Forever I dreamed, did I dream forever

The dream was all about you, or was it all about me
Did I dream it over, did I dream it down
Did I dream it all up, did I dream that dream around
Did I dream a beginning, did I dream an end
Did I really dream you up my friend?

Indigo danced in the pale moon light
Skipping moonbeams on the cold desert sands
Swirling in and out of existence
Flickering flame nurtured by the breeze of antiquity
Dancing to a rhythm as old as the universe, as timeless as an atom
Swaying in and out of sight of mans eye

Indigo was night itself, bright in her mystery
Purple shrouded moon turning crimson in the dawn
Sun-rays flicked upon her skin translucent
Spin of shadow and light infused with life
Becoming Indigo
Dancing daylight, shadow rippled life