As awareness of self dawns upon the being, like the sun rising across the land, gently pushing back the shadows of forgetfulness, then the realization that all who you meet are whispering to you, singing a song, so fine of tune, so pure of note, of such beauty in the lyrics, that most are stunned by its beauty and entranced by its message.When they begin to hear and see the celestial dance of God.All who you meet, are you, they are God glittering in fine perfection, – such beauty to behold, and as the vibration of you, rises, raises the fragment of creation into a higher level of awareness you begin to realize that God is talking to you, from every mouth, from every gentle breeze that blows.

The songs of nature and crashing wave, from every atom of existence and from your mouth too, Gods message thunders.

Beauty and wisdom rolls out upon your world, it can be so fine a vibration, such a masterful note, such a world of beauty.

You let go and begin to watch the journey of unfoldment in heaven, in the supreme moment of it all and all that is, for it is heaven where you are, even if you recognize it not.

It was you who slept – but not! For it was only a part, a fragment of you that was asleep but thought it was the all and you awoke to find the world as one, a world as you are. Magnificent.

From that point on, every word and gesture you make is loaded and infused with the supreme importance and mastery of the absolute.

So chose wisely when you wake, or is there no choice at all?

For to be awake is to be in unfoldment, to be in the moment, to Be, with no thought at all but the impulse of God delivered unto God in its myriad of forms … an endless creation.

Namaste –

by – C.R.