Who is anonymous?

 Anonymous wrote:

So many people want to know who anonymous is. They seek him high, they seek him low, they seek him everywhere. Who is anonymous, is he, a she, is it a group, is it a guru, is it you or is it me?

Who is anonymous?

Do you look in the mirror each day? Anonymous stares back at you.

Anonymous is you, its me, it is every single one of us, for if one of us falls another will take their place, for truly we are legion and we are on the march, justice is at hand.

Anonymous is freedom! Anonymous is truth! Anonymous is Justice! Anonymous is you!

I, anonymous, lives within you, when you wake you might become that anonymous, and do good for your brother and sister, for your planet. Today he/she is American, tomorrow an Iraqi and perhaps the next its a Frenchman or an Englishwoman or perhaps an Indian or African, its you, its me, its everybody, when you become who you truly are.

Truth made manifest in the world and the flutter of a butterfly wing in the Amazon basin creates a monsoon in Hong Kong.

Its just a whisper on the wind but it become a bellowing shout in the corridors of power. Moving mountains and unseating kings, putting common criminals to rout!

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us!

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by Anonymous


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    1. Must be all the buzzing from the purple pigs whizzing around, watch out for the purple droppings, they are a bugger to get out of clothing. 🙂

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