Beach Karma

Beach Karma

There is music swirling round the wall of corridors of castles built in playgrounds in the sun,

Wind swept away the past, of illusions of a time when once was long and hours seem to be forever in a day and minutes would just not tick by faster in any way

Time illusive master we were yoked by our parents fast, to hands spread eagled on the dais spinning wheel of fortune our fates outlined and plotted to others fulfillment.  How we long for that timeless experience of existence Now in the company of our thoughts caught and captive to the timed countdown of our demise.

When we were small and Christmas trees towered over promised delight of infinite unwrapping. So it was that the breeze whispered secrets to our ears and into our hearts as we ran around wild and screaming with the delight of surging power of sugar coated dreams.

The beach and endless Kaleidoscope of fascinating displays of nature beating repetitively at her breast endlessly marching upon the shores of rock ground millennia of silica reduced to bleached whiteness on the shores of playgrounds of the rich and foolhardy.

Young at first with bucket and spade in hand creating tunnels that would fill engineer heads with dreams and buckets of water filled moats of dykes holding back relentless multitudes of waves seeking total surrender.

Youthfulness swimming beyond the bravest to catch the big wave home to shore – porpoise torpedo down wave face glass-like perfection to tumble out of crashing breakers to stand upright upon the shore. Youthful dreams of passion and energetic adventures on the bay rowing hard against the tide of inevitability of age and responsibility dawning as if awakening in a foreign land of make believe and order.

Young men and woman all the same, knowing all, while the elders nod their heads in amusement at the follies’ of their youth soon repeated as the great wheel turns.


– Shift Shaper –


Soul Sailor

Soul Sailor

Riding the deck with ease,
Ship Destiny bucked beneath firmly planted feet,
Creaking timbers, still limber, of the forgotten ways, steadfast held, remembered,

Soul sailor, saltiness embodied, face weather set, sails trimmed, course plotted,
Withering storms of common misguided opinion, severed sharp bowsprit cuttingly decided
Shrugged waves of deceit, treacherous liquid froth, off her deck, boiling in the gunwales

Loyalty grabbed right hand true and honor the left,
Death grip held, eternity’s quest, monadic ocean voyage, bon,
Steadfast and true, weathered the oceans tempest, rain, sleet, hail, ripping shreds

Mightily crashing, waves surged upon the deck,
Impure hearts taken, raged rollers, washed clean the manifest,
Crew, soon forgotten, taken to the depths, to locker with Davey Jones,

Feasting fishes might, feed the needy tomorrow night,
Floating corpses, idiotic endeavors, ego plays but swims, not
Swirling seas of ill launched ships of mediocre integrity, sinking ethics of insanity

Becalmed, still waters, flattened seas assured, sails unfurled
Safe harbor, reached, lost men posted, sail maker, tailor
Landlubber, land lover, kiss the soil of remembrance, priory of truth

Lover of the deep, still waters of infinite depth
Peace, assures


The Photographer

The Photographer

Velvet raindrops,

splashed royally,
on satin skin thirsting for nourishment

Silence sauntered,
through the hallways of mind,
quietly expanding to fill passageways of dreams long forgotten.

Flitting thought strolled,
past darkened vision,
blindly followed by reason as I gazed upon her beauty.

as the sun bleached memories of my youth,
stood she wild as a forest fire blazing her youthful exuberance of loves passion.

Dancing possessed like a flame spitting in the wind,
Goddess driven beauty shining brightly forth,
Forever young, captured in the moment, shuttered in my camera lens

Soul Love

Soul Love

So soft,

My heart did hear
Call from far yet so near

Echoes from a past
So dear,
Ripped into now
Right here

So soft
Was the call,



– Shift Shaper –


Between Breaths

Between Breaths

The Rendezvous at the time where silence stood still

At the place where madness slipped silkily across oblivion’s path

Where the four corners rushed to center at a heartbeat of passions pulse

There, that’s where you’ll find me, alone, in the company of gods passed

At the in breath of creation, paused, childlike in antiquity, now, forever more,

Waiting breathless for you,



Liquid Love Splashed The Beach

Liquid Love Splashed The Beach

Heart strung melody

What is meant to be, will be
Moments of splendor, wonder, ecstasy
Touched endlessly in harmony

Eternity of unity in its entirety
Motion on ocean,
Liquid humanity
Splashed upon the shores of desire

Grace she led me, followed eyes blind
Drift wood strewn beaches of cast aside doubts
Clumped mangled together flotsam of promises
Shifting dunes of improbability trickled in the wind

Loved dawned, eternal flame rekindled
Firelight desire fed inevitability
Sparks flickered heaven bound
Heart light burning bright

– Shift Shaper –