Riding the deck with ease,
Ship Destiny bucked beneath firmly planted feet,
Creaking timbers, still limber, of the forgotten ways, steadfast held, remembered,

Soul sailor, saltiness embodied, face weather set, sails trimmed, course plotted,
Withering storms of common misguided opinion, severed sharp bowsprit cuttingly decided
Shrugged waves of deceit, treacherous liquid froth, off her deck, boiling in the gunwales

Loyalty grabbed right hand true and honor the left,
Death grip held, eternity’s quest, monadic ocean voyage, bon,
Steadfast and true, weathered the oceans tempest, rain, sleet, hail, ripping shreds

Mightily crashing, waves surged upon the deck,
Impure hearts taken, raged rollers, washed clean the manifest,
Crew, soon forgotten, taken to the depths, to locker with Davey Jones,

Feasting fishes might, feed the needy tomorrow night,
Floating corpses, idiotic endeavors, ego plays but swims, not
Swirling seas of ill launched ships of mediocre integrity, sinking ethics of insanity

Becalmed, still waters, flattened seas assured, sails unfurled
Safe harbor, reached, lost men posted, sail maker, tailor
Landlubber, land lover, kiss the soil of remembrance, priory of truth

Lover of the deep, still waters of infinite depth
Peace, assures