You’re just like an Angel
I see you around
Caught up in living
Life on a cloud

You are my Angel
You never make a sound
Looking at you there
Looking at me here

I see an Angel
Do you see a man?

What of this life
A memory of tears
You are my Angel
Death draws near

Can I fight it?
Will I win?
Give me strength now
Cleanse my sins

Don’t turn away
Don’t leave me this way
I love you Angel
Don’t walk away

I’m still breathing
Energy filled
Surging inside me
Fixing my ills

God thank you Angel
Thanks for this pain
Alive and Kicking
Well again

You all have an Angel
Watch her draw near
In the darkest of times
She will be there

She’ll hold the light
Mopping your brow
Caress your face
Making you well

If you see your angel
Walking away
Know that you’re well now
No need for her to stay

Held in the light
Gods truth bright
She must be an angel
Cause she’s sexy as hell