The Loud Silence of Awareness

The Loud Silence of Awareness

In the silence I wait, so loud and full of momentary reason, returning once again to that nothingness,

In the silence I wait, a depth of dwindling awareness, awakening

In the silence I wait, watching as that thought passes, expanding connection

In the silence I wait, still

In the silence




Dream Walker; Dream Stalker; Shift Shaper; Universe Maker

Dream Walker; Dream Stalker; Shift Shaper; Universe Maker

Traveller between worlds
Have you seen the watcher of the way

Have you passed today
Have you passed the gate of no return

No time
Warriors wait
Feasts prepared
Will you cross the gate?

Stalker of the dream
Shake my spear
Rattle my shield
Bang my drum
Run run run

I come dreamwalker
Dream stalker

Painted face
Ashed body

An Angel’s Kiss

An Angel’s Kiss

Earth time: Early Christmas Morning GMT: Star Date: Unknown: Reality solidifying

An angel’s kiss by the shift shaper

Christmas time,

after mistletoe and wine,

spirits seem to linger, like the fires’ burning embers,

glowing bright like the stars in the night, were they just dreams given flight?


All those passed, do you remember,

these few days in December,

gathered round unseen together,

whispers from the heart remembered,


so if you have a thought to cry or feel a tear well up inside,

draw strength and know you stand together,

braced against the stormy weather


All gathered here full of cheer,

all those from yesteryear,

so toast them true as you remember

those childhood days,

that last December,


They that passed,

they remember,

this little legacy of December,

from time way back beyond your reach they all gather, you to teach.


they are past,

you are present,

you’re their legacy unwrapped, just a flight of dreams so fast, untapped.


You are still to shine, as you spend time,

time spent under mistletoe, with wine.


An angel’s kiss, you get to keep



At this time of year, many of us are melancholy, as we remember the dreams we put to bed, those conversations, those things unsaid, we stare off in dreams, as youngsters play, in joy discovering the gifts so wrapped, just moments away from our own childhood and the adults which once stood before us. We look to full tables and hear joyous laughter ring through our neighborhood. It’s a joyous day full of wonder and excitement, so grateful are we to have family to spend it with, our loved ones close and held so tight, in embrace and in our hearts.


Take time to look beneath the cracks of reality, so held intact by pride and folly, take a dish to that family down the street, just a card or a friendly greet, to break the ice. Especially that family that fights, the ones the neighborhood could do without, they fight cause of the stress and strain of being stretched, being driven insane by the holiday and the needs to fulfill the impossible bill. The wallpaper is so thin, as we keep up our appearances, our delusions of grandeur, which has everything is in its place, we need to remember. Those without a home or a place to rest their head.


Please take the time especially over these few days when all is closed and many are alone with their thoughts. I’m sure you see them all around, if you only open up your eyes to see, that same scuffed clothing worn thin with revelry, that grand old lady in the food bank queue, that man with the tea stirred hour, cold but for the price of supermarket custom. Those by the bridge, as you turn your head, to stare at the billboard as you pass, with but cardboard for a bed, those with nothing you should remember, for it could be any one of us, one December.


Make a pot of soup this year, fill some poly cups and distribute, you think the mission gets to feed them all. Instead of eating left over’s this year, perhaps make up some plates and offer it to the needy, cause if you look there are many who won’t be having a super meal this year or pulling a cracker full of cheer. Remember cooler boxes keep food warm too, and a coffee in a cup and a kind word, means more to someone who ran out of luck.


Don’t be scared because it’s me, and you, or him, or them, or he’s dirty, or her hair is matted. That unwashed smell you wear it too, if you have no place to bathe.


It is my ardent wish that Christmas comes for everyone this year.


I wish to you and your family the very best Christmas that has ever taken place in the existence of mankind.


Make it so.


Namaste, may all beings be blessed.

Drowning in the Moment of You.

Drowning in the Moment of You.

Can you see I’m drowning?
I can hardly breathe
You just left me breathless
Weak at the knees

Striving for the surface,
I’m sinking down,
Water surrounds me
Oxygen is gone

Vision is fading
Beating heart is still
Caught in a moment
Everything Unreal

Washing into ever
Slipping away
Nothing but forever
No more mystery

It was just a moment
In eternity
Nothing but the moment


Shift Shaper

Just a Player on the Stage

Just a Player on the Stage

Listen to the music, it calls your soul
Take a look around and then just let yourself go,

It’s so easy, to just let it Be,
Release the cruel world, it’s you who’ll see,
All of it, was your own insanity.

Actors on a stage, a pantomime of tears
Bit players and extras, the audience jeers.
Let go, let go, if you really want to know.

That here in the now,
Is Heaven,

Take a bow
You never left, just a player

– Shift Shaper –