“Why The Delay in the Deletion of the Zeros?“ by Mnt Goat

UU5511 – “Why The Delay in the Deletion of the Zeros?“ by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to give a very short newsletter on a super duper important article that came out recently. I know you are all smiling since you will only have a couple pages to read today…..lol…..

I am going to dwell mostly on one particular article because it, like many articles, is telling us so much. Again it confirms much that we have known all along. It also is telling us we are on the right path for a coming RV in the very near future. Let me explain.

Today’s News

Today is Sunday May 10th and still no RV and just 21 days till June – all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC.

Some say it will never reach a June timeframe. Really? They are now slowing changing their tune as we get closer to what Mnt Goat has been trying to tell them all along that of the golden rules – No Security, No needed laws, No RV!

Now also Iraq has thrown in a curve ball and told us they also need the new 50,000 notes (holding off on the 100,000 for now) as part of the liquidity issue solution. So now we also have an economic element in the mix.

They intend to begin issuing these new notes to the bank in a couple months. Opps there’s that June/July timeframe again….

So all this information I share is not a matter of my opinion or conjecture – but fact. You may be told by your contacts that an RV will happen today or perhaps tomorrow.

You as a responsible person have the right to reject the information based on common sense from other facts you know. In fact that is part of your responsibility to do so. Have you been responsible or simply reguritate what they tell you to say? Do you actually know what is really going on?

But whatever you decide to do with the information you recieve I guarantee in the final analysis the RV rollout will be stopped repeatedly until they (the PTB in USA) are ready for it.

So we thank you for all your news, but NO THANKS !

So let us look at the facts that really point us to an RV reality check as the when the PTB might be telling us they would be ready to complete the final rollout.

Those that say I have never given factual data to back up my claim are wrong. They need to go back and read or re-read my last 10 posts. I could not be any clearer. I said it all in about 5 different ways over the last months so we can all understand better. I even just recently used the analogy of getting a mortgage compared to the controlling of the RV process.

Many don’t want to follow Mnt Goat posts consistently and they miss all the good stuff. Later they come on and read one maybe two newsletter then they comment. They do this as if a pigeon flying overhead and we all know what they drop on us…lol….

So they still continue to hype it up. That is their opinion and we all have them. Thank God for opinions. But we all know better – don’t we? Today’s news is full of confirmations that yet again we are on the right track for an early summer timeframe for something dramatic in Iraq to happen.

It will effect their economy and have long standing consequences for their security efforts. Maybe a very good timeframe to the see the RV? Funny how this June/July timeframe just keeps popping out at us.

Remember one thing I am not saying it is going to RV in June or July. I am not setting a date but I am saying Iraq needed to address demands made by the USA prior to any RV. I am now seeing these demands being met and addressed. I am seeing the much needed laws passed and the implementation for them funded.

I will honestly say I see just too much lining up for mid to late summer timeframe 2015 which makes me think that something is about to happen with their economy, something major. I also can see that something is holding and what holding it back now for months. This “something” is out of Iraq’s hands.

So this week out pops an article

What could this element be that is holding back the RV? Can this recent articles tell us?

In this article I am sending to you today, the parliament is telling the citizens that part of the economic instability is basically because they need their currency to come to a true value and go international (implementing the project to delete the zeros).

The committee member Nora Albjara comes right and tells us that everything the government has to do is done and has been done since 2013 for the project to delete the zeros. So where is the RV? Where is our new currency?

She also confirms to us now what many have been denying all along. That the project to delete the zeros of the currency in the year 2012 was stopped because of the unstable political environment (of Maliki).

Ha ha, so they did attempt to begin the RV process way back in 2012! This along with what we saw back in 2012 if you were paying attention back then, confirms it all.

She also blames the financial instability they are experiencing on not implementing this project when they had a chance to do it years ago in a better economic climate.

But here is the most fantastic part of this article.

She is actually telling us they plan to roll out the new 50,000 notes in conjunction with the new international currency and this will be done over the next few months. Go ahead read it below.

I am not making this up! Funny how this June and July timeframe keeps popping up!

Oh but wait – many still say any day / any week / any minute. Here is the paragraph read what is says for yourself-

“that the project application now it’s difficult in the absence of opportunities for political, economic and security stability, noting that “the government has reached the vessels solutions to address Big money supply so resorted to issuing currency category 50 000 dinars to absorb inflation, which will be issued effectively over the next few months, “adding that the new currency comes under the international standards.”




5/10/2015 0:00 BAGHDAD – Muhannad Abdul Wahab confirmed the parliamentary Economic Committee, that the instability of economic policy in the country, the main factors behind the wait is implementing a project to delete the zeros of the currency, saying that the central bank can not single-handedly accomplish this important project without the support of the government.

She said committee member Nora Albjara: “The government has completed all the mechanisms relating to the draft deletion of zeros from the currency since the year 2013 and was able to complete the project within the required specifications,” noting that “no project application came for political and economic reasons.”

confirmed the deputy in a statement the “morning” that ” the most appropriate time that it was possible that the implemented project to delete the zeros of the currency is the year 2012 because of the unstable political and economic climate and because of the high oil prices, as well as financial abundance at the time that allowed the state to start deleting zeros currency “.

She was a member of the Economic Commission for regret “for not Cabinet vote at the time on the project, which caused the loss of an opportunity to achieve financial stability and to avoid the effects of high oil prices. ”

and showed Albjara, that the project application now it’s difficult in the absence of opportunities for political, economic and security stability,

noting that “the government has reached the vessels solutions to address Big money supply so resorted to issuing currency category 50 000 dinars to absorb inflation, which will be issued effectively over the next few months, “adding that the new currency comes under the international standards.”

In turn, confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Charter Hamdi, that “the central bank does not can delete the zeros because of the economic situation is stable. ”

said Hamidi said in a press statement: “The Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary hosted the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, and discussed with him for the provision of liquidity and increase demand for the dollar issues as well as the disparity in the exchange rate.”

she added Hamidi that “Keywords stressed that the process of handling these things, where they will be printed new financial category worth fifty thousand dinars,” indicating that “the bank for printing percent category thousand dinars to a later time.”

She Hamidi that “the central bank can not delete the zeros because of the status quo and the unstable Iraqi economy, “the central farewell to” increase revenue that will provide cash and foreign currency, which eases the burden on the citizen. ”

For its part, said a member of the Economic Committee Najiba Najib, “said the project full but start by non-specific because of the war against Daash.”

She In a statement the “morning” that the central bank can not by itself accomplish this project because he is a specialist technical matters and the project requires full support from the government. ”

End of article

I do not see any chance of this completing until the June/July timeframe.

[Update Battle to Retake Mosul]

So in the later part of last week we read articles telling us that the “softening” up of ISIS has already begun with the recent bombing missions.

We know that over 200,000 coalition troops could possible be involved in the battle. The 82 AirBorne Division is sending 6,000 troops from USA and they are expected to hit the ground by June 1st.

Opps there is that June date again…..

I have said a couple times now I am hearing from Iraq that they fully intend this to be the battles of all battles to finally rid Iraq of ISIS.

Since I know there are only about 20,000 ISIS in and around Mosul and they are sending in a sizable mechanized, well equipped, over whelming force to fight them this tells me something very important.

This tells me this could true be very significant if all goes well. Let’s all pray and keep our fingers crossed. We should also pray for all the coalition boots on the ground.

But there is also another monster larking in the shadows. It is the over 1 million known Iranian militia in Iraq. Last week they were told not to interfere in the Anbar operations however they joined in anyhow and did some nasty things to Iraqi civilians. Eventually the ultimatum is going to be made and they will be challenged to leave Iraq or be faced with being forced out.

Three things we know about these Iranian, Sheite backed militias:

1) Maliki was the indirect leader – as long as Maliki is around they will continue to plan reprisal bombings (it will never end);

2) as long as the agreed upon Reconciliation Reforms are not fully met there will be no guarantee that Sunnis will not join in with the militias as a last resort in protest against the Baghdad government;

3) as long as any Iranian militia remain in Iraq, peace will not prevail.

So you see how these 3 principles now ties all together and what the GOI and the coalition forces know they must do. We are not talking about action in 2016. We are talking about immediate action to resolve each of these 3 remain issues when dealing with security.

An article told us also that they intend to get testimony from Maliki in next weeks hearing (yes – next week not months from now) as a witness to the Mosul ISIS takeover.

They might also very well question Maliki on the 700+ billion of missing funds from 2006 till 2013 budgets. This by the way is enough money to entirely reconstruct the war torn Iraq. Where did all the money go?

The committee to investigate the Steicher AFB incident also wants to interrogate Maliki for his role in this event. Seems he is a popular guy these days.

In dealing with Maliki one must remember it is not just one man but also his 100+ goons. He still maintains a set of followers and those who are accomplices to his crimes.

So they must first come up with ways to confine them and restrain them. They were afraid of starting a civil war but since Maliki already did this what have they now got to lose.

Since when they finally decide to lay the anvil done on the Maliki and his gang they must be prepared for reprisals. Are they now ready to take this next step? It seems the time has come.

So after all this planning can you now understand and see the reason why they allowed him to negotiate a deal as one of the vice presidents? It all makes sense and it coming to a conclusion.

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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