We live in the light of reflected action, the things that have happend to us in the past are still happening and controlling us today.  Understanding how our perception determines our reality and how that worldview either limits us or provides access to limtless potential and unimagined vistas of reality is the aim of Shift Shaper.  We want to shift your perception and enable you to shape your reality.

Our services are mostly interactive and tailored for the individual, there are various stand alone products which can be used on your own, during or after taking a course or by themselves without a course.  These can be used in conjuction with any of the course material to enhance and add dimention to various aspects of your progress.

Some of the courses consist of a number of one to one sessions, each building on the next.  Others include or are solely video based with accompanying audios.  Some require homework that needs to be completed if you are to progress to the next stage.  We have kept those levels of interaction down to the minimum.

What to Expect

Like an onion your trauma and blockages are layered into and onto your body and energetic system.  They often manefest themselves as illness, triggers or some kind of lack in your life.  Often they can be seen in your energy aura.  These blockages can be not only from this lifetime but perhaps from past lifetime situations.  Or perhaps they come from somewhere way back in your familial liniage.

You need to release patterns that no longer serve your continued evolution.  As you release and let go of these long held energy signitures and patterns you free up more and more of your energy.   As your energy begins to flow you begin to thrive and find better more empowering ways to uniquely understand and express reality.

Digging into repressed trauma and long held blockages often requires creative solutions to overcome the protective mechanisms of the ego mind.

If you want to change your reality you need to master the art of state control for mastering our own energetic state begins to open doors in consciousness on a level not yet percieved.

The good thing is that humans are very adapt at  going in and out of various degrees of trance on a near continual basis.

We can all relate to times where we have lost track of time and present moment awareness, off on a daydream, lost in thought.

Powerful trance states give us access to empowering tools and modalities that uncover limiting beliefs and blocks.  These changes in perception have powerful reverberating affects thoughout the human mind body system instigating generational changes within the dna liniage.

Identifying and releasing  any negative emotions, thoughts, or patterns that are keeping you stuck in your current reality we remove stagnant energy allowing you greater freedom and control over your reality and vibration.

These powerful changes are most easily seen and felt within the body.  Turning up the acuity of the energy system you will become more sensitive in interating with your energy system and beyond.  We employ a number of techniques in our private sessions drawing from work within numerous healing modalities to help you access your desired reality and manifest your dreams.

You will find empowering states of change and action allowing you implement strategies to move from whatever state of being you find yourself in through to a higher state of vibration where you can create the reality you desire.


Shift Sessions

All shift sessions are best conducted by a video call.  There are man different options lthe most popular is Zoom, but WhatsApp, Viber and MS Teams are also options.  Most session have a pre meeting which is usally around 1 hour length but might be longer.  This is to meet you and to findout more about you and to see exactly what situations you want help with.

The Quantum touch healing requires you to send a phot of yourself or the person you want healing sent to.  You get one hour of focused healing sent.

Gifting a Reality shift, this is for those who already flow with abundance and prosperity, being aware as to how this actually returns to you and increases your abundance allows you to gift this.


Shift Perception Shape Reality

The universe knows your essence and what you need.  It knows how to line up your next shift perfectly.  No matter your financial position, your  quantum benefactor has facilitated the ability for you to receive change in an even exchange of energy.

Free Reality Shift Session

The universe knows your essence and what you need.  It knows how to line up your next reality shift perfectly.  No matter your financial position, your  quantum benefactor has facilitated the ability for you to receive change in an even exchange of energy.

Gift a Reality Shift Session

Your abundance and prosperity flow with ease through your world.  You recognise the way to increase your abundance is to increase your flow.   Gifting a sesssion to another is a gift to yourself.  I will match 100% of your gift , so 3 beings benefit.

Quantum Touch Healing

Distance healing to shift your life.  There is magic in the quantum touch of your soul.  Prepare for sudden magical change.  Book a session to receive a deep subtle treatment where your soul activates the neccessary change you require.


The Shift Course - Shift Your Perception & Shape Reality

The Shift Course will teach you to shift your perception and shape your reality.  Learning to take charge of your state as you built powerful resources to navigate your world.  If you want to break free from the illusion you must first learn to navigate the illusion to transcend it.  Once you become an operator seeing through the illusion, vast vistas of possibility open as you discover your own limitless potentialities.  Bend reality and pierce the veil with new perceptions and deep insights.

The Morning Breathwork course is a set of powerful breathing techniques to help you maintain health and prosperity throughout your life.  It consists of 10 breaths which you can follow along with and start to incorporate into your daily ritual.

Go beyond alpha, take the journey with yoga nidra and learn progressive deepening techniques to access the yogic sleep.

Get set for the day and plan to succeed.  Manefesting and moving through the illusion and working the matrix to your advantage.  Learn to manefest from powerful empowering states.

Healing the inner Child and start to dismantle your trauma.  Begin the journey to a new state of being.  One where you can learn to approach current issues with new found resources and perhaps for the first time in your life you will easily navigate learning experiences and feel the satisfaction of being able to see with new perception life’s challenges.

These courses, will teach you to project a powerful, confident aura of calm sovereignty, all who approach you will be effected by you.  Each course works on developing another aspect or a deepening of an existing aspect.  You will learn to employ the neccessary resources in order to flourish.

You will begin to view life through new lenses of increased perception.  Becoming the master of your ship you will plot your future with confidence that your plans will manefest.


Beyond Alpha

This video course will teach you how to reach deep levels beyond the alpha brainstate moving through high Alpha, Theta and beyond. Access higher states from relaxed awareness where you can access your subconscious mind and tap into your intuition…

Morning Manifestation

The morning manifestation is a breath work practice of using your breath to influence your material world.  Using the power of voice and breath you learn to manifest in your world.  By learning how to manifest consciously…

Evening Manifestation

At the closing of your day take the time to close off your manefestation of day and set your night for peace.  Breath and voice come together in a compelling symphony of opening the heart and stilling the mind.  A compliment to the Morning …

Learn to Meditate

Reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost your well-being? Learn how to meditate in this easy and practical course. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn meditation, no matter your background or experience level…


These are all stand alone products, they appear within the course as modules.  These modules can be taken separately but are best taken from within the main course.  There is a flow of progression within the main course that builds and stacks experiences one upon another giving you a greater access to deeper perceptions.

Getting to Alpha

This mp3 download is a series of guided meditations each building on the next that will help you enter the alpha state of mind, in a deeper and deeper way.  The alpha state of mind is associated with increased intuition, problem-solving, and learning abilities, as well as reduced stress and anxiety…

Breath Inductions

This mp3 download is a guided hypnosis session that will help you enter a state of deep relaxation and trance using breathing techniques. Breathing inductions are simple and effective ways of inducing a deep trance state by linking suggestions of relaxation with the natural response of slowing…

Exploring the Theta State

In this mp3 download, you will learn how to explore the Theta state of mind and use it to go deeper. You will discover how to access deeper levels of your subconscious mind and learn techniques to deeper meditiation states. This mp3 file is suitable for those who are proficient in getting…

Accessing The Akashic

In this mp3 download, you will explore the alpha state and deeper as you learn to journey deep into the subconscious and beyond. Accessing the akashic records and bringing forth information about yourself and others comes with increasing accuracy as you learn to relax and trust the process of…

Payments & Donations

Should you wish to make payment in any of the crypto currencies listed below please email us after payment and prior to booking if it is an in person session.  We will generate a coupon code which you can use to book your session on the Bookings Calendar.

All sessions and product purchases are facilitated via STRIPE or PayPal you may choose which one is the most convienent for you.  Both offer high levels of secuity and protection for payments.

Should you feel inclined to suport our work or to even to buy us a coffee please feel free to use any of the below payment pathways.  We truly appreciate your donation and would love to hear from you when you make a payment of any kind.  Do please drop us an email or use the message facility in PayPal.






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