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If you’re trying to create change in your future and you still perceive your past as something that you are a victim of, you become a prisoner of your reality.

Perception is the faculty that is fundamental in knowing how everything affects our life.  Our perception is everything! It is reality, and it is important to gain deeper awareness into how it affects the way in which we navigate this world and our life experience.

Any person that’s going through a healing journey usually at some point begins to explore their early childhood and starts to see the connection and correlation between everything they’re currently trying to navigate in their life and some early childhood experience.

But you don’t need to battle your past or transcend your trauma by way of going into it and trying to transmute every little situation that you didn’t like about your past.  We live in a quantum universe, the way to transcend trauma is to understand that it’s essentially the same situation, the same drama, just played out in a different way and in different manifestations and the perception of those events really has everything to do with our healing.

To understand our perspective, we are, at our essence, at our basic part of being, consciousness.  Our bodies are vehicles of consciousness, fractals of original source, the one universal mind experiencing itself in one individuated fractal of itself.

If we perceive our past in a particular, distinct way we start to perceive our present or future as continuing on that narrow spectrum of our own consciousness.  As soon as we change our perspective of past events in any shape or form, we start to implement this energy of change which changes the entirety of our experience.

In other words, we are source observing reality through our individual lens

of awareness and when we change our perspective, we change the way that source experiences itself. We change the energy surrounding our total experience of being. We are renewed.  We shift perspective and shape our reality.

I believe in the applying the right amount of change at the point where it will have the most effective knock on effect within the individual.  At the right fulcrum point massive change can happen not only with how we interpret our internal world but more importantly how we percieve and relate with the external world of our creation.

All of us here at Shit Shaper are just like you, except we’re very good at implementing techniques and learnings to induce a change in your state of being which will change your perception and intoduce you to a new reality, one of more freedom, greater understanding and increased ability to interact with your world in exceptional ways.

Chris - Shift Shaper

I never thought when I started delving into these arts now for over 40 years that I would some day be passing on some of the expertise that I have learnt along the way.

To say its been an interesting journey is perhaps the biggest understatement.  Its been real.  Utilizing an amulgamation of many different methodologies I believe that effecting change for the better of the individual is paramount.

Applying change at the right point has the ability to shift perspective in a massive way throughout the human.  Freeing up energy and changing worldviews.


“For years, I struggled with chronic pain and fatigue, and I felt hopeless and helpless. Then I discovered the Team at Shift Shaper and their amazing treatments in trance and energetic sessions. They helped me release the pain and tension from my body and mind, and restore my vitality and joy. They are a team of skilled and compassionate healers who know how to work with your energy and help you heal yourself. I am so grateful for their sessions and their guidance.”

“The Shift Shaper team are amazing energetic teachers who have helped me improve my health, happiness, and spirituality. They are masters of their craft and generous teachers. They helped me access my inner wisdom and unleash my potential. They also helped me balance my energy and harmonize my relationships. Their sessions are a rewarding and enriching experience that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and harmonious life.”

“I am so grateful for Chris’s conversations and energetic sessions. They have helped me cope with the challenges and changes that life brings. He has taught me how to change my perceptions on how I view certain situations, release stuck patterns in a way that works for me and generally how to balance my energy, and how to tap into my intuition and creativity. He is a fantastic and inspiring teacher who cares deeply about his clients.”

“I can’t recommend Chris and the Shift Shaper team enough. They are amazing meditation and energetic teachers who have helped me transform my life. I have had several sessions with them, and each one was a unique and powerful experience. The trance meditation session was especially incredible, as Chris’s calm and soothing voice guided me to relax and overcome my challenges. I also learned how to use my own energy to create positive changes in my life. The Shift Shaper team is always supportive and helpful, and they answer any questions and give valuable advice. This experience has opened my eyes to a new worldview and has boosted my confidence and happiness in unexpected ways.”

“Chris is an amazing hypnotic trance and energetic practitioner. He has a natural talent and a genuine passion for what he does. He will help you relax, heal, and grow in ways you never imagined. He will help you clear any obstacles or issues that are preventing you from living your best life. He is a miracle worker and a beautiful soul.”

“Chris’s energetic sessions are a wonderful and rewarding experience. He has a warm and friendly personality that makes you feel welcome and comfortable. He will help you explore your inner world and find your true essence. He will also help you enhance your outer world and manifest your desires. He is a brilliant and generous teacher who will make you fall in love with life and yourself.”