Free Reality Shift

Reality shift sessions are designed to help you create the life you want by transforming your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. They are based on the idea that you can change your vibration and move your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality, which can be anything you imagine.

In a reality shift session, I use a combination of powerful energy techniques, including visualizations to help you align your mind and body with your desired reality. You start to shift your energy and vibration and begin accessing a deeper level of perception. By doing so, you can experience more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in your life.

In this free reality shift session, we focus mainly on abundance and removing financial blocks. By clearing this area of your life, you can make conscious choices to pursue your evolution.

What to Expect

This is a one-to-one Zoom / voice call session where we use state manipulation and energetic release techniques to help you shift your vibration and redefine your reality. You can choose any area of your life that you need healing in, but we suggest focusing on financial abundance, especially if you are taking advantage of this free session.

We will have a relaxed conversation that uncovers your limiting beliefs and guides you to a higher state of vibration where you can create the reality you desire. The session starts with a Zoom call, but then switches to a voice call, so you need to be in a comfortable and quiet place where you can lie down and relax.

We will explore the root cause of your suffering and use powerful change techniques to transform your energy and habits. By moving stagnant energy, you will gain more freedom and control over your reality and vibration. Peel away the layers of limitation and soar to new heights of awareness.

Book A Free Session

We will start with a Zoom call, but switch to a voice call for the actual session. You need a quiet and comfortable place where you can lie down and relax without any interruptions. You can use any smart phone with Viber, WhatsApp, or Zoom for the voice call.

This is a free session sponsored by a benefactor. Please book this only if you cannot afford a paid session. This is not a trial session, but a gift for those who really need it.

To book your session, choose the date and time and click continue. Fill in your personal details and whitelist the confirmation email.

Payments & Donations

Should you wish to make payment in any of the crypto currencies listed below please email us after payment and prior to booking if it is an in person session.  we will generate a coupon code which you can use to book your session on the Bookings Calendar.  If you want to gift a session via a crypto currency payment – make the payment equivalent in crypto and email us that you wish to gift someone a session and have paid in crypto.

All sessions and product purchases are facilitated via STRIPE or PayPal you may choose which one is the most convienent for you.  Both offer high levels of secuity and protection for payments.

Should you feel inclined to suport our work or to even to buy us a coffee please feel free to use any of the below payment pathways.  I appreciate your support and would love to hear from you when you make a donation of any kind.  Do please drop us an email or use the message facility in PayPal.






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