walk away
into the moonlight
let the shadows play
as they skip around you

I’ll be here in this chair
waiting all night long, I don’t care
waiting for you to return to me

I’ve been here for a bottle, I may not see tomorrow
I loved the way the moonlight played upon your hair

The second bottle gets lower, hell I may be slower,
But I see you standing here by the chair,
my dear

In my dreams I do remember, that long last December
Of life so precious held within my heart, so near

Leaves began to drop, a heartbeat stopped
The desert rolled in across my land, aridly forlorn

I held the limp hand, no spirit at hand
The bottle to my lips a kiss of bliss
Oblivion to wash away the pain

The winter of my soul began,
Heavy snow across the land
blizzard of a life at hand
lost in a bottle
by a dream