In this way, recognize that what you often consider, in your civilization, to be miracles, you consider to be out of the ordinary, above and beyond the mainstream reality that you are used to experiencing in your day to day world. But recognize, what you typically call a miracle is, in actual fact, recognition of the fundamental workings of the universe. It is a recognition of when reality, physical reality, the experience of physical reality, as you have come to know it, is actually working in a synchronous harmony with all other levels of reality. And thus, a miracle is actually representative of where the universe is working most naturally.

Physical reality, the day to day events that you typically experience that seem to be different from what you call miraculous, that, in a sense, is even more of a miracle than a typical miracle, as you call it. For a typical miracle is an indication of the natural state of the universe, where everything works hand in hand, absolutely flawlessly, and can create whatever manifestation is indicative of the way the mind and the heart and the belief of the individuals involved in that circumstance wish it to be.

Whereas, what you call, your day to day life is the product of divergence, many times, from the so called natural awareness or natural state of creation, natural state of reality, and, in that sense, the things that you most often take for granted are actually the exception to the norm. In that sense, the way you have structured your reality, all of the different diversification’s, separations and specific endeavors that you create in your day to day lives, those are the miraculous manifestations of the foundational energy.

Your daily life is, therefore, miraculous. And when you see, in your life, what you normally call a miracle, when all of the normal, what you think of as normal, activities that go on are, for a moment, seemingly suspended to allow this so called miracle to occur — in actual fact what you are seeing, therefore, is the very fundamental, the homogenous, balanced, natural energy that everything in your daily lives is created from. Therefore, recognize that your lives, at any given moment, are made of magic, if you will, are miraculous in that way, and that what you typically call a miracle is not something that is an interruption in what you think is a natural or normal way that life exists, but it is actually a manifestation of naturalness. A manifestation of the basic root foundational energy out of which all of the divergences in your daily life are created.

A miracle is a calm spot, the eye of the hurricane, as you say, wherein you allow all the different energies, the homogenous energy of the foundational creation itself, to simply work in its purest form. When you know, in that state, that everything does fit in with everything else, everything does work in life, and a miracle is simply your willingness to allow, on all levels, all at once, life and the universe to work in the way it was designed to work.

So, if you wish your lives to become, as you think, more miraculous, and for life to become a more and more effortless expression of that level of creativity, then all you need to do is allow your life to revert back to this natural state — to the zero rest balance point — to allow the things in your life to be there that need to be there, rather than thinking that you must make or force or push those ideas into creation.

Desire and determination, those are tools that can allow you to allow your reality to work. But desire and determination do not have to be expressed in a struggle type of mode. Desire is the activation seed that will bring to you anything you believe to be possible to experience in your life. And when you allow your desire, your excitement, which is your indication of your connection to the primal energy out of which all is created — when you allow your desire to bring those things into your life, then your life will be effortless, will be miraculous, day to day to day. -bashar-