cause confusion and to cause the speaker to delay the session once again. This political move worked. Again Maliki won ! The more time they give him the more he will work to screw it up. That is his plan.

There is much news coming out of Iraq and lots of it I cannot talk much about due the sensitive nature. I will tell you what I can.

I can tell you there is a USA plan in place and the events unfolding now have to line up just right (or coincide) in the next 3 days and then they will pop this RV then if this happens.

Could it happen before the 3 days?

Yes if it all lines up prior but I do not believe it will and the USA is not going to give in unless they can see proof positive a new government is in place going forward.

They will not do it simply on announcements. They need solid proof. They have been lied to and continually given false information of process.

Yes – this is still and will continue to be the hold up of the RV.

The events I am talking about are within the area of the effort to take down the militants. The USA military advisors are doing that right now….advising the Iraq army commanders and the security forces. They (Iraq army and security forces) are winning and taking back the towns. They are being advised by the USA army command.

Do not think and get confused for one second that the RV is dependent on winning any kind of battle with the insurgents. This is ridiculous ! This is backward thinking and wrong. Do the insurgents play a roll in the RV? Yes – and they are being used like pawns in a chess game in the big scheme of things.

How are the militants being used as pawns?

I am being told the USA is waiting to strike and strike very swiftly when and if the time comes. But this decision to strike is based on the political decisions now being made on how the new Iraq government will be structured.

Basically the decision now is based on whether there will be another 4 years of sectarian discontent or a government for all the people. The decision to select 1 of many options to strike (who?) are also on the table….hint…hint….They encourage and will only allow the later to prevail.

So can you see why the USA military is now on standby? Can you understand why they are waiting? Can you see their second option if plan A does not work? I cannot tell you anymore.

My sources in Iraq are telling me now some very interesting information.

The National Alliance planned to make an announcement on Sunday of who the final candidates for the three presidents are for the Tuesday voting session in parliament. But they later called me back and told me they have decided to keep the names quite until the session on Tuesday.

So I am now telling you that you may hear all kinds of articles coming out between now and then on the new list of candidates so don’t trust this news. It is propaganda. They do not plan to leak their secret. They are worried about letting Maliki counter they move and screw it up. I think you will find the end result very interesting. I almost fell off my seat when I heard it.

This is going to be a very dynamic session on Tuesday. Don’t get disappointed if we see no progress again. Maliki is still a loose cannon. The USA will then step in and force some changes….hint….hint…

There is a red line being drawn and the USA does not want this to drag on forever. This is why Tuesday’ session is so very, very important.

If the right chess moves are not allowed to happen in Tuesday’s session in parliament to satisfy the USA (and thus also the people of Iraq) you will see all hell break loose. Maliki will be forcefully taken out. Did you hear me? Let me say it again- the plan right now is to forcefully take out Maliki if he or his goons of the State of Lay coalition try to manipulate the election process in parliament on Tuesday.

How will they do this?

This is the sensitive part I cannot talk. But if you read what I just said above you can figure it out. It is not rocket science stuff.

So all I can say now is stay tuned and let’s see how this drama all works out over the next 72 hours (or worst case maybe 7 days -but I hope not.


I want to calm everyone down and to not over hope (hopium) this RV. It is right on the verge of being announced. There is literally just one issue now that is stopping the announcement.

The USA is now poised to take action either direction the election process moves in Iraq but the result will be the same. Did you hear me? I said the results will be the same. It is just all timing and one path may take a little longer but we will get where we need to go. The USA is getting real tired of this Maliki.

They are already years behind in the larger plan for this region. Time to step it up.

The RV is so close to an announcement that the USA has already completed 95%+ of the rollout process already.

Remember I kept talking about this software that had to run to rollout all the needed files downstream for the currency rates and other information/files to the banks and exchanges? Well its now 95%+ complete since the USA has let it go.

But they were told not to finalize it and so the last part is still in limbo until the final votes are taken in Iraq.

Could we see the RV next week?

If all goes as planned (plan A) we will be at the banks next week. But if the USA has to force this government change they it may take a little longer.

So please, please do not listen to all the hype about the RV happening tomorrow or tonight. Could it? Yes… but watch the political process and you can see the chances are slim to none.

We need to see this Iraq parliamentary session on Tuesday (Monday night your time in USA).

Watch the news and listen to the reporter briefings being made by the USA Whitehouse with the USA secretary of defense and the Presidents’s Joint Chief of Staff Army. They are telling you what the plan is and how it coincides with the situation in Iraq.

This is the important part and the operative word is “coincides”. Like in events coinciding! Do you understand?

Can we trust the news media?

The news media in the USA has already gotten caught with their pants down. They rolled out a film with USA soldiers fighting in Mosul (supposedly). In actuality one of the soldiers was sitting in a bar drinking beer and watched himself run across the screen…lol… How could that be I am here, he said?

It was some old footage from Fallujah from the serge days when this soldier was stationed in Iraq and participated in the battle for Fallujah. He is now discharged. A news media blunder. Caught red handed !

They are attempting to clean up the news now. But still they will feed to us only what they want us to know. We have to figure out why they are showing us and telling us their version of the news. If you can understand this you can figure it out. We do not have to be spoon fed.

You just have to shut off the hopium for a few minutes and sit, listen and soak it in.

I know it is hard to do but if you want to know the truth this is a good source too. If you just want a date and rate then forget reading my news letters for a starter and just wait for it to come out at the bank.

See now you have your own true intel source….lol…you are now a guru too…….lol….

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in.

This is the definition of “stable” and “functional” that we are looking for.

This will bring us the final completion of the project to restructure the currency. This is what the CBI also wants and this is what will get us to the banks to exchange our dinar.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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