The gamut of incredulity is being run by those who feed off the emotions of the ebb and flow of favor or darnation. Stay centered and certain, inside your truth, inside your construct of reality. You will know within hours what your momentary monetary position within life’s’ circus will be. You will see either access to your blessing, a sure illuminated path, or a plethora of excuses which will guide you downward if you let it. Lift those eyes and remain clearly sighted on the goal that is held within your heart and vision, your soul’s journey, holding steadfast, at the end, for it is the end, the end of the show. One way or another, this is the end, the road of paved platitudes has run out.

So much good news abounds yet I am inundated by messages from people, and am astounded that that so many people are still wishing to find proof that something is “not happening” or is unable to happen. It springs to mind that, in life, if you look for faults, you will surely find them.

If you’re wavering, finding it hard to be, or steering between the weeds upon the path of life’s trip, perhaps it is time to flip your concept of reality on its head. Instead of gazing into the hazed cloud cover of delusion, presented by many who know nothing more than you do, decide rather to see clear skies. Seek blue sky, for blue will appear and thus allow the sun to shine through in greater and greater amounts. I love the sunshine, the warmth and comfort it brings. Perhaps that is why yogis stood on their heads. To induce a momentary rush of reality so it would appear as synapses and brain cells nourished by oxygen rich life fluid.

Truth is always there to be seen. What you focus on becomes bigger and more real for you. But is it just an illusion? Is it just a focal point of change? When we shift our perception, to the next focal point we can jump, into new dimensions of reality, if we hold but steady our concentration.

I sit in a room, watching dancing silhouettes of strange shadows flickering on the walls of tissue-thin illusion, curtained around me, snug, an illusion, which is falling, failing, crumbling within the sight of truth. These points of view, holding true, have no distance from me and you. While I am far from each of you, in a breath I can find myself near any of you. I can reach out and touch anyone and everything in my world. This is what you are able to do too. Even if it is hard to remember sometimes, we are all one, and together, we dream our destiny of constructs, materializing into reality around us, seen uniquely from our vantage points. It’s a world of individual commonality, gazed upon and sometimes seen for what it is.

The dawn is breaking upon a world where many will suddenly find themselves transformed, a ticking number as rates climb and fall, graphed, from rags to riches and varying dreams in between. This is a manifestation, a miracle of motion, in stillness, for you, for me, who those who can see.

For a miracle to occur, in the world of external illusion first requires an internal creation, we suddenly notice the order of the universe, or perhaps a sweeping change of consciousness rising from within, opening our eyes to the truth of all things and removing our preconceptions on how reality is to conform, erasing the laid out memes of the past. Now, most of you, are beginning to embody the wealth vibration throughout all of you, be wealthy and abundant it is your birthright.

Those who hold that vibration are already seeing the manifestation of this shift blessing. Some are still to see it begin to unfold after you. You are seeing it, as some of the elite have done, soon you will be joining that group of people, vibrating wealth and materializing abundance as you will. So if you call them elite, a label, do you not toe tag those who are different and separate yourself from them. The only difference is that they have that magic of vibration that you seek but you are soon to achieve resonance and then from attunement you can lead a change in note. A variation in pitch. It’s all a perspective, we may see all as perfect and everything in perfection.

Whatever your construct of reality, it will be accommodated, so choose wisely. Utter with consciousness the words of spelling upon yourself and your fellow humankind. Rather than condemn, it is possible to commend instead. Change to the language of yes. The gap of distortion grows thinner as the veils in the illusion tear, strips, in the fabric of momentary reason, for then the next instant is upon you, or so it seems in your creation.

It will happen in the twinkling of an eye that all is different. You shall perceive the truth of those who were your foe a moment ago and who may now your biggest ally be. Such is the sweeping and welling up inside during the dawning of new understanding, new belief, the truth and reality of consciousness. It will touch everyone no matter their label, no matter their station. Change is at hand, for you, for me, and for humanity.

As the veil of illusionary existence begins to drop, let us remember how we traveled in a spiraling ascent of knowledge and skills acquisition. Let us not forget all those who could not maintain the course, who we left behind, or who we kissed goodbye. All will find their path in their own way, none are lost. Everyone is allowed their story. To the many fallen, on this quest, this journey, to all of them, and to you, a bow, a salute, a bugle call, a tribute true.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.