Taste buds awoke in field of strawberry
Butterscotch kisses of tangerine dreams exploded
Soft lips touched in silky remembrance of divinities embrace

Freshly harvested summer grass curing in the sunlight
Heat rumbled passion steam train approached
Unstoppable quest to quench its thirst, drinking sweet nectar taste

Droplets of sweat rolled languidly down, pooling collarbones
Sheen glistening body bright, rivulets stream
Gravity summoned trickles, banked sculptured muscles

In breath of hot moist warm out breath, spiralling inward,
Involuntary flutter, eye lidded flight of fancy, blinking
Dilated quiver of nostril sense wafting aroma of perfume

Eyes pooled swirling palette dipped emerald greenness
Iris dilating beckoning event horizon
Reflection of soul spied in another twinkling eye

Oblivion touched stillness of adventure rising
Nothing and everything momentarily paused
Silence enveloped bird song chirped absence

Goddess of LOVE
Wet lips fruity