Earth time: Late Boxing Day; Star Date: Unknown: Reality: Fluid;

The memes of illusions are fed by spoon or they are rammed down by force, fed they must be or people might begin to think again, think for themselves, think their way outside of the box, disconnect tube like metaphors, leading into the head and heart, fed into the mind, body and soul, as many stare mindlessly at the hypnotic box in the living room, buying into common culture, dancing the tune of popular recommendation, oblivious to reality as they buy worn out clichés and ideas. How the few, love to rerun and rework, worn out and ancient ideas, redressed and made up all plush, to be pushed out yet again in common custom, bought and sold, so you may feed and provide for your family in your distraction, as you tow the party line.

We see the nodding heads each night and day, off in their stupor flights of fancy, where they, the multitudes, are taught how to react, to cause and effect, the memes are the same, have been since the time of control, dawned, so long ago. The meme of imperfection, of being unworthy, of being less than another, unable to reason for ourselves, unable to take responsibility, the meme of death and contraction.

This world of communality has been confused and turned on its head in the reversal of everything you were taught as sacred, it is without surprise that in the past many have found confusion at every turn in the path to awakening. A few took it upon themselves to experience ultimate control.

That is no more an option to live by!

You, the many, who think you slumber down in snug forgetfulness safe from truth and clear perfection are coldly awakened as you find the house of safety, built in clouded dream, has gone and the job for life, which worked you to death, went the same way, as the days of steam and medieval horsemen, where once free man roamed the world at large emboldened without corporation, as the cold reality of existence shakes you awake, from immobile acceptance of blind faith of another’s pronouncements. Pronouncement on your state of being.


You awake with crystal vision as you see the stark nakedness of truth standing alone uncloaked and free in its own expression, not the winding maze of another’s viewpoint, turned inside out to suit a fiscal desire or a hunger of power and stature. You, who suddenly realizes that you pay for the privilege of your existence, in so many, many, ways, no more will or can you, turn a blind eye to the plight of your fellow humanity. You are star being born and you shall shine.

Once awake, can you return to forgetfulness, be told to unlearn that knowledge which is eternal, why would you chose to make that reality, for it is you and I forming this communality and our choice, our expression of the sum total of our being that makes it so.

The importance of memes and the planting of beliefs that serve you, so much better to find flowers in the spiritual garden you walk every single day without exception, for weeds grow in distraction of your importance, your being and your vitality of existence, for you are truly of exceptional importance in this experience of reality. You are unique with your expression of this world you create.

So before you accept the gospel of another, with blind faith of rhetoric guild by a silver tongue, think and decide if you will accept that reality, does it suit you, or do you chose to be amongst the growing number who step outside the box, outside the communality and forge a reality of distinction and flavor, a reality of your choice.

That choice resides as ever it did, with you, once aware, comes responsibility, with responsibility comes acceptance, acceptance for what is, for your creation.

Change your world if you will.

Indeed we created it all, so we might begin to stare at an illusion so incredulous, so unreal, that perception has to shift and reality of truth will stare back, unfettered by the veil of communality of existence.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.

Shift shaper