A girl I once knew

A girl I once knew

For my friend Mellory, Happy Birthday

you’re gone, but not forgotten,
frames of movies past,

just memories remain
sands of time ran out,
musical refrain

danced our youth away
school days and beaches,
follies of our youth
time skipped, slipped, night and day

yesterday, playing at teenagers
now you have youth eternal
while I watch the clock wind down, all around ages

youth fades away, once fresh faces
lines remain, etched stories of different places

Once upon time, we were both young but that was yesterday

For Tricia R.I.P

For Tricia R.I.P

For Tricia:

I saw a leaf carried on the wind, swirling skywards,

I blinked and it was gone, moments undone in a flash,

Life was easy when we were young, but the wind blew

Carried leaves aloft, see they float away,

Dreams of living gone, floating ever upwards,

Tears they streamed as hearts broke in misunderstanding,

For in another world leaves fell from the sky,

All stopped to watch them land upon the ground