I’m dancing in the dark, – it’s a tango I feel
Back and forth we flow, passion burning in the night

Drawn like a moth towards the flame
It’s a flame so rare, brightly burning like the sun
Was it two or always One, Brightly flaming like the sun

Will I burn out in the mystery?

Am I here from a far – did I travel in a dream
Machine of my own making, is it time for my unmasking

Will I strip out my heart – will I peel off the shield of hurt
Throw my armour upon the ground and be fearless in my pain
Will I go insane in the brightness of your love?

I can do no harm; I have lived that dream of destruction
The city walls came down all was lost and the crown
Evil was at hand as the darkness swept the land
We fought until the bitter end
No respite – sacrifice of no surrender

At the final two – the last stand of Love
Died upon the altar of inquiry

It is aeons past – reconstituted from oblivion
atoms came together weaved by love
Searching Universes unending – will unbending
Warrior of the heart

Still she cries for me – echoes down eternity
Mother earth clasps you to her breast
Gaia Sophia Goddess

All these questions in my head, dancing in the bed
What a tango in the night, illuminated shadows dancing on the ceiling
What a dream of such insight, is that the dream of flight
I boldly land my craft upon the lawn of adventure
Walking boldly hand in hand, ambassadors in the land

It is aeons past – I am that I am and here I am

Mother earth – eternity