I think starting indoctrinating children into the corporate /cabal school matrix at such a young age of 4 is hugely debilitating for the growth of any nation. The structure of education is to require conformity and repetition of lies. It can be summed up as, conform, get a job, get debt, work until you drop and if you think outside the box, society will persecute you as a radical in subtle and unsubtle ways. However Radical is exactly what is needed! – Education is found on the cutting edge of independent and unique thought. Only once you can rid yourself of the crippling effects of the cabal education system can any real learning take place. Such a pity that originality, independence of thought inquiry and exploration are not encouraged or fostered in the educational system. Too many little and narrow minded conformists are produced – Look around you – little grey lives boxed into the straightjacket of societies norms – what we need is a complete overhaul of the antiquated mind indoctrination techniques of the cabal. It was the Jesuits who said, give me a child until he is seven and I’ll show you the man. All that is taking place is the march towards complete mind control and the production of a reality vibrating to an extreme narrow spectrum of existence. Just look at the emotions which are elicited by even this idea how it brings out the negative thoughts and emotions and the riling against the very entertainment of the idea – that’s how well the education system worked on you! LOL