Eyes like the bluest sky, memories like rain
Streaming down, teardrops of love and pain,
You went away, your’ wind wild hair in the summer sun,
Windswept across beach bare, golden strands sun streaked away fun

See your face, lives so gray, memories drift away
Remembered place, life far behind,
Always with you in the sky so high, stars and planets pass us by
Memories of lifetimes, blinked away, both here, there, everywhere passed by

Looking into your soul, so dear, life times draw near,
Sorrow, happiness, but none sweet as the rain
Laughter we meet again, washes away the pain, hope rejoices burning bright
United in the sun, a flame so high

Sunrise on a wild bare beach, close, never again out of reach
Swirling sands, eternity, driftwood upon the shore
Carried oceans of currents of time, beached home
Burning bright, daylight sun, incandescent flame like mine

Circling eagle’s flight, soaring in the thermals high
Spiraling down, target sensed, hawk eyed and heart committed
Dropping gravity punch connecting sparks flame high
Oxygen rich climbing combustion burning bright

– Shift Shaper –