Personal Coaching Session

I have always walked in two worlds, both actively involved in business and its worldly interactions while still living and interacting on a completely other level of being.  I know its not easy, the ability to motivate and steer the course of your life without a real life mentor can be challenging. 

I’ve seen a lot of life, however nothing enspires me and brings greater satisfaction than working with those who can benefit from a shift in perception.  Sometimes its the first time that they see a difficult situation in a new light, as something other than what they imagined. 

These personal sessions are for those who have already completed the Shift Course and want or need extra counseling on their own life path.  Perhaps they are facing a challenging situation and need just a little help in moving forward to clarity.

Sometimes, you need a little nudge to start to shift your energy and vibration to begin access a deeper level of perception.

What to Expect

Usually this is a one-to-one Zoom video call but I recognise that sometimes a voice call is more appropriate as a form of communication.

In this personal one to one session we will discuss and uncover what is stopping you from moving forward. 

Utilising energetic release techniques to help you shift your vibration and redefine your reality, we will move stagnant energy. 

You will soon see things from a new vantage point as your perception shifts and once again you discover your ability to shape reality.

The call is set for 90mins which should allow plenty of space for discovery of energetic blocks and their release.  This is a facilitation of energetic change where you are really the one making the changes and shifts.

Book A Chat

If this is your first interaction I suggest starting with a video zoom call.  This is good for building rapport and picking up the non verbal cues which people use in day to day communication.  However if it is more suitable for you we can start with a voice call, all you need is a smart phone with Viber, WhatsApp, or Zoom for the voice call.  These are all free apps which most people have on their mobile / cell phone.

To book your session, choose the date and time and click continue. Fill in your personal details and whitelist the confirmation email.

Payments & Donations

Should you wish to make payment in any of the crypto currencies listed below please email us after payment and prior to booking if it is an in person session.  we will generate a coupon code which you can use to book your session on the Bookings Calendar.  If you want to gift a session via a crypto currency payment – make the payment equivalent in crypto and email us that you wish to gift someone a session and have paid in crypto.

All sessions and product purchases are facilitated via STRIPE or PayPal you may choose which one is the most convienent for you.  Both offer high levels of secuity and protection for payments.

Should you feel inclined to suport our work or to even to buy us a coffee please feel free to use any of the below payment pathways.  I appreciate your support and would love to hear from you when you make a donation of any kind.  Do please drop us an email or use the message facility in PayPal.






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