Earth time: Sunday 12/22/2013: Star date: Unknown: Reality: Still To Be Determined:

So it’s on the cusp you stand, teetering between the yearly repeats of expectation on one hand whilst on the other hand clutched firmly, the dawn of a new world , a completely new paradigm where nothing will ever be the same, a change so monumental that you will barely comprehend the life you leave behind. So, wavering in this moment of uncertainty, yo-yoing back and forth like an oscilloscope graphing your doubt, you have to choose where to place your power, your energy, your commitment of resolution, your attention and single focus, the choice is yours, you powerful creator of worlds. Choose wisely.

So long the illusion of being pushed around, the meme of control, has been perpetuated on this communality of our existence, it’s gone but still the program is played out, oft repeated in a self perpetuating passing down in the DNA and familial setting not to mention the zealots stuffing ideas of darnation down throats wide open with hunger. So long conditioned to follow blind, it takes will, to shift attention off that which is not of resonance, onto that which you do require. Note require, not, the word, want, in your existence, in your world, to me, the word, want, is a word of lack so I wish to remove it from my vibration as I act out of a fullness of vibration resonating with desire and requirement, as what I require is, it is done already, and needs only to come to pass in my slowed time continuum of reality placement in a world of illusion, structured to my requirements.

So I see the road of this reset has ended and only the varying realities of the communality have to catch up and sync together at the finality of all complete and exchanged.

I hope today brings what you ardently desire to your reality now.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.