The journey begins and ends with heart

How many follow a path with heart through life?

Who has silently stabbed themselves to death with the silent denial of heart, of self?

So many quietly dying while alive, gasping their last breath in remorse for a life – less lived. Ask an old person of their regrets for the things they have done – mostly none for the Doing they have done but many regrets for that which they did not Do – did not strive to Be. They hold regret for their life, less lived, less loved, less experienced, less risked, less infused, less enjoyed.

So as you lie here – where ever here is for you, – pegged spread-eagled on the hot shifting sands of the little ego self – enduring a crucifixion of a life less lived – the baking sun of criticism and denial, slowly drying out the juice of life, leaving a parched husk of self. Lying there, here, enduring the numbing process of a life of self imposed enslavement – ask your self – Do I want this? Is this me? Is this who I am? Is this who and how I want to Be?

This is such a momentous and miraculous time to be alive – on the cusp of the most marvellously, wondrously, miraculous show ever seen in the whole of creation. Wake up and Be alive!

Lift your gaze from the imaginary chains of slavery which supposedly clasp your wrists in imagined bonds of servitude as they purport to somehow twist their invisible insidiously grip tightly around your heart – choking your creativity – telling you to conform.

Realise NOW, you are not defined by another’s concept of you – unless you consent to it. You are a magnificent wondrous Being and quite simply you define yourself.

If you are in the energy of a small minded, contracted, tiny downtrodden slave – you will be it!

If you are in the energy of an expansive, wide ranging, multidimensional magnificent being encompassing universes, creating galaxies, swirling together worlds of wondrous complexity – that too – you shall Be.

You are and always will be free – focus on what you are – the ultimate expression of freedom!

Just Be that wildness of spirit that you were when young – that carefree laugh of a toddler which skips around your heart freeing you in its joy. Be that breathtaking sunset – the light breaking across the land, crisping the foliage with its golden sprinkling of nourishment. Be that powerhouse of creativity – divinity that you are and always will be if you allow your self to Be.

You are the captain of your ship – architect of your world. Take command – you are in the C.I.C. – Commander In Charge, you always have been and always will be the ultimate and final say in your creation.

Be all that you can Be for to Be less is not to Be. To be less than – that is to Be undone!

So go and Be all that you are in your Being and allow your true self to Be all.